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Griffin Powerjolt Micro for iPad – Keeps You Always Connected

If you are no longer smoking, then chances are your car’s cigarette lighter is of no use anymore. But why leave it unused if you can very much use it to charge your cool gadgets such as you iPad, iPhone, and iPod. In fact, all devices that are USB-compatible can take advantage of this neglected socket, as long as you have the Griffin Powerjolt Micro for iPad.

It’s really frustrating when your gadget suddenly dies on you while in the middle of a long road trip. You can’t just stop and charge because that would certainly cause delay. So you have no choice but to wait until you arrive at your destination and plug your device to bring it back to life. But why wait if Griffin Powerjol Micro for iPad can keep you always connected? It converts your car’s cigarette lighter into a handy USB port, allowing you to charge your gadgets without the wait. And since it delivers 10 watts of fast charging, you can use your gadget again in no time.

Carrying this gadget accessory is not a problem either. It boasts a super compact form factor, so wherever you travel, you can simply slip it in your pocket and you’re good to go. It also features a SmartFuse circuit breaker, so that only means you don’t have to replace any fuse to use it.

So don’t let your gadgets run out of battery when you are in the middle of a long road trip. Get the Griffin Powerjolt Micro for iPad now!

Lomo Supersampler – Capture Four Separate Moments of the Action

A few days ago, the one-of-a-kind point and shoot camera that allows you to enjoy photography in a new light, was featured here. Yes, I’m talking about the Lomo Colorsplash, have you got one already? If yes, well that’s cool! Are you having fun with it? For sure, you do! Now, do you want more? Here’s another cool gadget that will sure make your photography hobby a lot more fun than ever. It’s called Lomo Supersampler.

So, how does this differ with the Colorsplash? The Colorsplash lets you shoot pictures with the color of your choice while the Supersampler allows you to capture four separate moments of the action. Amazing, right? With this gadget, you can do more than just play with colors, but you’ll be able to capture fast-moving objects, that’s why it’s more fun. See, it’s designed with four individual lenses, so instead of one, it slots four panoramic pics into each frame of your 35mm film.

To capture the moment, all you have to do is to pull on the ripcord and then hold down that tiny button. In an instant, the camera will take that awesome shot for you, without the need to focus it. That easy! And since it’s ultra lightweight, which makes it even more convenient than DSLRs, you can capture the action, anytime, anywhere.

Come on, why don’t you try this one out and see for yourself? If you loved the cool effects that the Lomo Colorsplash gives to your photos, then you’d certainly enjoy the Lomo Supersampler more. Grab one now!

iPhone Cassette Skin and Stand – Using the Old with the New

Do you remember the days back when people used cassette tapes to listen to their favorite music? Who would have thought that those tapes would be replaced by more convenient options such as CDs and MP3s? Oh how simple life was back then! Now, though we have really cool gadgets such as the iPhone, we can’t still forget the so simple things that we used to love. But hey, why not use the old with the new? If you got an iPhone, then you can have this iPhone Cassette Skin and Stand!

This accessory actually works in two ways: as a protective cover and and as an iPhone stand, thus the name iPhone Cassette Skin and Stand. To use it as a cover, simply slip it around your iPhone and start enjoying this old technology to protect your new gadget. And since it’s made of rubber, you need not worry about it scratching your precious phone while fitting it in. But apart from being a protective cover, this works great as an iPhone stand too. With this around, you can simply let your iPhone play your favorite MP3 for you, while your hands are free doing other things like updating your social network accounts.

See, we don’t really have to forget the old technology that we used to enjoy. In fact, with accessories like the iPhone Cassette Skin and Stand, we can relive the good old days while enjoying the conveniences of our modern gadget at the same time. Order one now!

GoPad Atari Asteroids – Your Portable Game Pad

For PC gamers who prefer using a decent set of action buttons and a four-way digital cross direction controller, rather than mashing their keyboard to play something like the classic Atari Asteroids, there’s the new GoPad. It’s not like keyboards don’t get the game going, but you just can’t mash them like turbo D-pads – even Harold “Coop” Cooplowski, the heroic pilot of MEGAS XLR, uses a joypad not a keyboard, mouse or nun-chucks. Back to the GoPad, it’s a pocket-sized folding gamepad unit that can easily turn to a fully functional USB game controller. After unfolding the tiny clamshell design and hearing a pleasant click – this gadget will reveal its two-axis directional-pad with four action buttons, four shoulder buttons, and turbo on and off buttons.

The device measures about 5 cm (H) x 4.3 cm (W) x 2 cm (D) when closed and 5 cm (H) x 9.8 cm (W) x 1 cm (D) when flipped open. It’s perfect for PC or laptop games requiring the comfort, familiarity and convenience of a portable joypad. As an added bonus, this gaming gadget also comes with an installer for Asteroids, an 80’s Atari classic arcade game. GoPad supports both PC and MAC but the bundled Asteroids game works only for Windows. Asteroids should run on any Wndows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, or 7 machine with 133 MHz Pentium processor or faster, 16 MB of RAM, 50 MB free hard disk space and Windows compatible sound card.

Package includes the GoPad Game Controller, a PC Game CD-ROM, and an 82.5 cm retractable USB cable. Get one here!

Sit Back & Relax – Spiderpodium Will Hold your Gadget For You

Holding your cool gadgets such as your iPhone and E-reader when watching movie or reading is not such a big deal, that is if watching or reading won’t take too long. But if it will take an hour or so, then that could be a little tiring and frustrating, and perhaps you’d wish there’s a stand that you can use for these gadgets. There are actually lots of gadget accessories available for this purpose. However, if you want something unique and creepy looking at the same time, then you’d be interested in the Spiderpodium.

As the name suggests, the Spiderpodium is designed with eight flexible legs that can accommodate handheld gadgets such as iPhones, satnavs, digital cameras, and e-readers. It actually works like a typical gadget stand, only that it’s more flexible since it can position your device to any angle you want. Whether you want your gadget on top of your desk, on your car’s dashboard, on the headrest, handlebar, or even on your baby’s stroller, you can sure rely on this eight-legged freak, I mean device to hold your gadget firmly in place.

So who said you have no choice but to tire yourself holding your gadgets while watching movie or reading? With the Spiderpodium, your hands can freely do anything, so just sit back and relax while enjoying a good ol’ movie or ebook. And since it’s designed uniquely, it will sure turn heads when someone sees you using one.

Get yourself a Spiderpodium now! You choose from either black or white. Anyway, whatever color you choose, it will sure catch attention of those who see it for the first time.