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STIGA Table Football – Now in 3D!

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, no doubt about that. In facts, if kids and adults could not play the real game, they settle on the so-called fussball. If you’ve seen one, then you’re familiar with that table featuring little football player replicas that you can control with the use of rods. Yes, playing fussball is fun! But if you want to experience some 3D effects, then you better check out this STIGA Table Football.

The STIGA Table Football allows you to experience a fast-paced, fully immersive, and high-tech 3D football gaming fun right at your home. Although it looks a little bit like the traditional football table, but once you start playing it, you’ll definitely see the big difference – it’s more fun and exciting because of its 3D effects.

If you have played the fussball table before, you won’t have a hard time learning how to play this at all. Just like in fussball, you need to use the six control rods at your end of the pitch to direct your players up and down the field to score. Meanwhile, to prevent the other side from scoring, all you need to do is to move your goalie from side to side. Also, to spot, tackle, shoot, or defend, you just need to give the rods a twiddle and the players will do all these. This is really so much fun to watch, especially if your side is winning.

So grab yourself a STIGA Table Football now!

Lomo Supersampler – Capture Four Separate Moments of the Action

A few days ago, the one-of-a-kind point and shoot camera that allows you to enjoy photography in a new light, was featured here. Yes, I’m talking about the Lomo Colorsplash, have you got one already? If yes, well that’s cool! Are you having fun with it? For sure, you do! Now, do you want more? Here’s another cool gadget that will sure make your photography hobby a lot more fun than ever. It’s called Lomo Supersampler.

So, how does this differ with the Colorsplash? The Colorsplash lets you shoot pictures with the color of your choice while the Supersampler allows you to capture four separate moments of the action. Amazing, right? With this gadget, you can do more than just play with colors, but you’ll be able to capture fast-moving objects, that’s why it’s more fun. See, it’s designed with four individual lenses, so instead of one, it slots four panoramic pics into each frame of your 35mm film.

To capture the moment, all you have to do is to pull on the ripcord and then hold down that tiny button. In an instant, the camera will take that awesome shot for you, without the need to focus it. That easy! And since it’s ultra lightweight, which makes it even more convenient than DSLRs, you can capture the action, anytime, anywhere.

Come on, why don’t you try this one out and see for yourself? If you loved the cool effects that the Lomo Colorsplash gives to your photos, then you’d certainly enjoy the Lomo Supersampler more. Grab one now!

Digi-Piggy – More Than Just A Piggy Bank

Do you remember the Discovery Robot in a Room that I mentioned here a couple of days back? It’s really a fun and exciting way for your kids to save. However, if your daughter seems not too interested in robots, then consider getting Digi-Piggy instead.

Digi-Piggy may look like the usual piggy banks that you used to buy for your kids. But wait until they see the big difference – Digi-Piggy can actually count their savings for them. Yes, it’s actually like the Discovery Robot, only that it goes digital because of its innovative electronic LCD digital readout on its snout that allows your little ones to track how much they have already saved. Whenever they drop coins to Digi-Piggy, the LCD will display the value by blinking three times and then voila – the total amount is there in a flash! No need to crack open this piggy bank just to know how much it already has. So your kids will sure have a fun time saving with this one.

Now, if it’s time to withdraw, simply instruct your kids to turn Digi-Piggy’s twist-off head. And then push the black reset button which is near the battery compartment, and the Digi-Piggy will start saving again. By the way, to get this unique piggy bank working, you only need 2 AA-batteries.

So make saving a lot more fun for your little ones. Don’t just stick to the usual piggy bank. Be smart and choose one that works more than just a piggy bank – the Digi-Piggy! Get one now!

Discovery Star Theater – Lets Your Kids View the Night Sky Inside their Room

Are you and your kids fond of watching the night sky? Star gazing is actually one of the most fun times that you and your kids can bond with. And so if the weather happens to be favorable for a star gazing night, then make sure that you and your family take advantage of it. But what if the weather won’t cooperate and your little ones are bugging you with a supposedly fun star gazing activity? You can easily explain to them why you can’t do so if it’s the first, second, or third time. But if it’s already on the fourth, for sure they’ll never buy your excuse again. So why not bring the night sky into their rooms instead? The solution – the Discovery Star Theater.

Designed to project a display of stars, the Discovery Star Theater lets you view the night sky from a new perspective. Take your kids into a 3D virtual tour and they will sure be amazed with the parade of stars and other celestial objects that they will be able to see on the ceilings or on the walls. No more crying when the weather is not good outside. With the Discovery Star Theater, you and your kids can very much have fun star gazing even indoors. But why not add some educational twists on that activity? Since the names of the stars are also reflected on the ceilings or walls, you can teach your kids about them, thus they gain knowledge at the same time. Cool, eh!

So get the Discover Star Theater now!

iCam Game Console System – Expose your Kid to a Rich, Interactive Learning Environment

Education is indeed a very significant part of our lives. No one will question that. But for it to be effective, it must be full of fun and very challenging. Why do you think your geeklings love computer games? It’s simple. These games are fun and thrilling. That’s also the reason why Wii becomes overly popular. Wii is great for cause and effect, hand-eye coordination, and a little physics. But our kids need more than that so it pays to get something that is more beneficial. It is because of this that experts developed the iCam Game Console System.

With the iCam, your kid’s natural curiosity will be exposed to a rich, interactive environment. It’s actually composed of play and explorations where new skills and thought patterns are developed. The games included are designed to provide your son or daughter with their much-needed age- or developmental-appropriate content and lets them use their skills to the fullest. The said educational gaming software interacts with your home PC. It truly is a great way to develop your child’s motor skills, emotional intelligence, creative thinking, vocabulary and a whole lot more.

Product Specifications
• For Ages 4 Years and Up
• Educational gaming system for preschool geeks
• Specially designed magic wands interact with the game on your PC
• Multi-level activities allow children to progress at their own pace
• 10 educational and fun activities included, plus 100 additional games available for download

iCam box includes:
• Two magic wands (for one or two players)
• Magic driving wheel
• PC webcam
• “Move & Groove”
• CD parent guide
• No batteries required

Click here to purchase the iCam Game Console System now!