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Point and Shoot under the Sun or Rain with Ricoh PX

Picture perfect moments may arrive anytime and anywhere that is why it’s important to have a handy digicam that you can take and shoot with you at the spur of the moment. Enter the new Ricoh PX – an everyday workhorse digital camera. This dust-proof and lightly submersible camera is waterproof up to 3 meters or 10 feet and impact resistant up to 1.5 meters. It’s not exactly a deep sea diving camera but when there’s a need to take a picture in the rain or by the poolside, the Ricoh PX pretty much does the job without the owner having to worry about water damage. The PX digicam also comes with 5x zoom lens and 28-140mm equivalent focal lengths. It also has a 2.7-inch 230,000 dot display for previewing and navigating through contents.

Don’t let the familiar and seemingly innocent appearance of the Ricoh PX fool you. Under its colored silicone body jacket is an aluminum clad camera. This point and shoot camera is so compact that its lens doesn’t extend when it’s turned on, giving it a sleeker appearance. Instead of extending its lens, it uses a periscope-style lens win an image stabilizer sensor at one end. Although the PX is quite simple to use, more advance features are also available like adjustable upper limit of Auto ISO and a variety of scene modes.

Ricoh PX highlights:

•Image stabilized 16MP 1/2.3-inch CCD
•28-140mm equivalent internal zoom lens
•Waterproof to 3 meters and Shockproof p to 1.5 meters
•720p HD video
•ISO 100-3200
•Subject-tracking AF

Click here and start shooting your pictures on land, sea, and air.

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If you’ve been saving for that new LCD HDTV, Swarovski accented watch, or laptop that you’ve been drooling for sometime online, it’s time to clean up your monitor and jump into Amazon’s Black Friday Sale. Save as much as 80 percent on your favorite devices when you buy on the hottest deals now!

Want a new entertainment system in your home? The TCL 40-Inch LCD HDTV lets you have that ultimate viewing experience whether you’re watching a movie, cheering on a favorite team, or viewing your media files like photos. In fact, it’s not just an ordinary television but a portal to pure entertainment inside your home. The 1080p LCD HDTV boasts high-definition and vibrant picture quality. The color and picture details are even enhanced by the 3-D Y/C digital comb filter while the 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution supports 1080p signals for that stunning image clarity. To provide the best viewing spots at various positions, TCL LCD HDTV has 178-degree viewing angles. There are also an abundant number of connectivity options like three HDMI, PC video input, USB port as well as input and output options for audio. Moreover, the HDTV allows you to put station call letters on the screen along with the channel numbers using the channel labeling option to easily recognize the station you are watching. You can also set the TV to automatically turn off after the preset amount of time has passed through the sleep timer thus saving money and energy.

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ARNOVA 7 Tablet – Pay Less, Do More

Finally, there’s a gadget to disprove the general notion that tablet PCs are a bit on the expensive side of consumer electronics. The new ARNOVA 7 tablet may not be as well-known as Apples, as big as the Galaxy, iconic as Iconia, as high as the Flyer, or as smart as the Thinkpad – but it sure does know how to stand its ground. In an electronics market saturated with wave after wave of tablet PC, the ARNOVA stands out on sheer functionality, practicality, and an almost unbeatable price to value ratio. For around $99.00 Arnova 7 offers a high resolution resistive touch screen with virtual keyboard, 720p video playback, integrated speakers, multi-format audio playback, USB 2.0 ports, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, and a 4 GB flash memory expandable via micro SDHC slot. The 7-inch screen comes with 800 x 480 resolution and 16-million colors perfect for web browsing and watching videos on the go.

The new Arnova 7 merely weighs around 340 grams and just about 12 mm thick yet it comes heavy with features. For starters, it runs an Android 2.2 Froyo mobile operating system and that means unlimited access to AppLib store. With the built-in Wi-Fi, news and other digital content can be delivered directly to this device. Subscribed contents and services can also be set as home screen widgets for instant access to relevant information the minute the Arnova 7 is turned on. Furthermore, this tablet PC can be easily converted into a mobile office through its included email app and optional office document and spreadsheet editors available via AppLib store.

You can also check out Archos Arnova here.

Toshiba 14-inch Mobile Monitor – Extra Screen on the Go!

Here’s something from Toshiba that you don’t see every day – a mobile LCD monitor. When you think or talk of monitors, large and quite heavy LCD screens on top of desktop or work stations usually come to mind. Toshiba is going change all that with their new 14-inch Mobile LCD Monitor. It’s a perfect auxiliary monitor to any Windows-powered laptop used in offices, school, or even at home. It features a High Definition diagonal widescreen display with 1366×768 resolution to provide bright and vivid images. To fit most laptop bags, the mobile monitor only weighs 2.8 pounds and measures less than an inch thick.

The portable monitor does away with the AC adapter and VGA,DVI, or HDMI video cable; both signal and power are supplied by a USB cable. The front panel of the screen offers easy to adjust brightness and control buttons: the power button with Power Save Mode and brightness increase and decrease buttons. The Toshiba Mobile Monitor comes with a USB Y-cable and protective black vinyl carrying case that transform into a stand. The device is Energy Star 5.0 compliant, DisplayLink certified, and readily supports Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Panel specifications are as follows:

• Type: 14-inch LCD Mobile Monitor
• Viewable Image Area: 14 inches Diagonal
• Max. Native Resolution: 1366 x 768
• Brightness: Up to 220 nits (cd/m2) when plugged into an optional AC adapter
• Contrast Ratio: 400:1
• Response Rate: 16ms
• Display Color: 256,000

More Toshiba LCD Monitor can be found here.

Digi-Piggy – More Than Just A Piggy Bank

Do you remember the Discovery Robot in a Room that I mentioned here a couple of days back? It’s really a fun and exciting way for your kids to save. However, if your daughter seems not too interested in robots, then consider getting Digi-Piggy instead.

Digi-Piggy may look like the usual piggy banks that you used to buy for your kids. But wait until they see the big difference – Digi-Piggy can actually count their savings for them. Yes, it’s actually like the Discovery Robot, only that it goes digital because of its innovative electronic LCD digital readout on its snout that allows your little ones to track how much they have already saved. Whenever they drop coins to Digi-Piggy, the LCD will display the value by blinking three times and then voila – the total amount is there in a flash! No need to crack open this piggy bank just to know how much it already has. So your kids will sure have a fun time saving with this one.

Now, if it’s time to withdraw, simply instruct your kids to turn Digi-Piggy’s twist-off head. And then push the black reset button which is near the battery compartment, and the Digi-Piggy will start saving again. By the way, to get this unique piggy bank working, you only need 2 AA-batteries.

So make saving a lot more fun for your little ones. Don’t just stick to the usual piggy bank. Be smart and choose one that works more than just a piggy bank – the Digi-Piggy! Get one now!