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Lenovo ThinkCentre M71z – Business-Ready All-in-One Desktop

Schools, businesses, and government offices are now starting to embrace all-in-one desktops mainly because they are a real space saver, portable, and stylish. So if you want to be in, and you’re looking for a unit that’s worth your bucks, consider Lenovo’s latest business-ready all-in-one desktop – ThinkCentre M71z. Outfitted with the latest Intel Core processor, advanced video calling features, interactive touchscreen, and lot of performance features, you are guaranteed with a unit that will provide your business with its much-needed level of desktop performance.

Since it is part of the company’s Enhanced Experience 2.0 program1, the ThinkCentre M71z boots in as fast as 15 seconds on select models offered with an optional SSD. You can choose among the powerful second generation Intel Core processors, along with a fast DDR3 memory, up to 1 TB hard drive storage or a 160 GB SSD. To make work and even multi-tasking so much easier for you, the ThinkCentre M71z is provided with a 20-inch display. There’s also an optional touchscreen in case your job or your businesses requires one. Other amazing features of this AIO desktop are DVD burner, six USB ports, optional WiFi, and DisplayPort, which allows you to view digital video in another monitor.

Video conferencing is also enhanced with features like the optional 2.0 megapixel camera and digital array microphone which ensures clear audio. Thanks to ThinkVantage Communications Utility, it is now way easy for you to change the settings of the camera and microphone. Much like other ThinkCentre desktops, M71z come with power supply units that exceed Energy Star 5.2 efficiency requirements. Also, they are EPEAT Gold rated and TCO Certified Edge, which means it has strong environmental and usability features. The ThinkCentre M71z all-in-one desktop will be out for sale in October, for the meantime you can check out other Lenovo all-in-one desktop models.

LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Educational Tablet – Add More Fun to Learning

Children today have education easy – more than two millennia ago they have papyrus and stone tablets for books and oil lamps for lights. Fast forward to the second millennium it was all about books and tomes before a burning candle, and now, barely a decade after the turn of the 21st century children have electronic tablets for books and games. One of these educational gadget must haves is the new LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer multi-functional tablet made for your young ones. This learning tablet promotes the next generation of learning, reading and creativity exercises for children ages four and onwards. If you’re wondering the name LeapFrog might ring a few bells, they are the same company behind the award winning Leapster Explorer that revolutionized the way children can learn and play. LeapPad explorer is a fully functional 5-inch tablet encased in a durable and child-friendly body. It’s loaded with the latest technology, educational tools and multimedia apps to turn digital learning a truly interactive and fun experience.

LeapPad Explorer offers one of the largest collections of learning materials at launch with over 100 games, videos, e-books and flash cards featuring some of the children’s most loved characters. Its learning curriculum covers spelling, phonics skills, mathematics, arts, science, geography and so much more. Children can make use of the tablet’s stylus, tilt-sensor, touch screen, camera, video recording and microphone to interact with the device, express themselves and improve their creativity.
Like all LeapFrog products, the LeapPAd Explorer comes with LeapFrog Learning Path that allows parents to track, monitor and share their kid’s accomplishments, performance, and areas for improvement.

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Fable – A Tablet Specially Made for Your Children

The children’s book days may be over as Isabella Products unveiled Fable – a new completely interactive tablet geared towards children. Fable allows children to read, draw, play and even connect to a mobile broadband network thru its tots-friendly 7-inch high resolution LCD touch screen. It will feature Isabella’s exclusive carousel navigation GUI and will come pre-installed with well known children’s stories and picture books like Curious George, Martha Speaks, George and Martha and other story book collections from global education leader Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Fable can securely connect to Isabella’s content management system to allow children to connect to educational and entertaining digital content almost anywhere including at home, at school or on the road. Its integrated e-Reader software provides instant viewing of Fable library that’s composed of both pre-loaded and purchased reading materials. Children and parents can even add to their collection additional eBooks by buying them from VizitMe online bookstore accessible directly from Fable.

Additional features of Fable include an artistic toolset with digital markers, paintbrushes, magic pens and different shapes that can be used to draw and color on a blank page, coloring pages and photos. For some fun and games, interactive games based on numbers, reading, food, colors, shapes and other themes based on HMH and other publishers are available. There’s also a photo sharing apps that uploads pictures and images taken from the built-in camera to Fables own gallery and coloring book. Finally, for safety, Fable’s access to digital content and security settings can be monitored and restricted by parents thru pin codes and password protected VizitMe account.

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AnyBook Reader: Story-Telling and Book-Reading Made More Innovative

Are you a working mom who often goes home late with your children already asleep? Have you been promising your children for the longest time that you’ll read them a book before bed, but finding it hard to do so because of your heavy workload at the office? If you answer yes to both questions, then no doubt – you need the new AnyBook Reader!

Nope, it’s not an ebook reader. It’s a device that can record your voice as you read a story from the page of any book. This way, your children can listen to your voice before bed (or anytime they want, actually) and feel like you’re just beside them reading a story. The AnyBook Reader comes with special stickers that you only have to stick to each page of a book. Then, tap the sticker with the reader and you can now read while the device will automatically record your voice. Every time your children want to hear your voice, they just have to open the book to their desired page and tap on the sticker so that they’ll hear your recorded voice reading the page. The said reader can store up to 60 hours of your records. All it will need to work are a couple of AAA batteries – no need for internet connection or any other complicated requirement for that matter.

With this AnyBook Reader available, your children will feel like you’re always there. Although it’s not designed to alter your presence, it can help you every now and then when you can’t be around for your children because of other pressing tasks.

Intel Learning Series’ Clamshell Classmate PC – Education and Technology for All

If you thought Intel is just another tech company full of nothing but bits and bytes, then think again. Underneath that entire silicon wafer and billions of transistors is a heart of gold – so to speak. For the unaware, Intel for some time now has been offering reference designs for education through the compilation of hardware, software and services designed particularly for learning. Under their Learning Series program, Intel aims to deal with the current education technology needs around the globe.

By conducting widespread ethnographic research and design, considering low cost options yet adding Intel quality innovation, and collaborating with different local computer vendors and manufacturers abroad, Intel managed to came up with the new Intel-powered 10-inch display clamshell classmate PC. This classroom-friendly notebook can easily transform from clamshell form factor to touch-screen tablet with a swivel screen for instant sharing of contents, an ideal design for a classroom environment. The latest classmate PC is based on Intel architecture and is powered by Atom processors. The learning experience is further enhanced by the finest suite of eLearning software applications like classroom collaboration, access management, a child-friendly desktop, and a webcam. Furthermore, this portable netbook features doubled storage capacity and a larger display and keyboard as compared to ordinary consumer range netbooks. It is also tougher with its rugged design to ensure to withstand day to day travel and classroom use. Both faculties and students can benefit from the classroom netbook’s fast and stable Internet connections using 802.11b/g/n WiFi and an expansion slot for 3G connectivity.

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