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Turn Your iPhone or iPod Into the Ultimate Universal Remote with ThinkFlood RedEye Mini

Your iPhone and other iOS device can be a dozen things at once – and it probably won’t hurt to add another function, say a universal remote. Turn your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad into a universal remote and a free TV guide with ThinkFlood RedEye Mini. This portable gadget will allow you to control televisions, DVRs, stereos, and other IR-enabled devices whenever and wherever. The RedEye Mini is a cost effective solution if you want all the features and functionalities previously available only to more advanced universal remotes without the hefty cost.

Rather than using multiple remotes for your every home appliance or gadgets, RedEye Mini allows you to control all using only your Apple devices. Unlike other remote solutions, RedEye Mini plugs into your iPhone, iPod, or iPad’s headphone jack – effectively freeing up your device’s 30-pin dock connector. This allows you to use your other Apple accessories or your charger while using the RedEye mini and it also enables you to use the remote function without having to flip your phone upside-down.

The RedEye Mini features a wide range of manufacturer infrared codes and a learning module for easy set-up and compatibility with existing IR devices. It can control an almost limitless no of devices and store near infinite number of commands. There is also RedEye’s activity-based control which allows this remote dongle to execute a number of pre-programmed commands with a single touch. The remote interface of the RedEye Mini depends on the device being controlled and its functions can also be customized to respond to gestures and accelerometer controls.

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MSI All Geared Up for CES 2011

MSI is battle ready for the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its armada includes a fleet of new generation laptops, netbooks, notebooks and tablets. In their booth, 30559 Convention Center South Hall 3, they would showcase machines ranging from the G Series gaming computers, F Series ultimate high performance notebooks, C Series lifestyle multimedia notebooks and X-Slime Series ultra-thin and ultra-light laptops to Wind U netbooks and WindPad tablets.

The flagship carrier will be MSI’s GT680 – the current fastest notebook on the computer that broke speed records in the infamous PC MARK Vantage circuit. It’s powered by Intel’s latest quad core processor and NVIDIA’s top of the line discrete mobile graphics card further enhanced by Turbo Drive Engine Plus technology. Next in line with the GT68 are the F Series ultimate performance and the C Series classic multimedia notebooks. The F series will feature the once cinema-only THX TruStudio Pro smart wrap around sound and the C series will come equipped with SRS PC Sound that promises rich and realistic cinematic experience. The latest U270 and U160DX models from the U Series and the X370 from X-Slim will also be around in Intel and AMD flavors.

All of the above mentioned MSI products will also come with iCharger technology that enhances the USB and USB 3.0 port’s recharging capability. For something really fresh from MSI, there’s the two new generation WindPads. These chic tablets will sport gravity sensitive G-Sensors, ALS light sensors and Wi-Fi.

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Cruz Tablets and eReaders: Style and Utility You Can Afford

Sure you like to browse your eBooks and videos with flare. Problem is, this often means a huge sum of money to be able to afford the newest eReaders and tablets in the market. But, now that the new Cruz line-up of tablets and eReaders is finally here, that’s bound to change.

The new Cruz Tablet and Cruz Reader bring utility and style within everybody’s reach. Priced at a little less than $300 and $200, respectively, these new devices feature the latest technologies. Both come with a 7-inch colored capacitive touch screen, USB connectivity, and a slot for SB card. What’s more is that they feature an 800 MHz processor, the Google Android 2.1 operating system, and Flash 10.1. How’s that for feature-packed and techie?

And when it comes to style, you’ll surely love the sleekness of these Cruz gadgets. The tablet comes with a docking station, enabling the device to double as a digital photo frame. It’s also equipped with a 2-megapixel webcam in front. There will also be a Cruz market app store available, from which you can download all your needed ebooks and other software.

Although not yet in the market, word has it that the Cruz tablets and eReaders will reach stores sometime in July. While waiting for their availability, you may want to take a look at other Velocity Micro devices: office and home work stations, notebooks, and even home theater entertainment systems. You can find a Velocity Micro desktop at Amazon, together with other products from the said company.

Time to Treat Your CDs and DVDs Much Better

You see them loaded up in a rack at the corner, piled up in your cabinet or inside flippin’ handy storage like a book. Don’t you think it’s about time you put more attention to your authentic Operating System CD installers, exclusive audio CD personally signed by your idol, and other important DVD collections? Hey, you really need this modern organizer: the USB Storage Carousel for your CDs and DVDs. It can securely keep a total of 150 discs sizing to 12 cm and includes lock and keys.


Having dimensions of 15 x 8 inches, you can place this grey-colored USB Storage Carousel conveniently in any nook or cranny within your home. It can be operated with or without the use of a PC. When connected to the computer via a USB cable, you can simply manage or find your needed discs via included special software. Just find DVD or CD by its category, content, title or any remarks. When the preferred CD has been found, double click and the gadget will roll and pull out your needed disc. Effortless task, isn’t it? On the other hand, when you are that very organized and want to arrange the CDs in order, the USB Storage Carousel will not disappoint you even without the use of a PC. The keypad displayed on the unit allows you to key in the CD slot number then press enter. Once done, it will give out the CD just the way it does by PC.

Now that’s really something your precious discs need to have. Check it out here.