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More Halloween Fun and Entertainment with the Halloween Sounds Toilet Paper Holder

October is nearing to an end. But it’s not yet too late to host that Halloween party for your friends and neighbors. So, why don’t you go and grab some party supplies and decors to start transforming your home into a haunted house this Halloween? You can start from putting Halloween yard decorations like skull lights, tombstones, and fences to make your place look spooky from the outside. Then, inside you can put ghosties made of crumpled tissue paper, icky cobwebs, green pumpkins, grim reapers, skeletons, window posters, wacky eyeballs, and terrifying giant spiders. Add some lighting and sound effects and you’re ready to go. But wait! You can still add more Halloween fun and entertainment to your party. And guess where you can do it? It’s right at your bathroom. And the Halloween Sounds Toilet Paper Roll Holder just makes the perfect gadget.

halloween_toilet_paper_holderIf you think the sound from the bathroom is bad enough, wait until your guests hear the sound from this Halloween Sounds Toilet Paper Holder. Designed to hold any standard size toilet paper roll, this unique Halloween item works when wipe time comes. Its motion activated feature sets off a creepy noise when someone pulls off the roll. Creepy indeed. With the howling and moaning sounds, your guest will sure run screaming out of the bathroom because of the funny gadget you got there.

The Halloween Sounds Toilet Paper Holder requires only two AAA batteries to start adding unexpected fun to your party. So, buy this funny gadget now at for only $8.98.

Get a Spooky Shadows Projector for your Party!

projectorHave you seen the calendar? October is nearly over which means Halloween is coming where sweets for kids and parties for teens rule! Buying sweets is easy but hosting a party isn’t! You have to decorate the place with pumpkin, cobwebs, witches etc, then you have to prepare the food, sounds, and of course the ambiance! You’ve already got the bubble fog machine and now what you need are light effects like the Spooky Shadows Projector Light.

This projector will surely add the finishing touch on the event as images of witch on broom, bats, black cat, trees and tombstones flash all over the place. Just switch it on and the frosted ball will move randomly allowing the images to be projected at different places like the witch seems to have flown from the juice bowl right on to the ceiling.

The whole setup doesn’t take much space since it is quite small actually at 8″ wide and 5″ tall. It is powered by two C sized batteries giving portability to the light show which will surely make the shadows created from the projector dome bring the haunted atmosphere right where you need it. Also, this projector can also be used for other gatherings and occasions that you want to give a little light show.

This gadget originally retails for $37.48 on other stores but can be bought for only $16.99 as special sale price only at Amazon. Be sure to get yours now before it is too late!

Time to Get Spooky: Start Your Own Graveyard Gothic Garden

It’s Halloween once again! So, it’s time to get spooky. Have you started decorating your home with scary and weird Halloween decorations? If not, well you should get started and stop wasting time. Are you thinking about using your old spooky decors? Or are you planning to use something different this time? If you choose to do the latter, then here’s a new and unique spooky idea for you – start your own Graveyard Gothic Garden. Sound familiar? If no, well here’s a bit of information to give you a clear idea on how to grow a graveyard garden.

graveyard_gothic_gardenUnlike an ordinary garden, the Graveyard Gothic Garden grows plants that are rather different, ugly, and weird. Just imagine that spooky grave often shown in televisions during Halloween season and you’ll know exactly where these weird plants will flourish. How to start your own gothic garden? First, you need to have the complete Graveyard Gothic Garden kit that includes the five color seeds packs namely Black Dragon Coleus, Aloe, Dragon Tree, Sensitive Plant, and Moonflower. It is also packed with Tombstone Plant stakes, Book Rock, assorted skulls and spiders, and graveyard unnerving decals. After you got one, simply refer to the booklet for the detailed instructions on planting, sprouting, growing, and taking care of the five weird plants included in the kit.

Starting your own Graveyard Gothic Garden is actually as easy as having your backyard garden. The only difference is that here, you get to grow unusual plants and spice it up with spooky decorations. So, since it’s Halloween time, it’s just the best time of the year to start creating your graveyard garden. Get the Graveyard Gothic Garden at now!

Get the Halloween Party Started with the Bubble Fogger Machine

Eleven days more to go and it’s Halloween party time. Are you all set for this exciting event? Have you started decorating your home with various Halloween decorations? Do you already have a Halloween costume for that masquerade ball? And have you already prepared the Halloween party supplies that you’ll need during the party? If you’re all set, well two-thumbs up to you! But if not, you still have 11 days to prepare everything – starting from Halloween decorations, costumes, and for that Trick or Treat party. Now, if you are planning to hold a Halloween party at your home, perhaps you’re thinking of ways to make it unique and more exciting. Well, here’s a suggestion – use a Bubble Fogger Machine to get the Halloween party started.
bubble_fogger_machine1Okay, so how does this machine work? Unlike other machines that produce bubbles or fog only, this one actually creates both. But if you’re thinking that it makes fog and then some bubbles, well you’re wrong about that. Because when you use this Bubble Fogger Machine, what really happens is that fog is produced IN the bubbles. That’s right! The fog is IN the bubble. So, when the bubble pops, the fog formed inside scatters outside, creating a really cool smokin’ effect that your guests will surely find awesome.

Truly, this unique Bubble Fogger Machine will make a nice addition to your Halloween party’s dramatic decor accessories. With all those bubbles creating billowing fogs, your house will easily transform into a haunted house environment. So, be sure to have this Bubble Fogger Machine Halloween to really get that Halloween party started.

EMF Meter – Ghost Hunters’ Tracking Device

c651_ghost_hunter_emf_meterThe unseen and unfelt powers of ghosts and supernatural objects have been talked about for ages and we all know of at least one person who claims to have had an experience with ghosts or the paranormal. Most people toss these experiences up to the overactive imagination. However, it seems that people have been having these experiences for centuries and without explanation. Do you want to be certain if ghosts do really exist? Then get an EMF Meter like the K-II!

The Electromagnetic Field Detector, also known as an EMF meter, is the ghost hunters’ tracking device. Using this gadget, it is possible to locate and track energy sources. It detects fluctuations and spikes in electromagnetic fields [characterized by many as signs of paranormal activity]. Of course, the Ghost Hunter EMF Meter might not really find anything paranormal, but it will come in great handy studying electromagnetic fields.


* Push Tab to Turn “On” Push Tab to Turn “Off”
* Easy to read LED Display
* 50 & 60 Hz operation
* Five level milliGauss ranges
* For indoor and outdoor use
* Durable plastic case
* Operates for months on a single 9V battery (included)
* Detects the ELF range (50 to 1,000Hz) & VLF range (1,000 to 20,000Hz)
* Dimensions: 5.5” x 2” x 1.25”

The K-II is the exact same model the TAPS team uses on the sci-fi show “Ghost Hunters.” Click this link to get the Gauss Master & K-II Deluxe Paranormal Pack EMF Meters.