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Boost Case Plus – Because Your iPhone 4S Needs to Keep on Running for More than a Day

Now that you’ve got an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, you’ll probably need a longer-lasting battery to be able to enjoy all its excellent features without the need to juice it up from time to time. Yes, during an intense day of iPhone 4S usage, its original battery pack won’t be too reliable, thus you need something that will definitely last for more than a day. No, I’m not saying you get a separate battery at that; what can actually solve this dilemma is this simple iPhone 4 accessory called the Boost Case Plus.

Dubbed as the largest capacity battery of any of the iPhone battery cases available today, the Boost Case Plus actually boasts a 2200 mAh that enables your device to keep on running not just for a couple of hours or day but for more than a day. So whether you’re up for a long trip or a weekend getaway, you can expect this gadget accessory to keep you connected. Yes, never miss an important call again or get bored on your next trip because the Boost Case Plus will provide your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S with the juice that it needs, whenever, wherever.

But hey, you might be wondering why it looks more of like an iPhone case! It actually is a case, with front and sides that are made of smooth matte silver plastic and back that is basic black. Now, at the bottom of this is a portion that contains the battery, 30-pin connector and microUSB socket, and then a small connecting cover for the top of the phone. The case may not look too promising as the edges kind of show some imperfections. But they aren’t that noticeable, so what matters is the battery’s capacity which is more than enough to get your device running for more than a day.

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VooMote One for iPhone and iPod Touch – Impressively Smart

After a hard day at work, it will certainly feel good to come home to your place and simply sit back on the couch. But a supposedly relaxing night can turn for the worse if you could hardly find the remote for your TV. And that would be doubly frustrating if what you are looking forward to see on your TV screen is the championship game of your favorite sport. So before you miss another championship game again, make sure you equip your cool gadgets such as your iPhone and iPod touch with the VooMote One so you can turn them into universal remote in an instant., a leading provider of user interfaces for home entertainment solutions, knows this woes of homeowners so they created this impressively smart device than can transform any iPhone and iPod touch into a fully functioning universal remote. To use this, all you need to do is to slide it into your iPhone and wait until the device is connected and the app is loaded. Once done, you can start controlling the different home entertainment gadgets you have like your stereo systems, DVD players, and TVs. So this means, no more missing your favorite games shown on TV. And no more using of two or more separate remotes to control your home entertainment gadgets which makes this even more convenient.

There’s really nothing more relaxing than watching a good game on your TV after a hard day’s work . So don’t let a missing remote get in the way by getting this VooMote One. But if you want to see more choices first, then check out these related iPhone remote options.

iPhone SLR Mount – Turns your iPhone 4 into a DSLR

Your Apple iPhone 4 can act not just as a high-end mobile phone but also many other things such as an alarm clock, an MP3 player, a gaming device, a calculator, a recorder, a storage device, and a digital camera. Because of all these functions, this cool gadget becomes one of the most sought after gadgets in the market today. However, there is one thing that this gadget is not designed to be – and that is as a DSLR. Sad, isn’t it? Because if only this thing can act as a DSLR, who would need getting the said high-end camera anyway? But hey, haven’t you heard that it is possible now to turn your iPhone 4 into a DSLR using real SLR lenses? Yes, it’s true – and that’s made possible by this iPhone SLR Mount!

The only reason why you have that DSLR is because of the poweful depth of field and manual focus that it provides, right? Whether it’s a Canon EOS or a Nikon SLR, simply mount its lenses to this iPhone SLR Mount and in no time, you’ll be enjoying the same quality pictures that your DSLR provides using only your iPhone 4. So who says you need to bring that bulky gadget with you every time just to get really quality pictures? Because whoever it is doesn’t know that all you need are its lenses, this SLR mount, and your iPhone 4.

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Protect your iPhone with the NUT-Rugged iPhone Case

Who would want to fall from a moving vehicle or be thrown into mud or water? Mind you, even our gadgets won’t wish for such misfortune. So as much as we, human beings, need clothes everyday or gears for some activities, our gadgets, especially handheld ones also deserve unmatched protection. It’s a good thing that there are now hardwearing armours made especially for iPhones and one of them is the NUT-Rugged iPhone Case. As expected, this case comes with rugged features, but thankfully, they don’t have that much effect in the impressive functionality of your iPhone. This means, you can still use your touchscreen and you continue taking photos and videos.

Thanks to the case’ amoulded bung, there’s nothing that will hinder you from plugging in your earphones. This crystal clear case is composed of high-impact polycarbonate to display the iPhone’s magnificent beauty. Even with this case on, you can use the iPhone’s camera without losing the quality of your images. Since it is made by rugged material, it sure can resist knocks, bumps, and spills that can damage your iPhone.

To compliment this tough polycarbonate, the case also comes with a tough elastomer, a tactile, rubbery material that doesn’t just give you excellent grip, but also makes the case weatherproof. It also helps suspend the iPhone inside the case and makes your iPhone more resistant to drops and sudden impacts. Provide your iPhone the kind of protection it deserves! Click here and purchase the NUT-Rugged iPhone Case now.

Give Your iPhone the Keyboard Advantage with the TK-421 Case

QWERTY keyboard fan boys and old school non-touch interface hardliners might just change their mind about the iPhone thanks to the two new TK-421 cases with flip-out keyboard. Every iPhone users will now have the opportunity to experience the two interfaces, glass touch screen and tactile button keyboard. The TK-421’s Bluetooth flip-out keyboard easily rotates when needed adding much convenience when emailing, texting, or using keyboard based apps. It’s just like an iPhone upgrade. There are two available models of the TK-421 case; one is made specifically for iPhone 3GS and the other is for iPhone 4. How about iPhone 3G? The iPhone 3G may share same form factor and dimension as the 3GS but sorry to say, iPhone’s manufacturer, Apple reckoned that the 3G’s hardware is somewhat bit lacking so they did not integrate Bluetooth keyboard support into the OS. Again, customers are reminded that the TK-421 cases will only work with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 mobile phones due to hardware limitations and lack of Bluetooth support of the slower iPhone 3G model.

Other product feature includes:

• Keyboard neatly flips back in place not in use
• Magnet based clasp that keeps keyboard in position when flipped in or out
• Increases typing accuracy and speed
• Precise crisp tactile keys
• Works seamlessly with any app such as e-mail, web browsing, notes, and calendar
• Completely wireless Bluetooth connection frees dock connector
• Powered by its own built in rechargeable battery
• Easily rechargeable thru the included USB cable

Get the TK-421 case tactile keyboard advantage here.