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Get Better Nights Sleep and Mornings with Lark Sleep Monitor

What’s worst than a good sleep being disturbed by an annoying ringing sound of an alarm? Getting disturbed by the annoying alarm – of your roommate! Do yourself a favor this Christmas and give your early bird friend or partner the Lark Sleep Monitor. This silent alarm clock works in conjunction with an Apple device to wake the wearer gently and naturally without disturbing anyone in the room. It comes with a sure fire wristband that vibrates at the scheduled time even when your iPhone is off. In case the wristband battery dies or the user forgot to wear it before snoozing off, a composer created audio back-up will play instead – ensuring that no important morning appointments will be missed.

If your roommate is keeping you up with his or her sleeping difficulties, you will definitely appreciate Lark Sleep Monitor’s sleep sensor and tracker. The micro-movement wrist sensor monitors sleep pattern and the mobile app and personal online page displays how the night’s sleep went. Now everyone can track if they are waking up unknowingly or why they are always grumpy like Scrooge or the Grinch when they wake up. The included 7-Day sleep assessment will help your roommate or partner get a detailed view of what type of sleeper they are and how they compare to others. To aid them in sleeping better, a personalized action plan and Personal Sleep Coach is also made available. The Sleep Coach is made and personalized by sleep and sports professionals to help an individual wake up on your full potential. The Personal Sleep Coach can aid in activating and tracking sleeping goals on mobile phones and it can also provide personalized mobile and online tips and reminders that will coach anybody to be a better sleeper.

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