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STIGA Table Football – Now in 3D!

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, no doubt about that. In facts, if kids and adults could not play the real game, they settle on the so-called fussball. If you’ve seen one, then you’re familiar with that table featuring little football player replicas that you can control with the use of rods. Yes, playing fussball is fun! But if you want to experience some 3D effects, then you better check out this STIGA Table Football.

The STIGA Table Football allows you to experience a fast-paced, fully immersive, and high-tech 3D football gaming fun right at your home. Although it looks a little bit like the traditional football table, but once you start playing it, you’ll definitely see the big difference – it’s more fun and exciting because of its 3D effects.

If you have played the fussball table before, you won’t have a hard time learning how to play this at all. Just like in fussball, you need to use the six control rods at your end of the pitch to direct your players up and down the field to score. Meanwhile, to prevent the other side from scoring, all you need to do is to move your goalie from side to side. Also, to spot, tackle, shoot, or defend, you just need to give the rods a twiddle and the players will do all these. This is really so much fun to watch, especially if your side is winning.

So grab yourself a STIGA Table Football now!

Wii Soft Football

“Practice makes perfect,” as a popular saying goes. So if you want to be good at any sports, you must be able to allot more time for practice. Skills and knowledge are not enough. Let’s take playing football for example. Although you may be good at playing it and that you know pretty well the basics, still you need to spend time practicing in order to hone your skills and learn more about how to be a good player. Good if your schedule permits you to be outdoors to practice. But if not, you can always take advantage of this Wii Soft Football for practice, that is if you have the Nintendo Wii of course.

The Nintendo Wii is one of the hottest gaming consoles in the market today. A lot of people get this gaming gadget because it’s perfect not just for play but also for practice and exercise. But in order to maximize the gadget’s potential, they pair it with Wii peripherals like the Wii Soft Football. It is a soft, realistic Wii accessory that enables you to imitate the crucial motions that a virtual football game requires. It is designed after a squishy, backyard tossing, foam football, and is effective at turning your Wii-mote into the optimum performance-enhancing accessory. With this perfect Wii peripheral in their hand, they can now play like a pro.

So who says football practice isn’t fun? Because whoever it was didn’t know about the Wii Soft Football yet. So for your next football practice, make sure you pair your Wii with this gadget from CTA Digital.

Play Football – NERF Style with Nerf Vortex Howler

It’s touchdown time! Nerf Vortex Howler gives you the ultimate football experience with awesome performance and cool whistling sound like no other football.

NERF (an acronym for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam) was initially introduced as an indoor-safe ball by Parker Brothers in 1969. With simple beginnings forty years ago as an orange foam ball, now, NERF is not only a key player in action based performance toys but also transcends the toy aisle as a lifestyle brand for kids and adults alike. And here’s another addition to their sports items – the NERF Vortex Howler. nerf vortex howler

The NERF Vortex is a foam US-style football with a large tailfin. The idea is you throw it through the air like a US football player and listen to the sound effects produced by the three separate whistles strategically mounted inside its main body. The long tail connected to the main body allows the Vortex Howler to spiral flawlessly through the air. It will allow throwing novices to reach excellent distances and near perfect flight paths.

A supremely portable park or beach plaything, this cool gadget is made from tough material, durable enough for outdoor use, but also soft enough for easy catches. Its durable material has no effect on its weight, meaning, it can be easily packed into a backpack or bag. What’s more, the NERF Vortex Howler also boasts an extremely reasonable price tag. So why don’t you get it here right now and make the simple game of throw and catch more interesting with sight and sound.

A football helmet to prevent players overheating in the field

Hothead_HelmetHothead Technologies has just released a football helmet that is capable of measuring a football player’s temperature and relaying the information back to the coach. Since 1995, 39 football players, mostly high school students, have died of overheating while playing football or training for a game. This shows that broken ankles or broken noses aren’t the only dangers that players must prevent when playing. A thermistor is located under the padding of the helmet. It measures the temperature of a player in his temporal artery. The measured temperature is sent back to the coach through a built-in radio also found inside the helmet. It is shown through a PDA that the coach will be able teklogicto monitor while watching. Only temperatures between 99.9 degrees and 110 degrees fahrenheit will be sent; illness usually settles at 104 degrees fahrenheit. This system is called HOT or Heat Observation Technology. However, it is possible that the temperature measured is a few degrees away from the real temperature of the player, because of other factors like rain and sweat. But overall, the Hothead measures the precise temperatures.

Hothead Technologies is already wrapping up deals with major football helmet companies. They are also negotiating with the NFL. A football team using the Hothead will have to play $5o for each player per year. They also have to pay $100 for the PDA service. There were already 10, 000 orders from helmet companies for this year and they are expecting accepting 400, 000 orders by 2011, mostly for high school football teams.

You can find other similar products when you visit this link.

Training School for a Fish?


      Dogs can be trained to fetch a bone. Dogs can also play frisbee. Cats can roll over. Mice can play tricks in their cages. Hamsters can as well. How about the monkeys? Yes, they can be trained, too! Now, let’s talk about dophins. Have you ever watched a dolhin show? Dolphins can be trained to do just almost anything possible in water.


     How about the domestic goldfish? Are they just there to serve as ornament? Now, I will ask you some questions. Do you love your pet Goldie? Do you like her to learn something new? Do you like to be amazed by her just by merely watching her fetch, gallop and play football, soccer and limbo, weave  and go through the tubes and more? Then here’s your chance to do such training for your simple pet!


     Wth the R2 Fish training school Kit and a little patience, then your goldfish will rock your world.


  • Includes:
    • Instructional DVD
    • R2 Fish School training platform
    • Over 20 compatible training accessories
    • Feeding wand
    • Instruction manual with over 100 photos
    • Compact, weighted base for bowls or small tanks – measures 10.25″ x 6.25″
  • Simple, fast, and easy to understand
  • For almost all fish 1″ to 6″ in length


Grab this training kit here ! Fit for that cute pet that you have at home!