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Party Rats Finger Lights

In a club, you most likely won’t have much lights aside from the blinding lasers and spotlights that blink endlessly towards everyone. Add a dancing pole and the show is sure to be away from you. Well it is not really a bad thing, but you certainly want to be in the circle of attention. While it is not expected that you have a whole lights system, having some little flash on your hand might bring some attention to you.

Give it up to the finger lights. These multi-colored thingiemajig would certainly call everyone’s attention. All you have to do is to go to a party and have all the fun that you want. When you’re a little drunk and ready to ditch all of your feelings to get into the center of attention, just wear these rat shaped finger ornaments and wave you hands in the air. Not really sure with the manufacturer’s choice of using rats, but each set comes with five colors – white, yellow, red, green, and blue.

Aside from partying, you can also use this for some night blogging! The manufacturer states that the product is “ideal” for bloggers. Just wear this and you have now little spotlights aimed at the keyboard so you don’t make typos when writing. Well that’s weird because you just need to turn on the lights and you see the full keyboard already. Maybe for vampire bloggers out there, this would work.

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Scosche reviveLITE IPHC2 iPod Home Charger with Nightlight Black Case

Travelling soon? Then make sure you bring all your much-needed travel gadgets along. So let’s go over your list: netbook, digital camera, iPod, iPhone, what else? Oh, don’t you ever forget that charger for the gadgets mentioned above, or else they’ll all be useless once they run out of battery! So go ahead and get that charger now. Don’t want to bring bulky and separate chargers for all your devices? Then, worry no more. Here’s a travel gadget that is perfect for you – the Scosche reviveLITE IPHC2 iPod Home Charger with Nightlight Black Case.

The reviveLITE IPHC2 is a very convenient charger designed mainly for your iPod or iPhone, less the hassle and mess of cables. It has a compact design so anywhere you go, you can bring it with you without worrying about the added bulk or weight. Plus, it features an added 1 AMP USB port so you can charge additional devices.

Thinking about using the charger at night? No worries even if you’re inside an unfamiliar hotel room. The reviveLITE IPHC2 has a built-in nightlight with manual on/off toggle button, making it a lot easier for you to find even in a dark room. It also includes a spring loaded door with forward opening design and does meet Energy Star performance standards so you are guaranteed about its safety.

The reviveLITE IPHC2 really talks about convenience, especially for people who are always on the go like you. To get this item, just check out Here, you can order the Scosche reviveLITE IPHC2 iPod Home Charger with Nightlight Black case for only $18.99. Check it out now!

Turbine Light

Did you know that as of 2006, there were about 250,000,000 passenger vehicles registered in the United States? And since 1960s, according to the US Department of Transportation, the following years had a positive increase rate in number of vehicles that ply the road. This means that more cars are getting into the roads, which emits greenhouse gases that further worsen the environmental state that it is right now.

With more cars getting driven, more roads and highways have to be built. But have you ever thought of the implications that these new roads and highways bring? This means that more lamp posts and street lights are needed to be constructed for highway lighting. This takes up a lot of energy since you don’t expect highways to run on puny energy saving bulbs. They rather use high power lamps to light up a wide coverage to make roads safe for everyone. Though no one can stop putting up highway lighting or building of roads as these also boost the economy, what can be done is to innovate the system by using renewable energy.

Renewable energy is big and highly publicized especially in the US. What cars do is generate air turbulence as they pass by especially at speeds in highways. This air movement can be harnessed by idle lamp posts that sit right in the middle of lanes by using little wind turbines in each lamp post. The excess energy produced during daytime can be stored for use in the night. And since the number of cars won’t seem to stop, this is a very viable option.

If implemented, this would save a lot of energy that could have been derived from burning fossil fuel.

Get a Spooky Shadows Projector for your Party!

projectorHave you seen the calendar? October is nearly over which means Halloween is coming where sweets for kids and parties for teens rule! Buying sweets is easy but hosting a party isn’t! You have to decorate the place with pumpkin, cobwebs, witches etc, then you have to prepare the food, sounds, and of course the ambiance! You’ve already got the bubble fog machine and now what you need are light effects like the Spooky Shadows Projector Light.

This projector will surely add the finishing touch on the event as images of witch on broom, bats, black cat, trees and tombstones flash all over the place. Just switch it on and the frosted ball will move randomly allowing the images to be projected at different places like the witch seems to have flown from the juice bowl right on to the ceiling.

The whole setup doesn’t take much space since it is quite small actually at 8″ wide and 5″ tall. It is powered by two C sized batteries giving portability to the light show which will surely make the shadows created from the projector dome bring the haunted atmosphere right where you need it. Also, this projector can also be used for other gatherings and occasions that you want to give a little light show.

This gadget originally retails for $37.48 on other stores but can be bought for only $16.99 as special sale price only at Amazon. Be sure to get yours now before it is too late!

Illuminate Your Night with Time Your Light

Imagine this: one evening, you’re alone in your home, then the lights went off so suddenly. You used your mobile timeyourlightphone to light your way through the kitchen and search for a candle or even an old lamp. You found nothing. Frustrated, you went back to the living room and waited for the lights to get back. Ten minutes, twenty, thirty, an hour, an hour-and-a-half, still no light. That could be so frustrating! So, the next time around make sure that you keep some home gadgets around that can provide you with light during this unexpected scenario. Or better yet, equip your home with this stunningly designed Time Your Light gadget.

Time Your Light is an LED light design concept that gets its power mechanically and works similar to a windup doll. Introduced by industrial designer Jasper Huo, this device converts mechanical energy into electricity to power the LEDs. To set it, all you have to do is to rotate the timer base by winding up the crank mechanism on the inside. As it slowly unwinds, you will notice that the lamp starts to light, illuminating your night or any dark room at that. Once the timer stops, the light also fades. But you can always set it again if you want continuous illumination.

So, the next time the light goes out, you don’t have to make your way through the dark again. Time Your Light is there to the rescue. And look at these exciting colors, aren’t they pretty?
Awesome colors, indeed! Whether you buy one for yourself or for your loved one, for sure it will look great inside your home. Also, check out these LED light timer collection for more options.