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XFINITY Home Security Touchscreen Control – The Smart Home Security Solution

If your home is your last bastion of safety and security then even constructing a crocodile filled, piranha infested moat around it will be all worth the effort. But no matter you high your walls, deep your moat, or advance your home security system, it would need a relentless and smart steward – and none can do the job 24/7 more efficiently than the new XFINITY Home Security. This in-home touch screen security gadget offers complete control of your security system, remote connectivity and a whole lot of other interesting features.

The Xfinity Home Security is backed by UL- Certified Central Station manned by fully trained and ready to respond personnel. Their job is to monitor your home’s security every day and immediately dispatch emergency services when alarms or threats are detected. In case of power failure, the system battery back-up will automatically kick-in to keep you connected and secure. For added peace of mind, you can keep an eye on your house and even remotely arm/disarm the alarm using a computer or smartphone connected to Internet. To simulate a presence even when you’re not around the house, this device will use programmable automated lightning controls with integrated energy saver to keep unwelcomed strangers from guessing whether you’re really home and turning on/off those lights.

This security system will not only protect your house from burglars but from bad utility bills as well. By using the web portal or an iPhone app, you can remotely check and adjust your temperature settings as well as set the system into “vacation” setting to further conserve energy.

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Finding the Right Antivirus Software for Your Computer

This post brought to you by Sunbelt Software. All opinions are 100% mine.

How many computers do you have at home? How many hours do you spend online everyday? Like most geeks who love gadgets and technological stuff, you surely allot a great amount of time doing all your tasks in front of the computer. In fact, the computer has become so important in many aspects of our lives. So, it only goes to say that it needs all the protection we can give. And when it comes to a complete protection, there is a wide range of antivirus software available. But how do you choose the best antivirus program for your specific computer?

Well, a good antivirus software is one that is fully updated. Malwares and all other computer threats are advancing very fast, and average antivirus programs may have a hard time catching up. A good software is also one that covers a wide range of computer terrorists, from spywares to viruses. And of course, all while it’s tough at arresting and combating all these threats, it should be gentle on your PC. It should not use up a lot of space and its operation should not place a heavy burden on your computer. Well, all these characteristics, and more, we’ve found in the new VIPRE Antivirus software!

Designed to combat every threat that might pose harm to your computer, Vipre has one of the newest technologies in computer security. In fact, it can protect even your incoming and outgoing emails – all without hassle because it’s very easy to set up and use. What I like most about Vipre is its home site licensing, a feature that allows you to use it for all the computers in your home. And even when it’s activated at all times, every time you turn your computer, it won’t eat up and cause slow computer operation unlike other antivirus programs. If you’re looking for an antivirus and you haven’t found the right one yet, Vipre is worth a try.

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Advanced Protection Digital Deadbolt Lock

With all the furniture, appliances, and gadgets you have in your house, don’t you think it’s very tempting for some bad apples out there to pick your locks, sneak through your doors, and go away with all your stuff, especially the expensive ones? These people actually won’t mind stealing your home appliances because these aren’t easy to get and to transport. Their targets are your ultra-portable precious gadgets such as your phone, laptop, iPad, and many other modern thingies you have that can easily be hidden in their bags or pockets.

This is the reason why Advanced Protection Digital Deadbolt Lock is made. This pickproof protection for your home is truly a must-have since it can resist all sorts of picking attempts from rascals and other people with no good intentions. This is also great if your kids always forgot or lose their keys. All you need is to provide them with the passcode. With this lock, you can also use tag keys to gain entry. You can easily delete it when one of them is stolen. If you’re the type who always forgot to lock your doors, you have nothing to worry about because the Advanced Protection Digital Deadbolt Lock comes with an auto-lock function.

Moreover, this gadget is guaranteed to fit all standard American doors and can be installed using just a Philips screwdriver. So if you want a lock that can withstand sawing, kicking, prying and hammering, click here and get an Advanced Protection Digital Deadbolt Lock for your home now!

Laser Sphere: Instant Mood Booster!

Are you starting to buckle down because of too much stress? If you’re like most individuals today, you probably resort to a lot of stress-relieving methods and products during those times when you feel like the world is against you. Well, we have something new for you. It’s time that you forget artificial anti-stress vitamins and supplements because what we’re going to feature is an instant mood booster and relaxer! Take a look at the new laser sphere!

This sphere is some kind of a projector that emits wonderful colors to give you positive vibes during negative days. It’s a spherical device with a lid that will allow you to get a peaceful and pleasant surroundings or a bright, lively array of colors. If you want the whole experience, simply remove the lid to let the laser sphere fill your room with a wide multitude of colors. If you want something tamed and quiet, simply replace the lid and enjoy the colors within the sphere. Whichever you prefer, you’ll surely have a lot of fun and you’ll be able to forget all your worries. The device is electronic in nature, so all you have to do is plug it in to enjoy a great transformation in your mood.

The laser sphere measures 12 cm in diameter, with a 13.5” x 11 cm base. It’s ideal for young and old alike, for ages 8 and above. It’s also perfect as a nightlight and can be used in your room, as a table centerpiece, or practically anywhere in your home.

Candle in the Wind Tealight: Stylish Accent in a Portable Lighting Device

Candles are among the classic accents used in various occasions. They’re perfect for accentuating tables during casual dinners and formal parties. They’re also ideal pieces for your home as they give off a warm atmosphere whether they’re lit or not. Candles, however, have some disadvantages. They’re blown off easily, they don’t last long, and they can cause accidents when handled incorrectly. So what’s the best alternative? Here it is now – the Candle in the Wind Tealight.

This tealight is like a candle when it comes to its illuminating function, only it has more benefits in terms of style and efficiency.

  1. It provides better illumination – it’s even 70% more efficient that incandescent lighting.
  2. It is energy-efficient – it burns longer and uses only a little amount of energy provided by a battery that’s already included in the package. The battery can last for a hundred hours while the light source will work for as long as 100,000 hours.
  3. It is portable and safe, and can be used in a wide array of occasions.
  4. It comes in three sizes – small, medium, and large – and can be used either in the shape of a candle or with the column to create your desired effect.

The Candle in the Wind Tealight works using LED lenser technology. It’s made from tough materials, the column being frosted glass while the housing is made from premium steel. The tealight has a height of 11cm, a width of 3.5 cm, and a depth of 3.5 cm. It weighs 0.2 kg and is a real eye-catcher.