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Power Smart Tower with iGo Green Technology – Smart Move for Greener Earth

With all the smoky fireworks, travel, and bright Christmas lights – no wonder the holiday season is one of the worst times in regards to global warming. To make up for it, start the New Year right and green! Little steps count such as using the new Power Smart Tower surge protector unit with iGo Green Technology to reduce your electricity-based carbon footprint can go a long way. This slim energy saving gadget automatically reduces wasted power during standby phases of computer and other devices to reduce energy consumption. The main feature of this power saving tower is iGo Green Technology which effectively decreases standby power by up to 85%. It works by powering down outlets not currently in use by home plugged electronics. No more annoying shutting down or unplugging your home electronics to conserve electricity with the Power Smart.

The compact tower like design ideal for home and desktop use. It has 8 outlets, four of which is on fixed position providing continuous power and the other four is 90° rotatable. The adjustable outlet has the iGo Green Technology and can accommodate all sizes and shapes of wall plugs. In addition, the Power Smart Tower features 2 easily accessible USB power ports for charging of mobile devices and other gadgets supporting USB charging. The other features of this device are resettable circuit breaker, 6-inch input cable with right-angled 360° rotating plug and LED indicators and convenient cable management system. Save electricity, save money and save the Earth – get energy savers here.

Belkin’s Conserve Surge with Timer Reduces Energy-Related IT Costs

Consumers and business users alike are all concerned with saving power. Whenever you save energy, you not only save money, you also reduce the demand for fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Less burning of fossil fuels also means lower emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) – the primary contributor to global warming, and other pollutants. Belkin has come up with a distinctive way to reduce wastage of energy in the form of Conserve Surge with timer.belkinsurgetimer-4uThe Conserve Surge with timer is a cost-saving business solution that will help organizations lessen the amount of energy wasted by the office electronics at the work stations. The surge protector provides IT and facility managers a better control over power consumption, particularly to desktop electronics where nearly half of all IT energy costs draw from. Its automatic timer makes saving both money and energy simple.

The built-in timer of the Conserve Surge automatically eliminates the wasted “standby power” consumption, since it turns off electronics plugged into the “auto off” outlets after 11 hours, requiring almost no effort from the employee. There are six “auto off” ports to use that usually don’t require constant power, as well as six “always on” outlets for PCs and other electronics requiring constant power. Employees can activate the six switched outlets with a single press of the on/off button.

The conserve Surge with Timer is available now at

Solve the Energy Mystery with Wattson Energy Monitor


Saving electricity has never been as hip and simple as the Wattson Energy Monitor. With its stylistic design that would fit any living room, Wattson can provide an easy and convenient way to help you save on your electric bills. All you need to do is set up the sensor clip that comes with the product and then attach it to one of the electric cables going through the fuse box. Then you’re all set. The sensor will automatically send information to the Wattson about your energy consumption as long as it’s within the 30 meter radius. The gadget will convert it into watts or even the cost of your electric consumption in Pounds or Euros. The data will then be displayed on a 14 segment LED display.

One main feature that I love about this product is the soft lights located underside the device, which changes into 3 different colors depending on your energy use, shaggydelic if I may say! Blue means you can chill, Purple means average and safe, and Red means, uhm… put it this way: your house will attract any Sidewinder heat seeking missile flying through your area so you better turn some appliances off. Wattson has 32kb memory to store your electricity data for a maximum of 28 days. It is also USB compatible and works with an electricity monitoring program named Holmes (ignore the Sir Conan Doyle pun) to view your data and share it with others.

Wow, not only are you able to scrimp on energy bills this way, you’re also going green. Go planet go! So before you don your Captain Planet attire, click here for your Wattson Energy Monitor.