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Five Gadgets To Help You Watch and Experience Super Bowl XLVI Online

Super Bowl XLVI is just around the corner – 12th man get your war paints on and gather your gears as your favorite team prepare for the most awaited event of the season. Expect the climax of the 2011 season to be intense, fast, and epic so don’t get left behind – consider the following gadgets to help you keep track of every event, score, stats, play, kickoffs, and touchdowns that will happen on the upcoming Super Bowl Sunday no matter where you are.

Super Bowl XLVI will be officially streamed online and will also be accessible from NFL’s mobile app, you know what this means – a must-have list of gadgets that can get you connected online in no time so that you can zoom in right through the Lucas Oil Stadium and witness the action in real time.

First on the list needs no introduction for it is no other than Apple’s iPad 2. Its slim and ultra lightweight profile will make sure you’re comfortable in the most important game of the season. You don’t even have to worry about missing a pass or a fast play because its 9.7-inch LED multi-touch screen with 1024×768 resolution will make sure that you see everything. Additionally, its Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, 10-hour battery life, and powerful A5 processor will help assure you that you’ll be on top of the game on or off season.
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If you’re not into Apples, then the new Sony Tablet S might just tickle your fancy this coming Super Bowl. It runs on the latest Android platform and features a 9.4-inch touch screen, Wi-Fi, and support for Sony Entertainment Network with Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited and games for PS Certified devices. Its most interesting feature this coming Super Bowl Sunday? Its universal IR remote function. Total control over your entertainment system (or others) as you deter them from changing your channel into something less interesting – like infomercials.
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Football plays are fast and if your laptop can’t connect online fast enough to catch those game changing plays – you might want to consider the new Acer Aspire S3. It features an Acer Green Instant On technology that wakes it up from sleep in less than 2 seconds and Instant Connect technology that marks your favorite Internet access points and gets you online in as little 2.5 seconds. This aluminum encased notebook is ultra-slim and ultra-light so that you can carry it around with you anywhere and anytime, and yes, even on Super Bowl.

If by some unfortunate work assignment you can’t be at the comfort home to watch the upcoming Super Bowl XLVI, don’t lose hope – yet. The new Samsung Series 9 notebook can bring the game to you whether you’re indoors or outdoors thanks to its exclusive SuperBright High Definition LCD screen. Packing 400 nits of brightness, the new Samsung Series 9 will allow you to watch the entire game in high quality even when under direct sunlight without the annoying reflections or glares. Video stutters are out of the question, this notebook is powered by the latest Inter Core i5 processor with HD playback, Turbo Boost Technology, and optimized power management.

The final entry to the Super Bowl XLVI must-have gadgets is the new ASUS ZENBOOK – an ultrabook that’s light and fast. It features an spontaneous and always-on design so that you can get back to the game at a moment’s notice. Its unique ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II technology allows it to stay in standby for 2 weeks and resume from standby in about 2 seconds, eliminating long boot up times. Furthermore, it comes with Dedicated Battery Saving Mode and PowerWiz utility that can boost the battery life by about 25% and provide critical battery information. These technologies ensure that you can watch the game even when power outlets and sockets are not readily available.

There you have it, five gadgets that will help follow the Super Bowl XLVI online anytime and anywhere. For more Android gadgets and other goodies, follow this link.

Dock, Charge, and Sync Multiple iPads with Griffin MultiDock

Out with the old and in with the new – that’s basically the trend with business, technology, and among other things in this day and age. In a modern office environment, since the dawn of the digital age, things are getting a lot and lot more paperless. Typewriters are getting replaced by computers, papers with word documents and electronic spreadsheets, and clipboards by tablet PCs. With Apple products, like the iPad and Macbook, getting more prominent in offices, the necessity for filing cabinets decrease and the need for more iPad docks and laptop racks increase. So, expect more file cabinets hitting the garage sale and new Griffin MultiDocks adorning the office floor.

The Griffin MultiDock is a compact and flexible storage and charging stations for several iPads. Each unit can dock and charge up to 10 iPad devices at the same time. It features LED light indicators for displaying the charge status of each individual iPad attached for easy monitoring. Each iPad can be docked without having the need to remove it from its casing thanks to the spacious design of the docking bay. The charging process is relatively safe as it uses 10 watts of power for each device attached and it automatically cuts off power for each dock when charging is complete.

Furthermore, aside from recharging the tablets, this multi dock device allows for synchronization of apps, files, multimedia, and other contents via iTunes. Multidock can be set up as a centralized or remote charging station, and up to three Multidocks can be linked together to a host PC for larger capacities. This multiple iPad charger is also compatible with all iPod touch, iPhone, iPod classic, and iPod video models. Optional feature and accessories include laptop riser for tilting laptops, extreme duty cases, replacement dock connectors, and screen protectors.

More iPad dock charger options can be found here!

Impromptu Presentations are Possible with the PICO Pocket Projector

Accessing the files for a presentation isn’t hard in the age of flash drives, email, and the cloud, but the actual projection of a presentation is a little difficult without an actual projector. Luckily, there’s a handy PICO pocket projector available from Optoma, industry leaders of pint-sized projection technology. Roughly the size of last year’s Android phones, the PK201 WVGA PICO projector from Optoma can literally fit into your pocket yet provide you with a way to project any and all files onto a wall for a small audience to easily see. The $299.99 price tag is a lot for seemingly a little, but the versatility of the PICO pocket projector makes it apply to more situations than just presentation

Anyone thinking that this pocket-sized projector only blasts an equally small sized image onto a chosen white wall or screen is underestimating it’s power. While 70 diagonal inches of wide screen might not be ideal for a packed lecture hall, a boardroom or other medium-to-small space with a packed house is certain to be accommodated. According to Optoma, the PICO pocket projector’s LED light source will last 20,000 hours at this high level of projection and still providing picture perfect color. HDMI, USB, standard A/V and universal VGA cable hookups allow for virtually any form of importing, whether from flash drive or laptop or otherwise, as well as assured audio through virtually any speaker system.

But let’s be real: there’s a lot more that the pocket-sized projector can be used for besides meetings and presentations. Movies saved onto an otherwise non-ideal-for-mass-viewing laptop can be ballooned up to appease a living room audience. The big game can be viewed in an optimum big screen format through HDMI when otherwise you’d be squinting your eyes during every play. Even video games can be projected through the PICO pocket projector.

If you’re in the market for a projector but aren’t expecting to pitch to a crowded auditorium anytime soon, the PK201 WVGA PICO Projector from Optoma is a good pick considering the possibilities it provides and the access it promises.  It isn’t cheap, but the portability of both presentation and projection is to some people sure to sound like a priceless advantage.

Buffalo Ministation Plus – Storing your Files Like No Other

When your work requires you to travel a lot, what’s basically your choice of data storage? Do you stick to your laptop’s or tablet’s built-in memory? Or do you use a portable storage so you can store more files, including photos and videos? If you say yes to the last question, then you may want to consider switching to this highly-reliable portable storage called the Buffalo MiniStation Plus.

Compact and lightweight – these are two words that best describe the MiniStation Plus. Unlike other data storage devices, this one occupies very minimal space and it is USB powered so there is no need for you to purchase and manage additional cables or find a separate power source. All you have to do is plug it into any available USB port on your laptop and that’s it – you instantly add more capacity to keep all your files while you are on the go. And since it comes with 256-bit AES hardware encryption, you don’t have to worry about losing your critical files because this will protect them from unauthorized access by assigning a password to it.

But what you will love most about this product is its shock proof chassis. When you are outdoors or travel always, chances are you experience accidental bumps too. And at times, no matter how much you take care of your stuff, you drop them especially when you are in a hurry and accidentally bumped into someone. So travel without worry of your data storage getting damaged, now you can be confident that your hard drive is protected like no other.

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Bluelounge Cablebox – Your Accessory Cables Organizer

Do you have multiple gadgets at home or in the office? Are you struggling to keep all your gadgets’ adapters, cables or cords, and small hubs organized? Do you want to have some sort of cables’ organizer so you can get rid of all the mess? If you say yes to all these, then you better check out this gadget accessory called the Bluelounge Cablebox.

It’s not really a super-hi-tech accessory, but it will sure help a lot in keeping all those cables and wires organized. Just imagine if you don’t have this at home and you have toddlers around. Chances are, they’ll find these cables and cords rather amusing and it’s quite dangerous for them to play with these wires. And worse, if they pull on some of them, your gadgets like your laptop or tablet will go tumbling on the floor which can likely cause damage. You sure don’t want this to happen, do you? So before any of your gadgets gets damaged because of tangled wires and playful kids, equip yourself with the Bluelounge Cablebox. This includes a short 4-socket surge protector and rubber feet to keep it from slipping. To use this, simply plug your device into the supplied surge protector, stow away the surplus cable lengths, close the lid, and that’s it! So convenient and easy to use.

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