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Cerevellum: Changing your Chemistry on Cycling

This little innovation will give your riding experience with different style and safety. If you love cycling and you ride every weekend, then this is a must owned gadget for you.

Cerevellum is your newest Gizmo for your ride. Just place it in handlebars of your bike with a small camera on the back allowing you to see the rear view which is displayed on the screen. The unit has a 3.5? (320×240px) screen that goes in the centre of handlebar. To make it more cool, features like tracking speed, time, distance, the heart-rate module, GPS and the statistics of your journey which really boost up the confidence and excitement level when you travel around busiest city traffic or in beautiful country.

Let’s face it; you can save a lot of time if you have all the information about your journey. Whether you are in sporty mood or traveling, Cerevellum is going to change your paradigm on cycling.

“One” wheeled wonder

If you’re like me who cringes every time it’s time to pay for the gas bill then join me in welcoming one of the latest innovations to hit the transportation industry—the UnoCycle.

19 year old Ben Gulak of Toronto, who has been tinkering with machine gizmos since he was 5, thought of inventing this motorbike when he went to China and never got the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the city since smog covered its surroundings due to the motorcycles used by the people there. This “one”-wheeled motorbike is said to lessen the damage to the environment caused by fuel emissions since it’s battery-operated.

The design of the UnoCycle looks quite futuristic and the model is one of a kind. From the side, it looks as if it only has one wheel but if you check it out in the front you’ll see that it has two similar sized motorbike wheels to give the rider more balance.

Operating just like the Segway, the driver leans forward to make it accelerate and leans backward to hit the brakes. If the rider wants to turn to a certain course, he simply steers into the direction he wants and the wheels automatically regulate its stability to prevent the rider from falling by using a computer generated system. It can go up to 15 miles per hour but the inventor said that it can likely reach 40.

No news yet on when it will be released as it’s not out in the market yet, but an estimated price of $6000 is expected for this gadget. Not bad for something that has two wheels and one button to turn the bike on or off.

With gas prices spiking up like the hot Sahara desert, this one man motorbike (yes only one person can ride it) is exactly what we need to lessen the burden of our thinning wallets.

The World’s Smallest Projector or a Maginifier?

Do you spend most of the time, lying on the sofa and munching a big bucket of popcorn? If you answered yes, then congratulations consider yourself a “Couch Potato”.

For those movie lovers that like to watch at home, there is a new alternative for you here. Optimo Pico, the smallest and cutest projector in the world, which having the size almost like an iPod, has been released by Texas Instruments company recently.

According to the spokesperson from Texas Instruments, they have had planned to co-operate with one of the well known Taiwanese Projector company, Optoma to bring this Optimo Pico into commercialize product.

“We try to renovate and build a Projector that compatible with the mobile phones and media players functions, and this Optimo Pico is totally an outstanding projector that you’d ever seemed,” Said by the Texas Instruments company chairman.

Although this Optimo Pico is working fine with the battery-powered device, the main problem is the battery life can only last for two hours (Oh my god, it will be really annoying if you have to pause the movie and changing the battery). I think they need to figure something up with this battery matter, if they want this product to be commercialized in the market.

Overall, this portable projector would be another trendy hit, when it’s officially release for the public in the near future.

Shock lighter


If you’re the type of person who likes playing tricks on friends and colleagues then this shock lighter is a great addition to your collection of tricks gizmos and gadget.

Play tricks with your friends with this safe yet electrifying shock lighter that would give a safe jolt of electricity as they press the top for lighting their cigarettes. This shock lighter is created just for fun. It looks like a real lighter but it’s really a prank lighter that would make everybody burst in laughter every time you find another victim to play prank with.

[amtap amazon:asin=B000GKW81I]This is a great prank toy against bullies too! Give them a dose of their own medicine by teaching them that you’re not one to mess around with. If they meddle with your stuff and uses them without your consent, having a shock lighter would warn them not to mess with your stuff or else they’d get an unexpected surprise.

Don’t worry, this is completely safe and will not cause any burns or injuries. It just makes a small spark that is enough to shock a person just for fun. Recommend this to your friends too! Spread the laughter with good ol’ tricks!

Wizard’s magic candle

LED candles

Have you ever seen a movie where in a wizard or a witch blows a candle to light up.

Now you can too. The LED Blow On-Off Candles are solid wax (except for some electronics) and feature a natural-looking, flickering light just like normal candles, but they have a couple of extra techno enhanced powers. Regular candles will blow out if you blow on the flame, but these LED candles will also blow on. All you have to do is use the master on/off switch on the bottom, and these candles will turn on and off with just a puff at the “flame”. Even better, each candle has a switch to select either a cool blue flame, or a more realistic yellowish flame.

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