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Charge your iPod and iPhone Less the Wire with BlueLounge MiniDock

If you are not a big fan of cabled accessories like typical chargers and you want to lessen the use of wires and dangling cords, the new MiniDock should be one of the must-have add-ons for your iPhone and iPod. It lets you charge your device in an upright position without the need for cable. It directly plugs into any wall socket using your Apple USB Power Adapter thus saving space. At the same time, it lets you navigate your iPhone and iPod especially when you enjoy listening to your favorite tracks whether on bed or at the bathroom, read recipes while in the kitchen or simply want to have a less clutter table surface while charging. This is safer than just laying your device on the floor, on the table or at your bathroom counter.
The MiniDock can be used on either the standard Apple USB Power Adapter or the Apple 10W USB Power Adapter. After connecting them together, directly plug it into a wall socket then place your iPod or iPhone vertically to the MiniDock. This lets you charge your device while saving space and eliminates dangling cords. Also, the minimalist design of the MiniDock makes it so easy to bring anywhere especially when you travel. Simply put it inside your pocket, bag or luggage. Since the Apple adapters may vary depending on your place, the MiniDock is available in three versions to be compatible with US, UK or EU style adapters and sockets.

Purchase your own here.

DLO WallDock Takes the Cables Out of iDevice Charging

With the vast popularity of the Apple iPod and iPhone, it makes sense that there would be a wealth of accessories on the market. And there seems to be a never ending supply of little gadgets built for the iPhone and iPod touch, and this latest which comes DLO [Digital Lifestyle Outfitters] is yet another iPod and iPhone device that will turn any power outlet into a dock. The item is called the WallDock. In the office, the bedroom, the kitchen – WallDock goes anywhere you need a convenient, cable-free charging solution. 4dec09oj2br3juaThe wall-mounted dock lets you get rid of cables so you can give your iPhone or iPod a safe and secure place to charge. The cushioned top supports your iPhone or iPod without the need for fit inserts, and it hides the dock connector when not in use. The dock pivots to let your iPhone or iPod rest gently against the wall. It is compatible all current iPod and iPhone products such as iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod touch, iPod nano (all gen) and iPod classic.

The WallDock claims to output more juice that takes shorter charging time compared to standard, less powerful chargers. Just in time for the holidays, right? If you are interested, the Digital Lifestyle Outfitters DLA49002/17 Wall Dock for iPod and iPhone will only set you back $25.

PhoneSuit Primo Micro iPod and iPhone Battery Pack – Good Things Do Come in a Small Package

phonesuit primoWhy do you have your iPod or iPhone? Or why do you go for gadgets with names or labels like slim, thin, mini and micro? The reason could be as simple enough as because they’re small and portable. Case in point – when everything else around them is super shrunk, who would want to carry something bulky bigger than a pack of cigarettes in their pocket? In the ever shrinking gadget world, the new PhoneSuit Primo micro battery pack for iPod and iPhone stands out from the rest as being as one of the smallest extended battery packs around. It redefines portability because the Primo’s thumb size design is small enough to be a keychain or snuggly resident in your pocket. The “Made for iPod” and “Works with iPhone” Apple certification ensures that the micro design blends well and works well with the comfortable use of your iPod or iPhone.

The Phonesuit Primo maybe small but it is a reservoir of power within. This micro 800mAh capacity battery can extend your iPod’s music time to a whooping 45 hours or add another 3 hours of talk time for your iPhone; both are no small feat for something the size of your thumb. This lithium-ion power pack can be efficiently used for around 500 charges.
Primo has a LED power meter to display the remaining charge. It also has a green LED light charging indicator that changes to blue when the device is fully charged from any USB outlet. For now, check out PhoneSuit MiLi Power Pack, 2000mAh for iPhone 3GS, 3G, 2G and purchase it only for $79.95!

Grass Charging Station

grassy chargingCorporate slaves. That’s how people are called if they are working in tall skyscrapers but are confined in little cubicles that has just enough room for stretching and typing. Even out in the urban jungle, I have read that looking into something green can relax your eyes. But wait, before you change that Ferrari wallpaper of yours to some macro shot of plants, why not just get a techie item that is very green? Literally.

This grass charging station will scream grass as you put it on your desk. It is basically a power outlet concealed in a plant pot. You just have to plug in all of your gadget chargers in the outlet beneath all the grass and let your gadgets relax in the zen ambiance of this power strip. You can charge your phone, iPod, digital camera, or your humping USB dog through an adapter with this charging station. This thing is a very nifty idea for people who want to personalize their desk and give it a breathing space from all the papers and deadlines ahead. Let your friends pass by and walk back to see if he really did just see your iPod implanted in that plant pot. The white container is also perfect to complement your laptop/ desktop and is also very modern.

Get yours here. Just a note. Don’t forget not to water your plants or you might get shocked for real.