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Wireless Connection Anywhere for your iPod Touch with ZTE Peel

The line dividing the iPod Touch and the more feature rich iPhone just became thinner with Sprint ZTE PEEL. This device attaches to an Apple iPod Touch to allow the user to connect to 3G networks. The ZTE PEEL slider case for Apple’s popular media player comes with an integrated portable WiFi hotspot – basically turning the iPod Touch into a thicker iPhone without a third party phone and SMS apps. Given its case-like form factor, the ZTE PEEL also acts as a cradle or a jacket for second and third generation iPod Touch. This device features universal compatibility and can support up to two Wi-Fi devices. Internet connection is virtually always available for an iPod Touch user as long as there is a 3G network signal.

To use, simply slide in the iPod Touch into the ZTE PEEL with screen facing out until it clicks into position. After that, press the power button conveniently located at the back of ZTE PEEL to connect to a 3G network.

ZTE PEEL takes advantage of the already existing UI and Web capabilities of the iPod Touch to turn it into a pseudo-mobile phone and an internet capable device that’s not limited within a hot spot’s range. Other features include advanced WEP security and support for the latest Windows and Mac operating systems.

Purchase the ZTE Peel at GeekieStore.

Behringer iNuke Boom – Biggest and Baddest iPod Dock

“Nanos gigantium humeris insidentes” – that’s the best and geekiest way you can describe the iPod Touch when it is docked on the new Behringer iNuke Boom speakers. Yes, the sight of the iPod Touch docked at this new mega speaker system is literally comparable to a dwarf standing on the shoulders of giants. The iNuke Boom is currently the world’s loudest and potentially the largest commercial iPhone and iPod dock. Its looming yet elegant presence is further emphasized by its 700 pounds, 8 feet wide, and 4 feet tall exterior, and if the look and size doesn’t impress you, its 10,000 watts pure eardrum popping power will. Undermining the company’s mantra of “Double the Features at Half the Price”, the designers of this mega dock probably placed audio firepower imaginable to man, placed it in a biggest hull they can find, and tagged it a whooping $30,000.00. This monstrous iPod dock, by all means, is for no faint of heart.

The iNuke Boom will make its grand debut at the upcoming CES 2012 expo and it is sure to serve as the company’s battlecruiser as it leads 50 more new consumer electronic sub-brands from Eurosound – a Behringer subsidiary brand. Given its size and booming sound, you won’t have a hard time finding the Behringer iNuke Boom iPod and iPhone dock at CES Central Hall, Booth 15348.

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ihome iP4 Portable FM Stereo Boombox for iPhone/iPod

There’s nothing like an old school boombox to get you dancing and there’s nothing that could blow your mind like the majestic iPhone. Combine the two, the retro and the latest in technology, and you have the new Portable FM Stereo Boombox for iPhone/iPod – the good stuff.

This classic stereo boombox also called as iP4 brings back the retro looking stereo system with the modern functionalities and interesting updates to pair with the contemporary iPhone and iPod. It uses class “D” amplifier together with 4-inch carbon composite woofers and 1-inch dome tweeters to give that high quality audio output a speaker system should be heard of. To even provide a real stereo experience, the iP4 utilizes SRS TruBass digital signal processing for an excellent deep sound. There is also 5-band graphic equalizer with integrated LCD display as well as 5 adjustable EQ sliders to let you adjust the tone settings depending on your preference.

The Portable FM Stereo Boombox comes with a flexible dock for iPhone and iPod. These Apple devices can be used to play music while keeping them charged using the 100V-240V universal voltage AC adaptor. For additional audio sources, there is an FM radio and aux line-in jack to allow connecting a CD player, computer, and other player. The iP4 is designed with backlit buttons and magnetic remote control for a more relaxing control of your music. It operates using the included universal voltage adapter or through 6 D batteries (not included).

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Why You Need to Have the Nest?

Maybe you’re wondering what this Nest is. Well, it’s actually a thermostat, but it’s way beyond your ordinary thermostat. Why? Because first, it manages half your home’s energy. If you will look closely at your energy bill, you will see that 50% of it is actually controlled by your thermostat. And no matter how hard you try to cut a percentage off your heating and cooling bill, it will not work unless you program it right by giving it an exact schedule. But this is often easier said than done. Good thing, this Nest provides a solution to that. So instead of you programming the thermostat right, this one actually programs itself in a week, that’s why it’s called The Nest Learning Thermostat. Just tell it what you want it to do, let’s say you want to save energy, and it will program itself. Teach it energy saving habits like turning the temperature down at night or when you leave the house or not turning it to too low or too high temperature. And in time, you’ll be amazed at how this product allows you to save energy while keeping you comfortable at the same time.

But aside from those mentioned above, there’s another good reason why you need to have this Nest – and that is it’s very much accessible online. True, you can adjust the temperature at home even if you are in the office by simply using your Nest account online. Such a convenience, right? Imagine keeping your home warm by adjusting it from the office because you know that it’s very cold on your way home.

The Nest is truly an amazing gadget simply looking at all these conveniences. This will be out soon, so for now, check out these digital thermostat options from Geekie Store.

Listen Comfortably to your Apple Devices with t-JAYS Four Earphones

Listening to music is one of the favorite comfort zones that’s why an equally comfortable audio device is what you need to completely treat yourself with soothing sounds. This is what the new t-JAYS Four’s features are all about. Specially designed and made for iPod, iPhone and iPad, the t-JAYS Four lets you enjoy every sound as comfortably and clearly as possible. This pair of noise-cancelling earphones uses JAYS-developed 10mm TCD driver along with tough neodymium magnets to guarantee that what you hear is the instrumentals and vocals originally created from the studio. Superior bass response with crystal clear vocals is made possible through the vented bass port on the back with acoustic filter. Developed to provide comfort, the t-JAYs Four comes in a slim design and utilizes durable Kevlar reinforced cable. The earphone cable can also be worn behind the ear aside from typically positioning in front. With this, the earphone will fit flat inside the ear making it comfortable to use every day and lesser chances of dropping the earphone out of the ear canal.

The t-JAYS Four features a three-button remote with SMART-feel soft touch flat/convex buttons for supreme grip. This remote offers options to answer/hang up calls, play/pause music and videos, skip songs, turn volume up/down, voice control, and many more. The t-JAYs series also have dividable cables for two-way wear options, the standard 60cm earphone cable and an extension cable for extra 70cm length. This means you can choose the proper cable length you need whether you place your iPhone in your jeans pocket or you clip your iPod in your armband. There is also a wide range of silicone sleeve sizes, a cable clip, and travel case so you are always all set to have a maximum sound experience.

Compatibility of the t-JAYS Four are as follows:

• Remote and mic – supported by iPod nano (4th generation and later), iPod classic 120 GB, 160 GB (2009), iPod touch (2nd generation and later), iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad and iPad 2, VOIP, Skype, iChat and other recording applications like voice memo
• Remote – iPod shuffle (3rd generation and later)
• Audio – all iPod models
• Macbook, Macbook Pro and Mac Pro (2009)

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