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Mobile Phones at War: iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

The newest phones released by Apple and Android are all the raves these days, and consumers have already started taking sides. So which is really better, the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3?

In this product comparison guide, we give you an overview of the feature of these two mobile phones and show you which phone gets plus points in certain aspects of mobile technology.

The Brain

Samsung Galaxy S3The iPhone 5 runs Apple’s iOS 6 while the Samsung Galaxy S3 has Android 4.1. When you compare the two, the main distinction between them is the number of features. The S3 is noticeably

feature-packed, and it has most of the iPhone’s features. For instance, while the iPhone 5 has Siri, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has the S Voice. Some of the features of the S3 that you won’t find in the iPhone 5 are its face unlock and video multitasking features. And, the S3’s NFC-enabled apps are also better than those in the iPhone.

However, while the S3’s features may delight tech lovers, these may be the exact reasons tech newbies would hate this phone.  Its advanced technology and wide range of features can be a little complex for those who are not very technology-inclined. For these individuals, the simplistic system and ease of use of the iPhone will surely have more appeal.

The Body

iPhone 5The most distinctive difference between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 when it comes to their physical construction is the material they’re made of—the iPhone 5 is made from aluminum while the S3 is made from plastic. The iPhone 5 is thinner with its 7.6 mm width (compared to the S3’s 8.6 mm width) and lighter (112g vs. the S3’s 133g). The S3 gets a wider screen, which might be preferred by people who want a bigger screen space but might not be favored by those who find it difficult reaching from one side of the phone to the other. Other differences in the construction of the two phones are:

  1. The iPhone 5 has a more solid design with its hard lines while the Samsung Galaxy S3 is curvier.
  2. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has more color options. The iPhone 5 is offered only in black and white; the S3 is offered in the said colors, as well as in brown, grey, blue, and red.
  3. The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a removable battery cover.

Other Features

Aside from the differences in the brain and body of the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, they differ in other aspects. Each has advantages and disadvantages in specific areas of construction. Below are the advantages offered by each:

iPhone 5. Its camera features less shutter lag (it takes only a short moment for the camera to focus when taking pictures) and AF tracking (it reduces instances of getting shots that are out of focus).  This iPhone model also boasts of more internal storage space (up to 64GB) and more microphones (3) to ensure better audio quality.

Samsung Galaxy S3. Its camera features a serial shot mode (which allows users to take multiple photos in a row) and faster shutter speed (which enables users to photograph moving objects with no blurring). The S3 gets plus points when it comes to power. It does not only feature more battery power but also easier charging because of its removable battery and its USB compatibility.

The Verdict

The iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 stand out in distinct aspects. We give the iPhone 5 plus points for its user friendliness and ease of use. Both its software and body are designed for convenient browsing that is ideal for simple everyday tasks. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S3 gets plus points for its advanced features. This is perfect for those who are looking for a mobile phone that can really multitask. And with its power support, this phone is one hard worker—perfect for professionals.

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Boost Case Plus – Because Your iPhone 4S Needs to Keep on Running for More than a Day

Now that you’ve got an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, you’ll probably need a longer-lasting battery to be able to enjoy all its excellent features without the need to juice it up from time to time. Yes, during an intense day of iPhone 4S usage, its original battery pack won’t be too reliable, thus you need something that will definitely last for more than a day. No, I’m not saying you get a separate battery at that; what can actually solve this dilemma is this simple iPhone 4 accessory called the Boost Case Plus.

Dubbed as the largest capacity battery of any of the iPhone battery cases available today, the Boost Case Plus actually boasts a 2200 mAh that enables your device to keep on running not just for a couple of hours or day but for more than a day. So whether you’re up for a long trip or a weekend getaway, you can expect this gadget accessory to keep you connected. Yes, never miss an important call again or get bored on your next trip because the Boost Case Plus will provide your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S with the juice that it needs, whenever, wherever.

But hey, you might be wondering why it looks more of like an iPhone case! It actually is a case, with front and sides that are made of smooth matte silver plastic and back that is basic black. Now, at the bottom of this is a portion that contains the battery, 30-pin connector and microUSB socket, and then a small connecting cover for the top of the phone. The case may not look too promising as the edges kind of show some imperfections. But they aren’t that noticeable, so what matters is the battery’s capacity which is more than enough to get your device running for more than a day.

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Turn Your iPhone or iPod Into the Ultimate Universal Remote with ThinkFlood RedEye Mini

Your iPhone and other iOS device can be a dozen things at once – and it probably won’t hurt to add another function, say a universal remote. Turn your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad into a universal remote and a free TV guide with ThinkFlood RedEye Mini. This portable gadget will allow you to control televisions, DVRs, stereos, and other IR-enabled devices whenever and wherever. The RedEye Mini is a cost effective solution if you want all the features and functionalities previously available only to more advanced universal remotes without the hefty cost.

Rather than using multiple remotes for your every home appliance or gadgets, RedEye Mini allows you to control all using only your Apple devices. Unlike other remote solutions, RedEye Mini plugs into your iPhone, iPod, or iPad’s headphone jack – effectively freeing up your device’s 30-pin dock connector. This allows you to use your other Apple accessories or your charger while using the RedEye mini and it also enables you to use the remote function without having to flip your phone upside-down.

The RedEye Mini features a wide range of manufacturer infrared codes and a learning module for easy set-up and compatibility with existing IR devices. It can control an almost limitless no of devices and store near infinite number of commands. There is also RedEye’s activity-based control which allows this remote dongle to execute a number of pre-programmed commands with a single touch. The remote interface of the RedEye Mini depends on the device being controlled and its functions can also be customized to respond to gestures and accelerometer controls.

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Voomote Zapper – The All-in-One Remote Control Solution

Isn’t it annoying if your television remote seems not to work the way it used to? Try changing the battery because maybe that’s the culprit. But if this did not do the trick, perhaps it’s time you get a new remote control. Such an inconvenience, right? So, the next time around, if you’re also equipped with an Apple product such as iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, better pair it with this Voomote Zapper.

Basically, this gadget accessory eliminates the hassles of getting a new remote from time to time or from switching from one remote to another just to control your electronic devices. True, it’s an all-in-one remote control solution for your entire home as its paperclip-like size enables you to to quickly switch from the iPad in your bedroom to the iPhone or iPod touch in your living room or study room. It’s also made compatible with any iOS 5 device, so you’ve got lots of options when it comes to your remote control solution needs. Just download the free app and you can start controlling hundreds of electronic devices.

Here are the key features of this product:

– 30 sec. Setup
– Multiple room functionality
– Customizable remotes
– Learning function
– Multiple remotes on One-View
– One-Touch (macro function)

So, why go through so much hassle of changing remotes from time to time? With the Voomote Zapper, your woes are answered in an instant. Check out related universal remote control products here.