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Whistle Keyfinder – It Sure Beeps and Lights Up Once You Whistle! Wow!

Oh keys, you always have them! Doors, drawers, lockers, closets, cabinets, what else? Oh and don’t forget your car keys. You won’t be getting anywhere without them. But what if you really can’t find them? Or perhaps, you misplaced them somewhere and you’re not sure whether you put them inside your bag, in your pocket, or anywhere inside the house or office.

Searching for car keys can be so frustrating, especially if you are already in a hurry for your next appointment! If only you could miss call it just like what you do on your phone. Hmmm? Why not? Though you can’t let the keys ring, at least put them in a key chain that beeps and lights up when you whistle. Yes, that is exactly what you need to do! So enter the brilliant gadget called the Whistle Keyfinder.

Designed to beep and light up once you whistle, the Whistle Keyfinder makes it a lot easier for you to locate your keys. Simply attach it to your key ring, and voila – you’re 100% ready for the next “where-are-my-keys” panic attack! It only measures 4.5 x 3.5 x 2 cm., so it very much looks like an ordinary key chain, only that it functions better. Just give your best whistle and the Whistle Keyfinder beeps and blinks like crazy to let you know where your keys are.

So go on and get yourself this cute little gadget. But before you do, here’s a tip: for more effective use, better get the Whistle Keyfinder Set of 2.

Go Boom Boom! With the New Mighty Mini Speakers

Big sounds may unexpectedly come from the smallest of sources, much like the mustard seed, sizes can be easily deceiving. The new Mighty Mini Speakers are one of those small gadgets with an unbelievably big performance. For a speaker barely the size of a ten pence coin, the Mighty Mini produces a very audible output at an acceptable quality. The Mighty Mini is made to impress the indiscriminate listeners, not the hardcore audiophiles; so those crystal clear mids and high, and those deep resounding bass are nothing but a pipe dream for the Mighty Mini Speakers.

Interestingly enough, these portable speakers are so adequately small that they can be hooked into a key ring and then attached to purses, bags or other accessories. These mini speakers recharge via USB and can operate up to 2.5 hours when fully charged. They are widely compatible with different portable multimedia players that use a standard headphone jack.

These speakers come in two designs reminiscent of old school 1980s genre of breakdancing and hip hop, the Mighty Mini Amp and Mighty Mini Boom Box. A large and more powerful boom box uses a lot of D-sized batteries, may span more than thirty inches in width, and weighs up to 20 pounds. Comparing it to the new Mighty Mini Speakers is definitely a no contest – but don’t expect Kazaam or Shaquille O’ Neal to puff out of Mighty Mini Boom Box anytime soon.

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Keep Your Phones Close and Zomm Wireless Leash Closer

Here is an interesting story – a student returning from a school trip arrived at his dorm finding that it is one XBOX 360 less. However, the thief unwittingly left the wireless controller and as if as an act of kindness from some benevolent deity – the controller was still connected to the main console! In Sherlock Holmes like fashion, the student homed into the 360 by taking avenge of the controller’s 30 foot range. By using the wireless controller as a homing device, the student got his gaming console back at another student’s dorm room.

Not everyone is as lucky, especially mobile phone users. Stolen or missing mobile phones constitutes to about half of the street crimes. Why risk the nightmare when there’s a Zomm? This miniature device is a wireless leash and a locator for Bluetooth enabled phones. Zomm gives alerts whenever you accidentally leave your mobile phone behind or you stay way too much from your phone. This keyring also features a unique call notification. When your mobile phone is out of immediate sight, it will vibrate, flash its LED lights and provide a sound alert for incoming calls just to get your attention. Never miss a call whenever you’re in a gym, work or noisy environment. With a press of a button, Zomm easily transforms into a speaker phone. In case of emergencies, Zomm can sound an ear piercing panic alarm or call for emergency assistance using the speaker phone feature.

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Cash Stash Keychain

cashImagine the scenario of waking up in some place that you cannot remember due to some wild out happening last night. As you grab for your back pocket, all you can feel is some lint and air which makes you think how the heck can you get home without some money? More realistically speaking, we definitely might have experienced once in our life getting short on cash realizing that we have left our wallet back in our home or office as we are about to pay at the check out counter. That could have been avoided is we were equipped with the Cash Stash Keychain.

Simple yet effective, this keychain allows us to have a secret location for money when we need it the most. Just fold your money along with the included clip and slip it in the capsule and peace of mind is yours. Getting the money is also easy by just unscrewing the capsule and then get your money. Assuming that you don’t forget or lose this thing, you will never get caught short again! Environmental elements such as pressure, heat and water (how harsh can the place you put your keys be?) are also covered by this keychain as it is made up of aircraft grade aluminum and is precisely made giving it a tight seal.

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Make Use of The Sun


Although your keys won’t need batteries at this time, it is fascinating to remember that the Solar Keychain is capable of storing up excess energy that comes from the sun so that your cell phone’s battery can stay up and you could talk longer than usual.

Plainly droop this tiny gadget from your keyring and you’ll comprise emergency source of power for your handset 24/7, anywhere you may go. But unless you forgot your keys at your house, in this case you’ll never have chance to use your solar keychain. With the Solar Keychain it’s just a little piece, it’s very easy. Plainly plug up and hooked on your cell phone with the appropriate adaptor (loads included) and get ready to be amazed as it pumps up in approximately 15-25 minutes of additional talktime. That’s extra than sufficient moment in anytime.

It will take more or less 10 hours for a complete charge, so be certain to keep in mind where you put the Solar Keychain before you go home from job for you have to be forced to break inside your home. Remember you may be accused for breaking in, so be attentive.

And hey! Don’t forget that this solar keychain may also be used with other device using USB charging.

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