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The New Smart Made Simple Accessories: For More Ipad Productivity

Do you have an iPad that you always carry with you in your travels? If you do, then you’ll surely be excited to learn of the new accessories available for your iPad today, offered by the Kensington Computer Products Group. These accessories include the following:

Kensington PowerBack Battery Case for iPad with Kickstand and Dock (Black)

Simply slip this over the back of your iPad to get instant battery charging (up to 5 hours of power available) – all while it also protects and allows iPad viewing from three different positions. View photos easily with the portrait mode. Watch video without any hassle through the landscape mode. And, send emails from your iPad conveniently with the typing mode. This device has built-in speaker deflectors that guarantee clear audio, plus a battery fuel gauge that tells you the charging status.

Kensington Wall Pack Duo Charger

This is a 2-in-1 wall charging device that will allow you to charge two iPads, iPods, or iPhones from your wall outlet. It also allows you to sync and charge your gadgets from your computer. It’s perfect for home charging!

Kensington PowerBolt Duo Car Charger

This charger is the counterpart of the wall pack variety. It allows you to charge an iPad and another device from your car and also to sync devices from your computer. It also has a LED power indicator and is small in size, ideal to carry with you in all your travels.

For ultimate daily or on-the-go iPad experience, you gotta check out all these accessories from Kensington. You can pre-order them now from Amazon and from the Kensington site.

Kensington Laptop Locking Station and Tether Kit: Extreme Physical Security against Laptop Theft

When it comes to portability, fashion, size, and power supply, laptop is a sure winner over regular desktop computer. But when it comes to physical security, laptops will surely fall short. Laptop is one of the most stolen electronics and reaches about a million units lost or stolen each year. This means loss of confidential or personal information aside from the expensive amount gone astray.

Business institution is no exemption to laptop security issue and Kensington Computer Products Group provides the utmost level of physical security in the computing industry today. The worldwide leader in computing accessories now offers the Kensington Laptop Locking Station and Kensington Tether Kit. The Kensington Laptop Locking Station is manufactured with all steel backbone that is extremely resistant to cutting, drilling or prying. Once it is attached to a desktop surface, just place the laptop on the base of the locking station and give the arm a squeeze. It is now locked with no key needed. Unlocking is also easy by inserting a key to open the arm spring. The Kensington Laptop Locking Station is easy to install on any desk and accommodates laptops measuring from 13.3 to 17 inches.

If you prefer not to permanently attach to the desktop while still having a tough security for your laptop, the Kensington Tether Kit for Laptop Locking Station will work for you. It is also bumping resistant and the humble difference is that it leaves your desktop unmodified.

Suggested retail prices for Kensington Laptop Locking Station and Kensington Tether Kit are $79.99 and $29.99 respectively.

Nightstand Charging Dock for iPhone

charging dock2Today, the iPhone is more than just a phone, a multimedia device, and an internet device as described by Steve Jobs when he introduced the iPhone. A lot of apps that have flourished through the Apple AppStore made the iPhone a gaming device, a PDA, even a learning tool. How much more if these apps have a hardware to increase its functionality or maybe the other way around? This charging dock is exactly like that. An accessory for the iPhone that is empowered by the application that is included.charging dock

Basically, the Nightstand Charging Dock is a simple charging dock that is similar in purpose to the AC charger included in your phone purchase. But this one looks slimmer, more futuristic therefore much cooler than the standard white dock. With this dock, you have your iPhone charging vertically and will serve as a replacement to your old clock and can see the weather for you without having to do much. By inserting the phone into the dock, you make your phone not go into sleep mode with the optional dimming to make things a little bit more comfortable and would now serve as a clock and weather forecast receiver. So when you wake up in the morning, you see your phone fully charged, telling you the time and say whether you need to bring an umbrella or not.

Move out from the boring plain white that Apple gave you and see what sleek in silver Kensington has to offer here.