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Forerunner 910XT – The Iron-watch for the Ironman

Triathlon athletes are one of the most conditioned athletes in the world and they deserve no less than the new Garmin Forerunner 910XT with Premium Heart Rate Monitor as their training partner. Why? Because no other all-in-one multi-sport watch can provide GPS information, in depth swim metrics, distance traveled, pace, elevation, and heart rate as they swim, pedal, and run their way to victory.

The Forerunner 910XT boasts a design that works well with water sports. Aside from being water resistant up to 50 meters, this sports watch captures, calculates and displays a wide range of swimming metrics including distance swam, stroke type, stroke count, pool lengths, and “swolf” score. Its GPS function works well with open water swimming as it captures the direction and course of your travel which the athlete can later view on Garmin’s free online community.

When used on land, the Forerunner 910XT shares the same features with the other Garmin advanced sport watches. The 910XT even comes with barometric altimeter that helps get accurate measurement of different elevation data. Other features include customizable date fields for each sport, vibration alerts, and a long lasting 20-hour battery life.

Garmin knows that in every Triathlon, time is the most precious commodity that’s why they designed the 910XT to change into different sports mode with a single press of button for faster and smoother transition between each phases of the race. They even provided an optional quick release mount that allows the watch to be easily transferred from the wrist to the bike handle bars. Other optional accessories include ANT plus sensors and power meters.

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Keep Track of your Destination with Celestron reTrace Deluxe GPS Locator

Forgetting to bring a sun block for a trip is understandable but failing to remember the right route to your trip or the road to go back home is inexcusable. To not mess up your journey and save yourself from getting lost, you need to have a GPS tracking device like the new Celestron retrace Deluxe. This handheld GPS gadget is designed to help you keep on track of your steps and help you properly arrive at a certain destination. It can be set up easily unlike other locators with complex settings.

The retrace Deluxe can do a lot of assistance to you and your family. It can help your kids find their way home, lets you locate a pier when boating, aids you to navigate to your favorite camping, fishing or birding spot, or helps you locate hotel and restaurants in unfamiliar place. You can also use the device to help you find your lost car in a stadium or parking lot or find your bike when hiking. The retrace Deluxe stores up to 20 locations and works in any part of the world. It displays the distances, positional information, trails, altitude, temperature, pressure, time, and compass. The GeoTracking function maps your path while walking or hiking. There is a distance line and arrow to let you see the direction from your position to your specific Point of Interest. Using the mini USB cable, you can transfer up to 20 POIs to the computer and have them displayed in Google maps. You can likewise add images to your log points and update the locator’s settings.

The reTrace Deluxe locator is water-resistant, powered by 2 AAA batteries, and includes Carabiner Clip and carrying pouch. Having this GPS device is very practical especially when travelling, revisiting a family’s favorite meeting place, parking your vehicle or having your children go on a camping. Get the reTrace Deluxe here now!

Keep Track of Your Important Cycling Stats with Garmin Edge 200 Cycling GPS

Sometimes, it’s impractical to purchase a gadget wherein eventually almost half of the features are not fully utilized. Good news to all cyclists or bikers out there, Garmin released the Edge 200 that features only the basic functionalities you need in a cycling GPS. The Edge 200 is lightweight and classy GPS enabled cycling computer that does not require calibration, can be set up quickly and easily between bikes, and is well-suited in different weather conditions. It is designed to provide users with the essential functions required by cycling enthusiasts like tracking speed, distance, time and calories – all without the hassle of complicated set-up.

The Garmin Edge 200 has a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that uses HotFix satellite prediction to spend more time riding than waiting. It uses no wires and sensors and can be used simply by the power and start buttons. There are alert options for distance, time or calories to keep you on track on your goal and add motivation and fun on your ride. The Edge 200 can save ride data up to 130 hours and can sort activities to quickly see your longest, fastest, and last ride. You can also challenge your previous rides through Courses that allow the Edge 200 to show the speed relative to previous record as well as indicate how far ahead or behind you are. Additionally, the Course Creator feature lets you plan new rides or convert a past activity into a Course. The digital cyclist has a 14-hour battery life and uses USB interface for easy charging and data transfer.

The Garmin Edge 200 is intended for budget conscious bikers and is expected to be available by third quarter of 2011 with an SRP of $149.99. Start tracking your cycling stats with Garmin Edge, purchase your own now!

Panasonic Professional LCD Displays – Ideal for Government and Commercial Enterprises

As it is well-known, Panasonic Solutions Company is a leading provider of information-sharing, collaboration, and decision-support solutions not only for government but for commercial enterprises as well. Just recently, the company introduced its new lines of Professional LCD Displays including LFT30, LFP30-Series and LF30-Series. Made to be reliable indoor and/or outdoor display solutions, these lines of LCD displays feature high brightness, low power consumption, slim body, light weight, plus many other professional features. Both LFP30-Series and the LFT30-Series feature a “Winter Mode”, allowing them to work in as low as -4 Fahrenheit (-20 Celsius) temperatures.

Units making up the LFP30-Series are dustproof and water resistant so they are ideal for outdoor and semi-outdoor locations. They feature aluminum cabinet, which makes them corrosion-resistant as well as tempered front glass gives, which give them extra strength. Because of these standard features, the LFP30-Series can be put to work without a need for supplementary protective casing. The 47” TH-47LFT30W, on the other hand, delivers high brightness, integrated touchscreen capabilities, trans-reflective technology and a forced-air cooling system, which make this model perfect for use even in direct sunlight. The said features also make this display the right solution for applications that necessitate fast, accurate, reliable touch response, such as interactive kiosks and public way finders.

Furthermore, the LF30-Series provides users with a wide viewing angle through its In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel and Eco mode. There’s a light sensor that detects light level and controls the brightness of the backlight accordingly. The said series also features Slot 2.0 function slot, which lets users mount an optional board, to expand application possibilities for the professional display. The LF30-Series will be available in October, along with the 42-inch TH-42LF30U and the 47-inch TH-47LF30U.

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Insignia NS-KDTR1 LittleBuddy GPS Child Tracker – Especially For You

Are you in constant contact with your children and loved ones? Do you keep track of their whereabouts all of the time every day? Nowadays, we are all at risk of the dangers that lurk everywhere around our environment. Safety is one priority concern that we need to overcome. Some may opt to have body guards, but what if something safer and less visible could change the way we look at safety issues today? What a wonderful world we might have with this new gadget.

Keeping constant tabs with loved ones and children at all times is possible with this little but refined gadget that combines Global Positioning System (GPS) and cellular phone technology allows you to have real time information and data. This device, the Little Buddy, can fit into any small space away from any prying eyes. Portable and less visible, it can be one great gadget fit for surveillance and tracking jobs. The ultimate life preserver, this cool gadget can be the link between life and death situations.

Easily customizable, safety alerts and notifications will be quickly delivered to keep track of the holder’s location. Uninterrupted data gathering and specifications are always ready. Secure and up to date systems checks provide real time data anytime of the day. Even battery alerts or notifications are also included in the system analysis. 24/7 monitoring will be available to keep you one step ahead of any problem. So have one now and see the difference of this new gadget for yourself.


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