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Keep Track of your Destination with Celestron reTrace Deluxe GPS Locator

Forgetting to bring a sun block for a trip is understandable but failing to remember the right route to your trip or the road to go back home is inexcusable. To not mess up your journey and save yourself from getting lost, you need to have a GPS tracking device like the new Celestron retrace Deluxe. This handheld GPS gadget is designed to help you keep on track of your steps and help you properly arrive at a certain destination. It can be set up easily unlike other locators with complex settings.

The retrace Deluxe can do a lot of assistance to you and your family. It can help your kids find their way home, lets you locate a pier when boating, aids you to navigate to your favorite camping, fishing or birding spot, or helps you locate hotel and restaurants in unfamiliar place. You can also use the device to help you find your lost car in a stadium or parking lot or find your bike when hiking. The retrace Deluxe stores up to 20 locations and works in any part of the world. It displays the distances, positional information, trails, altitude, temperature, pressure, time, and compass. The GeoTracking function maps your path while walking or hiking. There is a distance line and arrow to let you see the direction from your position to your specific Point of Interest. Using the mini USB cable, you can transfer up to 20 POIs to the computer and have them displayed in Google maps. You can likewise add images to your log points and update the locator’s settings.

The reTrace Deluxe locator is water-resistant, powered by 2 AAA batteries, and includes Carabiner Clip and carrying pouch. Having this GPS device is very practical especially when travelling, revisiting a family’s favorite meeting place, parking your vehicle or having your children go on a camping. Get the reTrace Deluxe here now!

Loc8Tor Plus – Search, Find and Remember

Getting lost or separated from your loved ones or luggage inside a crowded mall or airport is bad, but losing your child, grandma, ward, or your pet inside a Labyrinth day tour is far worse. Plus, if you happen to possess a spatial cognition that’s just a notch above the mental capacity of a wasted drunk after a drinking spree – things are surely looking out for the worst. But worry not, there’s a better solution to inserting an intra-dermal GPS capsule to each of your pet or companion, or than embarrassingly announcing all over the mall’s PA system that you lost track of someone. Introducing the new Loc8tor Plus, it’s an early warning device and a simple yet valuable people/item finder that works indoors and outdoors without relying on all that satellite technology claptrap. The Loc8tor Plus includes a panic alarm, one panic tag, and three homing tags with a” line of site” range of 600 ft (183 meters) and effective range of up 400 ft. This device basically gives vibrates and gives off a 90-decible loud alarm whenever the included tags get out of range or wander off your preset safe zone.

The Mini Homing and Panic tags are equally as important as the Loc8tor Plus itself; these active RFID tags come with Locate and Alert mode, audio bleeps and flashing LED indicators, and long battery life. The Panic tag features an additional panic button that can be pressed for help during emergency or dire situations. When pressed, it sends an alert to the Loc8tor Plus activating its vibrating and audible alarm as well as informs the handheld gadget of the identity of the one sending the alert. Optional accessories include Splashproof wrist strap and tag covers.

Find your own Loc8Tor Mini Homing Tags by clicking this link.

Find your Way with Backtrack GPS Finder

backtrack-gps-finderFinding out that you are in an Alice in Wonderland situation is probably not one of your dream fairy tale adventures. For those regular Joes who skipped Boy Scout and Summer Camps or those who have just a horrid sense of direction there is the Bushnell Backtrack GPS Finder.

This GPS gadget is a tricked out compass allowing you to save three locations you probably need to find again or return to. It is not as magical as the Golden Compass nor will it point you to a secret pirate cove but it can point you in the right direction by following its small arrow. This device is small enough to carry anywhere and easy to use anytime; just press a button and it automatically saves that location for you so that you can find that spot later.

The personal locator uses a hi-tech independent calibrating compass and a very sensitive SiRF Star III GPS receiver for you to be able to find your way back. The GPS BackTrack is ideal for campers, hikers, travelers and for those who are going into events where there a lot of people and massive parking areas involved. This location finder is water resistant and comes with a lanyard for your convenience. It requires 2 x AAA batteries to operate.

Click on this website to start finding your way.

Never Get Lost with Spot GPS

spot gpsWatching Man vs Wild on Discovery Channel might not be for the faint hearted people. People who can’t stand the sight of Bear Grylls chomping on a critter that crosses his site just to save himself from hunger and thirst might need to switch channels due to the graphic images that they’ll see. It could sometimes be impossible even to remember all of those tips to help you survive in the harsh outdoors but you could only save yourself so much that  being rescued  is still your best bet for survival.

The Spot GPS gadget tracks you down whenever you may go around the world as long as it is covered by the GPS system. It can locate you in the jungles of the Amazon, the sand dunes of Dubai or even through the harsh ice of Alaska. Setting it up will require you to input an email address and a cellphone number. An email and a text message will be sent to the recipients whenever you press the OK button along with a link directing to Google Maps that shows where you are. One press of the rescue button will send an emergency signal to the nearest emergency crew to save you before you even get too lost.

Aside from being a life saver, I can think of this as a social networking gadget that works like Twitter. This is because an option is also available making the Spot GPS send “tweets” to recipients that is customizable from 10min to 24 hours making them follow your progress.

Electric Key Finder For The Forgetful You

keyfinder1You have a bad hangover, you’re late for work, and just when you thought things couldn’t get worse — you can’t find your car keys.

No fear, Key Finder is here!

At last, you can find your keys even while you’re squinting! Just attach the keyfob to your keys and with just a click on your keycard, you’ve just managed to save yourself a good half hour of finding your keys.

No more bugging people if they saw your keys. No more looking through your stuff a gazillion times over like a frustrated musical maniac because there will be no more whistling around the house. With this key finder, you can find your keys within an 80 feet distance and the alarm sounds off even if your keys are inside a drawer,  bag, cabinet or buried under a pillow. It is intelligently designed to help you find it because the nearer you are to the keys the louder and faster the alarm beeps.

It’s perfect for people with hangovers, memory trouble, or people who are just plain forgetful.

The keyfob locator card is so slim and simple that fits your wallet like any credit card. Get yourself this key finder here and you won’t have a problem finding your keys again! Just don’t forget where you placed your wallet because then you’d have to get yourself a wallet finder.