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Side by Side: Comparing the iPad 3 and the Kindle Fire HD 8.9”

If you’re a big reader and are searching for the right tablet to store all of your books, so to speak, the search shouldn’t be difficult. After all, there are only a few

tablets out there that are worth considering. For a long time, Apple has dominated the market with its iPad, but Amazon has recently entered the scene and changed the playing field with its Kindle. Now the question: should you go for the trusted stability and features of Apple, or should you risk it with the various offers and the cheaper price of the new Amazon gadgets? Find out in this article as we compare Apple’s latest, the iPad 3, and the newest Kindle tablet, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9”.
ipad 3

Dimensions and Looks

When you compare the latest Kindle Fire and the iPad 3 side by side, you’ll notice that the latter is longer (by 0.05 inch), wider (by 0.81 inch), and thicker (by 0.2 inch).  It is also heavier (1.44 pounds compared to the Fire HD’s 1.25 pounds). This combination of measurement and weight is a factor that you may want to consider, especially if you plan to take the gadget with you anywhere

you go. The newest Kindle Fire is available only in black color while the newest iPad is offered in silver/black and silver/white.


Going deeper into the hardware and software of these two devices, you will find Android 4.0 behind the Kindle Fire HD 8.9” and iOS 5.1 powering the iPad 3. The iPad 3 still has better resolution and an advantage when it comes to graphics. However, whatever the new Fire lacks in this aspect, it makes up for when it comes to sound quality. It features better sound with its dual stereo speaker and its Dolby Digital Plus technology, a real edge over iPad 3’s single mono speaker. Both gadgets offer excellent video chat capability. But while both of them have a front-facing camera for this, only the iPad 3 has a rear-facing camera. So if you plan a reading-taking photos combo in your gadget, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9” may not be convenient to use.

kindle fire hd 8.9


After checking the specs and figures, we take a look at what awaits you once you get any of these gadgets. Both of them actually offer certain perks. Undeniably, Apple’s iOS 5.1 gives the iPad 3 access to more apps (up to 500,00). However, Amazon also has a lot in store for the Kindle Fire consumers. Among the most appealing are the Prime (which offers free movies) and the Kindle Lending Library (free reads!). These features may have some limitations outside US, but US residents will surely love these.


This is what really causes debate among fanatics—the price difference between the two gadgets is big. Price differs in terms of the feature/s incorporated in the device: WiFi only, 4G only, or both WiFi and 4G. When you look at the overall comparison, though, it’s easy to notice that the Fire HD 8.9” is cheaper by $200; its price is closer to that of the smaller 7-inch tablets. The only question that you have to answer is: does this amount equate to real value when you look at the features of the two devices? If you think it does, then the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ wins. One thing, though: the newest Kindle Fire comes with ‘Special Offers’ ads from Amazon (one thing that’s optional in previous models but comes standard in the newest Fire). However, if you don’t want them, you have the option to have them removed for $15.

Our Recommendations

If you’re a new user who wants to save some bucks, then there’s no question there: the new Kindle Fire HD 8.9” is for you. It’s also perfect if you plan to use your tablet mainly for reading. However, if you will be using your gadget for other activities that require the need for and use of more apps, then you may want to go for the iPad 3. This is also recommended for those who have already tried previous iPad models (and have loved what Apple has to offer) and are only looking to upgrade. And for choices, just check out the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ and iPad 3 at Geekie Store.

Voomote Zapper – The All-in-One Remote Control Solution

Isn’t it annoying if your television remote seems not to work the way it used to? Try changing the battery because maybe that’s the culprit. But if this did not do the trick, perhaps it’s time you get a new remote control. Such an inconvenience, right? So, the next time around, if you’re also equipped with an Apple product such as iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, better pair it with this Voomote Zapper.

Basically, this gadget accessory eliminates the hassles of getting a new remote from time to time or from switching from one remote to another just to control your electronic devices. True, it’s an all-in-one remote control solution for your entire home as its paperclip-like size enables you to to quickly switch from the iPad in your bedroom to the iPhone or iPod touch in your living room or study room. It’s also made compatible with any iOS 5 device, so you’ve got lots of options when it comes to your remote control solution needs. Just download the free app and you can start controlling hundreds of electronic devices.

Here are the key features of this product:

– 30 sec. Setup
– Multiple room functionality
– Customizable remotes
– Learning function
– Multiple remotes on One-View
– One-Touch (macro function)

So, why go through so much hassle of changing remotes from time to time? With the Voomote Zapper, your woes are answered in an instant. Check out related universal remote control products here.

Capture Great Stereo Quality on your Apple Device using TASCAM’s iM2

Your iOS devices, e.g. iPhone, iPad, and iTouch, may have an integrated voice and sound recording capabilities but atmost they are at a mediocre level. When compared to a full featured stereo recorder they are not worth diddly-squat. If you really need an advanced stereo recorder, try the new TASCAM’s iM2 to even out the odds. This stereo recorder add-on will allow your Apple device to go toe to toe with the latest stereo mic recorder out there.

By connecting the pair of condenser microphones to the dock connector of your Apple device, the innovative TASCAM’s iM2 makes your device turn into a high quality stereo recorder. To get the best sound placement and capture the fine ambience of a room, the mics are adjustable over 180 degrees and the uni-directional elements are positioned in an AB pattern. The TASCAM’s iM2 has its special microphone preamp and analog-to-digital converter thus letting it capture great audio quality and less noise and even making it handle up to 125dB sound levels. Thus, this stereo recorder is also perfect to use on loud concerts and instruments without affecting the audio quality. The iM2 is compatible to any recording app and can also be paired with a built-in video camera. You can easily capture quality video and at the same time record great stereo through your iPhone.

More Tascam stereo microphones can be found here.

Listen Comfortably to your Apple Devices with t-JAYS Four Earphones

Listening to music is one of the favorite comfort zones that’s why an equally comfortable audio device is what you need to completely treat yourself with soothing sounds. This is what the new t-JAYS Four’s features are all about. Specially designed and made for iPod, iPhone and iPad, the t-JAYS Four lets you enjoy every sound as comfortably and clearly as possible. This pair of noise-cancelling earphones uses JAYS-developed 10mm TCD driver along with tough neodymium magnets to guarantee that what you hear is the instrumentals and vocals originally created from the studio. Superior bass response with crystal clear vocals is made possible through the vented bass port on the back with acoustic filter. Developed to provide comfort, the t-JAYs Four comes in a slim design and utilizes durable Kevlar reinforced cable. The earphone cable can also be worn behind the ear aside from typically positioning in front. With this, the earphone will fit flat inside the ear making it comfortable to use every day and lesser chances of dropping the earphone out of the ear canal.

The t-JAYS Four features a three-button remote with SMART-feel soft touch flat/convex buttons for supreme grip. This remote offers options to answer/hang up calls, play/pause music and videos, skip songs, turn volume up/down, voice control, and many more. The t-JAYs series also have dividable cables for two-way wear options, the standard 60cm earphone cable and an extension cable for extra 70cm length. This means you can choose the proper cable length you need whether you place your iPhone in your jeans pocket or you clip your iPod in your armband. There is also a wide range of silicone sleeve sizes, a cable clip, and travel case so you are always all set to have a maximum sound experience.

Compatibility of the t-JAYS Four are as follows:

• Remote and mic – supported by iPod nano (4th generation and later), iPod classic 120 GB, 160 GB (2009), iPod touch (2nd generation and later), iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad and iPad 2, VOIP, Skype, iChat and other recording applications like voice memo
• Remote – iPod shuffle (3rd generation and later)
• Audio – all iPod models
• Macbook, Macbook Pro and Mac Pro (2009)

You can also check out a-JAYS earphones here.

Dock, Charge, and Sync Multiple iPads with Griffin MultiDock

Out with the old and in with the new – that’s basically the trend with business, technology, and among other things in this day and age. In a modern office environment, since the dawn of the digital age, things are getting a lot and lot more paperless. Typewriters are getting replaced by computers, papers with word documents and electronic spreadsheets, and clipboards by tablet PCs. With Apple products, like the iPad and Macbook, getting more prominent in offices, the necessity for filing cabinets decrease and the need for more iPad docks and laptop racks increase. So, expect more file cabinets hitting the garage sale and new Griffin MultiDocks adorning the office floor.

The Griffin MultiDock is a compact and flexible storage and charging stations for several iPads. Each unit can dock and charge up to 10 iPad devices at the same time. It features LED light indicators for displaying the charge status of each individual iPad attached for easy monitoring. Each iPad can be docked without having the need to remove it from its casing thanks to the spacious design of the docking bay. The charging process is relatively safe as it uses 10 watts of power for each device attached and it automatically cuts off power for each dock when charging is complete.

Furthermore, aside from recharging the tablets, this multi dock device allows for synchronization of apps, files, multimedia, and other contents via iTunes. Multidock can be set up as a centralized or remote charging station, and up to three Multidocks can be linked together to a host PC for larger capacities. This multiple iPad charger is also compatible with all iPod touch, iPhone, iPod classic, and iPod video models. Optional feature and accessories include laptop riser for tilting laptops, extreme duty cases, replacement dock connectors, and screen protectors.

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