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Lower Your Power Bill with HiSaver Energy Saving Powerbar for PC

Benjamin once said that a penny saved is a penny earned. What he didn’t know is that electricity, which he coincidentally discovered, would come in such high cost today. If he did, he probably would have stated that electricity saved is a penny earned instead.

If you’re trying to set aside every monetary resource that you have, the last thing you would want is a staggering electrical bill – this is where the new HiSaver Energy Saving Powerbar for PC (model SWE-100U) comes in. This energy saving gadget features a unique motion sensor technology that effectively trims down electricity consumption automatically. Its mechanism is rather simple: after 10 minutes without detecting motion, HiSaver automatically sends a message to the intelligent power strip to turn off the power to the 5 Energy Saving outlets therefore eliminating all standby power. When HiSaver’s motion sensor detects a presence, it will automatically return power to those Energy Saving outlets. It does this 24/7 to help you routinely save money on your electricity bill. It can provide 16 hours worth of power saving to all PC peripherals amounting up to $0.50 savings per day or more and there’s the Zero Standby power that can save an extra $30 to $50 per year.

Furthermore, HiSaver features a high voltage surge protection at 3044 joules and helps extend the life of PC peripherals and home entertainment systems. The device itself merely measures 15″ H x 7.5″ W x 2″ D and weighs 2.60 lbs. For added piece of mind, it comes with a $1,000,000 Limited Connected Equipment Warranty.

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Cisco Home Energy Management Solution – Save Power, Save Money

The cost of electricity is one of those things exempted from the law of gravity – it keeps coming up without coming down. With the economy, don’t even bother wishing for the utilities company to keep your power bill low for you. You can either choose to adhere to the numerous energy saving tips and follow those to the letters to keep your electricity bill down or you can get somebody to do it for you. And that somebody might just be the new Cisco Home Energy Management Solution (HEM) with Home Energy Controller (HEC). The HEM provides up to date power and bill information to make your home energy consumption efficient. Using the HEM, you can get instant information and control over your home energy consumption. The core of the HEM is the Cisco Home Energy Controller, it’s a countertop touchscreen monitor equipped with various networking capabilities and exclusive applications for energy management. The screen provides monitoring information as well as control over energy loads of supported thermostats, heating, ventilating, air conditioning (HVAC) systems, pool pump, televisions and home entertainment centers, computers, intelligent sockets and power strips, and smart appliances such as refrigerators and water heaters. The best part is all of these are done wirelessly through secure connections, so there’s no need for additional wiring and installation cost.

In summary HEC provides simple and easy-to-use energy management applications to monitor and budget energy use through a smart touchscreen with an easy-to-use interface and secure end-to-end data communications across different wired and wireless networking protocols.

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The Energy Detective That Will Save Your Day

If you are looking for ways to trim down your energy consumption, be it to help you save 10-20% on your electric bill or to help protect the environment, here’s The Energy Detective for you. Think of TED as your home’s speedometer. TED is an intuitive, real-time, and accurate energy demand feedback device that promotes energy conservation by allowing residential consumers to become aware of how much electrical energy is being used in their homes. Yes, you can see what you are spending on electricity every second, as well as what you have consumed so far today or this month, through the help of TED.


Apparently, TED is no different from the utility company energy meter found outside our homes. It’s just that TED is displayed indoors and presents the information to you in a simple and easy-to-understand format. This energy-saving device can tell how much energy your air-conditioner, computer, water heaters, dishwasher, or virtually anything that uses electricity, are using. That’s right! TED continuously monitors electricity consumption for the entire home, not just one appliance or circuit. It even includes an alarm which can alert users when they already exceed their desired energy use.

So why not grab this now and see for yourself what TED can do to your savings. You’ll be saving the environment as well. An electrician can easily install TED in about 10-15 minutes. If you are knowledgeable of house wiring, you can also install this device with no trouble.

Solar Power on the Go !



Yes, let us face the fact that everything goes up. Price of gasoline and electricity, match it water and phone bills. So what can we do here in geekiegadgets? Yes we can try to promote energy saving or money saving gadgets.


Now i want you to see the soldius solar charger. Yes, solar, it uses the power from the sun. We all know that the energy from the sun is free so why not make use of it right? This soldius solar charger is pocket sized, so you can keep it inside your pocket. It supports any type of ipod player, and has available adaptors for more than 250 mobile phones around. Now this is really a wonder, you can now charge your gadgets anytime of the day, anywhere as long as there is sunlight guiding you.




Weight: 4 oz.

One year warranty

Includes: Soldius charger, USB cable, 

Available in White color

Connectors for iPhone and iPhone 3G available

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Let the sun shine in on my home

Let’s stand up and welcome the house that is, dare I say it, 100% automatic with open, welcoming arms. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you—the ZeroHouse. Hallelujah!

The ZeroHouse has high-efficiency solar panels which generates power to the whole house. The energy is then stored in a backup battery that can be used when the sun turns the other way and leaves you for another continent and country.

It’s fully equipped with a working kitchen, a living room area, a full bathroom, two bedrooms complete with integrated furniture. LED lights are fixed into the ceiling and walls and you don’t have to worry about bumping into dividers as it can be used 100,000 times non-stop.

The ZeroHouse can collect up to 2700 gallons of water in a reservoir that distributes water throughout the house by means of gravity. How about our daily, ehem, business? Why, it’s stored of course, just like what we use in our regular houses, only difference is it doesn’t go to sewers but it’s automatically made into compost. In addition to being sanitary, removal of waste twice a year will suffice for this modern house.

For a greener and thriftier living, pray to the gods that this amazing concept be immortalized for the better good of humanity.