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Top 5 Apple iPhone Accessories for 2009

There is no denying that Apple’s iPhone is a certifiable hit. Because of this, I’ve rounded up the top 5 iPhone accessories here for your viewing pleasure.

callpod chargepod1. Best Charger: Callpod Chargepod

The Chargepod isn’t revolutionary for what it does, but rather for how it does it. Chargepod is a 6-way charging device that allows you to charge multiple cell phones, PDAs, headsets, and most other mobile electronics with a single power cord. Just pick out the manufacturer-specific adapters for your devices and throw away the dozens of power cords and wall warts that are cluttering your office and home. Chargepod uses voltage regulator technology and interchangeable power adapters to safely charge all of your mobile devices regardless of manufacturer or model.

Price: The base unit costs $50 then you can buy whatever tip you wish for $9 each.

Buy it here.

2. Best Dock: Altec Lansing T612

altec lansing t612If you are in a mood to share and have a party at your home then there is no better dock than this one. It features some technology that makes it “immune to mobile phone interference,” which means you can leave your iPhone’s cell radio on while it’s in the dock–and even take calls. That’s a step up from all other speaker docks to date that require you to switch the iPhone to airplane mode to avoid the annoying interference that the Apple phone (and all other GSM cell phones) tend to cause when they’re placed in close proximity to speakers.

Price: $136.77 – $379.95

Buy it here.

mophie-for-iphone-juice-pack3. Best Backup Battery: mStation mophie

The Mophie Juice Pack is designed to extend the time you can watch, rock, surf, and send with your iPod touch. You’ll never experience downtime of your iPod touch with mophie’s Juice Pack. Simply plug your iPod touch into the pre-charged Juice Pack, and you’ll get an additional 250 hours of standby time, 8 hours of talk time, 6 hours of Internet use, 7 hours of video playback, and 24 hours of audio playback. It’s ready to go straight out of the package, housing its rechargeable lithium polymer battery within an ergonomic, soft, non-slip case. The juice pack also integrates a 4 LED ‘charge status’ indicator and its own 30-pin dock connector.

Price: $67.17

Buy it here.

skullcandy FMJ earbuds4. Best iPhone earPhone: iPhone FMJ

The Skullcandy iPhone FMJ offers a stylish and functional design with an inline mic and call button. That’s right, Skullcandy’s iPhone FMJ lets you and your iPhone rock together AND talk together.

• 11mm speaker
• Frequency range: 16 Hz – 20K Hz
• Impedance: 16 ohms
• Max input power: 500mW
• Cable type: Aluminum foil
• Cable length: 1.1 M
• Plug type: 3.5mm gold plated

Price: $65.99

Buy it here.

silicone case5. Best Silicone Case: DLO Jam Jacket for iPhone

The DLO Jam Jacket for iPhone is a soft silicone case with cable management. It will keep your headphone cords tangle-free with its built in cable management. The gripable cover is comfortable and form-fitting, and provides scratch and slip protection for your iPhone.

Price: $9.20

Buy it here.

In case you didn’t find what you’re looking for, you can always go back to our previous posts and you will surely find other iPhone accessories.

Zagg Z.buds Review – The Best Earbuds Available for the iPhone

zagg z.budsOne of the features of the stunning Apple iPhone is the ability to listen to music. But while Apple makes great computers and the iPhone is probably the best multi-use phone on the market, their earphones leave something to be desired. Actually, they suck. So, if you have decided not to inflict your musical choices on all around you, here’s an example of what I consider to be the best earbuds available for the iPhone – the Zagg Z.buds.

Packed with features, an eye-catching design, outstanding sound quality, and superior hardware, Z.buds are the next evolutionary step for in-ear headphones. Z.buds feature convenient in-line volume control and a premium length, tangle-free cord. The award-winning design includes multiple sliders for better cord management and greater listening convenience. And now, buyers can go for a pair of Z.buds without the inline mic and its control button – a different version to please a wider audience.

Product Summary:

The good:

A few things remain the same on both versions. Yes, regardless of whether the mic is integrated or not, all Z.buds still come with passive noise cancellation, inline volume control, a 3.5mm jack and foam and silicone buds with triple flanges that can be swapped out.

The bad:

While this new version is nearly identical to that of its cousin, it’s still not a good value when measured against its virtues: no mic and no integrated iPod controls.

Bottom line:

Given that and the mere $10 price difference, the version with the integrated mic and iPod controls is a more compelling option.

Price: You can get the Z.buds without a mic now for $60 in red, pink, yellow or black while the original microphone-equipped version can be purchased for $70 – both available at

Klipsch Image S4i Headset – An Alternative to Apple In-ear Headphones

There aren’t many headsets for the iPhone and iPod Touch out there that comes with a built-in remote and mic, except for the stock Apple earbuds now included with the 3GS and iPod Touch. So Klipsch want to change the game with their Klipsch Image S4i In-Ear Headset. The S4i headset offers the same controls you find on the Apple earbuds – in a sleek package paired with in-ear performance. It’s a breakthrough product that lets you enjoy superior sound, control your music library, as well as answer and end calls without skipping a beat.

s4i_270x270Works seamlessly with the iPhone 3GS, 3rd Gen iPod Shuffle, 2nd Gen iPod Touch, 4th Gen iPod Nano, and iPod Classic 120GB, the Klipsch Image S4i In-Ear Headset features Apple’s advanced 3-button microphone and remote system that easily handles the voice and/or music control of these Apple products. It is among the first to be fully compatible with the Apple VoiceOver feature on the third generation iPod Shuffle, which allows you to hear the name of the playlist, song or artist with just the press of a button.

The in-line microphone and remote are placed at the yoke of the cable, creating a more natural feel when answering calls and controlling music. Because the microphone is a highly intelligible 360-degree design, you don’t have to talk down into it. The microphone also features echo cancellation, which keeps it from picking up the external noise around you. And unlike circular-shaped designs that put stress on the pressure inside the ear, the Image S4i uses washable oval ear tips that naturally fit the contours of the ear canals. It is also Skype compatible.

You want the Klipsch IMAGE S4i Premium Noise-Isolating Headset w/3-button Apple control? Get it now!

Scosche IDR350M – Works with iPhone and Made for iPod, Now Available

Good news to all iPhone 3GS, iPod Shuffle (Gen 3), iPod Touch (Gen 2), iPod Nano (Gen 4), and iPod Classic 120GB users. Why? Well, it is because Scosche’s IDR350M noise isolating earphones is now available.

scoche1-300x1381The IDR350M features Scosche’s integrated tapLINE control technology that enables users to play/pause, skip tracks, adjust volume, navigate playlists, activate the voice control feature, record voice memos, and answer/end calls without having to take their iPhone or iPod out of their pocket or bag. This functionality is useful for the 3rd Gen iPod Shuffle users out there, as the model lacks control buttons.

And since the IDR350M is compatible with Apple’s new Voice Control Technology, iPhone 3GS users will only say the name of a contact or say a phone number to place a call. Now, if you want to play a specific track, just say the name of the song. If you want to know the title of the song or what song is playing, you can also do that. You can even ask your iPhone to play similar songs with the IDR350M. Cool gadget, eh?

The IDR350M will also allow users to customize their earphones because it comes with 6 different interchangeable color caps to match their mood or color coordinate with their outfit.

Interested in picking up a pair of IDR350M? Get it right here!

Shure SE115 Sound-Isolating Earphones in Four Different Colors to Match Your Style


But it’s not just all about the colors! You will love the Shure SE115 because it promises to provide superior bass handling over its predecessor – Shure SE110. These modular earphones feature Second Generation Dynamic MicroSpeakers to deliver rich, warm, and detailed sound. The sound isolating sleeves prevent outside noise from interfering with your audio experience so you can listen at lower volumes. In other words, you can enjoy every detail of music in any environment without having to turn the volume up because these earphones have the latest dynamic MicroSpeakers and sound-isolation technology. The sleeves are also soft, flexible and offered in multiple shapes and sizes providing a secure and comfortable fit, not to mention the interchangeable cables.

Technical specifications:

• Sensitivity (at 1kHz): 105 db SPL/mW
• Impedance (at 1kHz):16
• Frequency range: 22Hz – 17.5 kHz
• Cable Length: 18 in./45cm; with extension 54 in./136cm

Offered in four vivid colors, including black, blue, red, and pink, these sound-isolating earphones will cost you $99 with two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. I must admit, these latest addition to Shure’s noise-isolating range are a bit pricey, but I think they’re worth the price. Well, they’re from Shure, so, you can bet they will deliver quality sound. They’re not just any earphones, they’re dynamic microspeakers. Grab yourself a pair now right here.