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Make your USB HDD a Network Storage Device with LaCie LaPlug

If you’re looking for ways to share any USB hard drive or key over a local network, here’s the simplest and cost-effective solution you can find out there – LaCie LaPlug. This device provides every user with a very convenient way to access data either at home or on the go and share personal files with your family and friends. The LaPlug amazingly turns your USB hard drive into a network storage device, so you can share your files wirelessly to all the computers in your network. All you need is to simply connect it to your network and then connect your drive to this LaCie gadget and you’re good to go.

Another benefit you’ll get from LaCie LaPlug is accessibility whether you’re at home or while traveling since it supports remote access. This means, you can do away with emailing huge files by simply providing your friends with access to LaPlug. It will also be way easy for you to access those USB drives connected to the LaPlug from any networked device that’s UPnP/DLNA certified. Among such devices are PlayStation3, Xbox 360, or LaCinema Classic HD. With LaPlug, you also have centralized backup for your much-needed security and convenience. It has bundled backup software or Time Machine that you can use to automatically back up your computers into a central location.

Furthermore, the LaPlug also allows you to stream multimedia content as well as back up several computers into a central location. If you’re interested, you can click here and find out availability of this the LaCie LaPlug, along with other LaCie Ethernet products.

Cisco Home Energy Management Solution – Save Power, Save Money

The cost of electricity is one of those things exempted from the law of gravity – it keeps coming up without coming down. With the economy, don’t even bother wishing for the utilities company to keep your power bill low for you. You can either choose to adhere to the numerous energy saving tips and follow those to the letters to keep your electricity bill down or you can get somebody to do it for you. And that somebody might just be the new Cisco Home Energy Management Solution (HEM) with Home Energy Controller (HEC). The HEM provides up to date power and bill information to make your home energy consumption efficient. Using the HEM, you can get instant information and control over your home energy consumption. The core of the HEM is the Cisco Home Energy Controller, it’s a countertop touchscreen monitor equipped with various networking capabilities and exclusive applications for energy management. The screen provides monitoring information as well as control over energy loads of supported thermostats, heating, ventilating, air conditioning (HVAC) systems, pool pump, televisions and home entertainment centers, computers, intelligent sockets and power strips, and smart appliances such as refrigerators and water heaters. The best part is all of these are done wirelessly through secure connections, so there’s no need for additional wiring and installation cost.

In summary HEC provides simple and easy-to-use energy management applications to monitor and budget energy use through a smart touchscreen with an easy-to-use interface and secure end-to-end data communications across different wired and wireless networking protocols.

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Elgato EyeTV Netstream DTT: TV for Your Home Network

For techies and geeks, the next best thing after the smell of true love in the air, along with the neighbor’s open Wi-Fi, is probably free over the air TV on their PC or Mac. Computers are more or less a complete entertainment center so why not make a full use of it? Using a compatible TV tuner, you can effortlessly set your computer to be a bona fide boob tube. And what’s better than free TV? Two free TV using the new Elgato EyeTV Netstream DTT. This smart network dual TV tuner can seamlessly broadcast DVB-T/Freeview digital television on your home network. With the EyeTV Netstream DTT, up to two people can watch and record different TV programs at the same instance. While your regular “fixed” USB DVB-T receivers are susceptible to poor receptions, the EyeTV Netstream DTT is not. Since it’s a network device and need not be attached to computer, you can easily position it where the signal strength is the greatest. When you finally find a reception sweet spot, just connect this dual tuner to your router and you’re live and good to go. If you have an 802.11n based wireless network, you can even stream TV shows directly into your portable computer- cable free.

The EyeTV Netstream supports both UPnP and Bonjour for fast and easy set-up, just tune it one time and it will automatically manage the channels for you ready for viewing. This hot new gadget also comes with award-winning TV software for both PC and Mac.

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NETGEAR Powerline AV 500 Adapter Kit

As you might know, a wired connection is still more stable than wireless. You might have encountered that your house isn’t really very suitable to wireless internet connection. You might have lots of walls or the construction of the whole house isn’t just wireless friendly. Though running ethernet cables all over your home isn’t ideal and not to mention costly, you should rather let your internet connection move through your electrical lines. This is what powerline networking does and Netgear has the tool for you to use.

The Powerline AV 500 is a very effective networking device to transfer massive amount of data right where you want it. This networking product is perfect for HDTVs, Blu-ray players, DVRs, PCs, and game consoles. With its maximum data rate of 500Mbps, you will be nuts to have this maxed out and still want more. This fast data rate allows transmission of Blu-ray quality videos to multiple TVs or entertainment devices all at the same time. With the powerline technology, this networking kit has a typical coverage of 5,000 squarefoot which is definitely wide as compared to what a router can do.

For every purchase, you get two adapters. For example, you connect one adapter to your internet modem. You can then go anywhere in your home and just connect another adapter to the power outlet and you’re ready to surf the internet.

NETGEAR has added green features such as automatic switch off when not in use and turning off of LED lights.

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Plug and Get Connected with Home Theater Internet Connection Kit

Netgear Home Theater Internet Connection KitThe idea of setting up your own home network with high speed internet access for your home gadgets is totally cool. Except for the part where you have to run the cables and wires, drill holes and sort which port is which. There is a way to do things easier, almost plug and play easier. Using Netgear’s latest networking solution, the Home Theater Internet Connection Kit (XAVB1004), you can easily expand your home network.

The device works by turning any of your home electrical wiring and outlet into a high-speed internet and home network connection. Your devices like home theaters, PC, laptops and game consoles can now enjoy fast internet access without the hassle of running new wires and cables all over the house. This 2-part system is relatively easy to set up. Just connect up to 4 Ethernet enabled devices to the XAV1004 and use the XAV101 on the other end to connect to your home router thus completing the network. The network connection is surprisingly fast; at speeds of 200 Mbps you can experience smooth transfer rates and even easily stream and watch HD videos.
The Powerline AV adapter with Ethernet switch uses Port-based Quality of Service; this means you can plug devices requiring more bandwidth to high priority ports and other low priority devices to the other ports. Other features of this device include LED indicators, 128-bit AES data encryption and HomePlug AV compatibility.

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