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Safely Charge and Sync your iPhone or iPod with Matias Tune Blocker

Bad things happen when you mindlessly try doing things in a rush – like completely wiping out your iPod or iPhone’s music, picture, or video collection because of an unintended iTunes sync gone badly. If that had already happened to you – don’t let it happen again. If that hadn’t happen to you before – don’t wait for it to happen to you. Don’t talk about it. Don’t even joke about it. The thought of losing an entire music library isn’t funny. Well, enough with the drama – the point is don’t be a victim, save yourself the trouble of rebuilding your entire music playlist and invest on the new Tune Blocker. This simple yet innovative gadget will allow you to charge your Apple devices without the risk of accidentally synchronizing to iTunes. Using a switch, Tune Blocker offers you the option to simply just recharge your iPhone or iPod without synching or while synching with iTunes. It can automatically block iTunes so that you can plug and unplug your iPod or iPhone at will with no annoying warning messages. This device will also enable you to safely charge from any PC or Mac without the risk of having your digital contents being overwritten.

When used with the switch set sync and charge, you can use the Tune Blocker just like any regular charging cable. It is also compatible with iPhone and iPod power adapters so there’s no need to bring an extra cable with anytime you need to charge or sync.

Recharge and sync with a peace of mind, get the new Matias Tune Blocker here.

Wrap PowerPak Plus -More Power and Connectivity Options for Your Vuzix and Apple Devices

So you have the latest Vuzix Wrap 920 or 1200 advanced wearable display that supports high resolution 2D and 3D images. What’s next? Simple, the new Wrap PowerPak Plus – a high capacity rechargeable battery that also serves as a component video connection unit for iOS devices and Vuzix Wrap 920 or 1200 Wrap eyewear. Just connect your Vuzix personal eyewear and iPod Touch or iPhone into this device and enjoy uninterrupted viewing time for up to 6 hours, even more when just using your Wrap video eyewear. Wrap PowerPak Plus recharges using a USB cable connected to any USB-based power port.

Wrap PowerPak + comes with both composite and component audio and video connections. The composite connection supports virtually all AV devices and the component connection is used by a vast majority of popular AV devices, game consoles, and portable media players. Additionally, by purchasing the optional Wrap PowerPak Plus Apple Sleeve Pak you can combine your Wrap PowerPak+ and iPod Touch or iPhone into a single convenient unit.

Summary of Features:

• Uses powerful lithium ion battery pack
• Provides about 6 hours of additional viewing time
• Powers Vuzix Wrap 920 or Wrap 1200 personal video eyewear
• Extends power of iPod Touch or iPhone
• Composite and component video connection
• Supports optional Apple iPod touch and iPhone sleeves and upcoming component cable

If you don’t have the Vuzix Wrap wearable personal display yet, you can get one here.

Beat the Dance Floor Anytime with JBL OnBeat Speaker Dock

Some things are just meant for each other – like the new JBL OnBeat loudspeaker docking station and iPod, iPhone or iPad. It’s not exactly a one is to one relationship but with a wide compatibility with different Apple portable devices, who would complain? The OnBeat is JBL’s first speaker dock that produces an ultra-realistic and high-output audio virtually from all Apple iOS gadget. It has a universal connector that securely docks iPad, iPhone, or iPod in portrait or landscape mode.

The speakers feature twin JBL Phoenix full-range transducers with 2 x 7.5 watt amplification and computer-optimized DSP equalization that can produce an in depth 360-degree soundstage and an extraordinary frequency response (70Hz – 20 kHz) with minimal distortion, even at high volumes. These primary features enable the audience to listen to their favorite music with such accuracy and detail that it’s almost impossible to believe that it’s coming from a portable speaker. Furthermore, the JBL OnBeat comes with an IR remote that can browse through the iPod and iPhone menu up to 15 feet away, AC power supply that can also recharge docked devices, and USB and Auxiliary inputs. Using the speaker dock is a breeze even without the remote because it also features a convenient touch pad controls that allow users to adjust the volume and mute/unmute the speakers with just a tap.

On the design side, the speaker comes in an easily recognizable and stylish dynamic JBL weave figure. The dock is small enough to fit and be carried almost anywhere so that it can be the heart of any party anytime and anywhere.

Purchase JBL iPad dock and other related products here.

Yamaha TSX-140 – Simple Yet Modern Audio Entertainment System

Geeks who also love music will sure find the Yamaha TSX -140 a very good buy. Why? It’s because this gadget isn’t only pleasing to the eye and the ears, it also offers a complete array of audio facilities in a one, compact, and stylish unit. Yes, it is a complete, integrated audio entertainment system that’s simple yet very classy and highly advanced. Its total sound performance, comprehensive connectivity, touch of genius, and down to earth design do make this gadget a must-have.

For superb sound quality and volume, the TSX -140 is outfitted with twin eight cm speakers, bass reflex port, and Yamaha’s 15W + 15W digital amplifier. Its Music Enhancer software adds depth and excitement to compressed programme material. And do you know that with just a mere touch of a button, the three front panel controls can instantly become a parametric equalizer? You can use this in adjusting the audio based on your location and preferences. The unit’s integral CD player supports MP3 and WMA formats and its USB connector accommodates even non-iPod MP3 players. What will make you love this player even more is its fully digital iPod/iPhone dock which makes the audio remains in the digital domain from input via TSX’s DSP stage up to digital amplifier.

How does Yamaha TSX -140 offer a touch of genius? Well its ease of use and functionality is truly unmatched. Aside from the top panel’s illuminated buttons, there are also three rotary controls on the front panel to provide you with intuitive access to volume, source, alarm, radio preset, and EQ functions. This gadget is offered in Brick, Gray, and Black colors so you can always get one that will fit your home environment from all angles. Get the Yamaha TSX-140 Desktop Audio System with iPod Dock (Gray) from Amazon now!

Pamper Your iPod and iPhone with Yamaha PDX-31 Speakers

A good car needs a good garage; you don’t just leave a Bugatti Veyron or a Ferrari Scaglietti parked in some shady back alley. It’s the same with iPhone; you don’t just leave it in some table top or drawers especially when you can seamlessly “park“ it on the new Yamaha PDX-31 speakers. This powerful speaker for iPod (5th generation, classic, nano, touch) and iPhone effortlessly lets you enjoy your playlist in any room through its 15W x 2 digital amplifier and 8 cm full range cone with bass reflex port. This new iPod speaker also features an AUX-in terminal or stereo mini jack located at the back to instantly turn it into a home multimedia system, simply plug in your PC or an mp3 player and you’ll have access to a secondary audio.

With the included Auto Blend function, you can even listen simultaneously to two sound sources. It comes with a small remote that works very much like your iPhone or iPod controls, letting you sift through the menus and choose your songs. And using the PDX-31 can’t get much simpler than docking your iPhone or iPod to turn it on or select a music source. It also has a sharp memory; it remembers the previous volume level you left it on. Another great feature is the volume level monitoring that reacts to sudden burst of music and levels it down automatically.

The PDX-31 comes with a neat fabric covered panels installed over a rigid frame and is available in dark red, black or light gray. Purchase your own here.