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Have that Thrilling Entertainment Experience with the Gigabyte D1080

If your main reason why you get the S1080 is to enjoy its features like movie and music player, then you need an equally reliable docking station that will allow you to enjoy this cool gadget at a maximum. Although holding it with your hands while listening to your favorite tunes or watching your favorite downloaded movies will do, still nothing compares to the convenience that a docking station provides. But when it comes to choosing this gadget accessory for your S1080, of course there’s no better partner to that than from the maker itself – the Gigabyte D1080.

Featuring a DVD drive and a powerful audio system, the Gigabyte D1080 turns your S1080 into a thrilling entertainment center, taking you to a blissful experience while listening to your favorite tunes and watching movies. Yes, your S1080 may be a high-performing multitasking 10.1″ slate, but apart from work, it also makes a great company when it comes to relaxation – and it’s even more fun when paired with the D1080.

The D1080 also comes full packed with I/O ports, including HDMI, D-sub, USB, and more. So aside from your S1080, most of your peripheral devices can also be connected to this docking station, providing awesome expandability and multiple usage scenarios. And one more, it also charges your device when it’s docked. So, no worries about running out of battery for your beloved gadget while enjoying great music and videos.

With all these features and more, the Gigabyte D1080 really makes a perfect partner for your S1080. But feel free to check out more tablet docking station options here.

mDock – The First Docking Station and Backup Solution for your MacBook Pro

Got a Macbook Pro? Then, here’s the newest Apple accessory that will sure catch your fancy. Introducing mDock – the first docking station and backup solution for your MacBook Pro.

A lot of MacBook Pro users complain about how they repeatedly plug and unplug devices to their Apple gadget simply because it can’t accommodate all of them at the same time. They say, this is very time-consuming and not to mention causes a lot of clutter. mLogic knows these woes of MacBook Pro users and so as a solution, they created a docking station that’s designed mainly for them. As a docking station, your MacBook Pro can now be used simultaneously to dock your iPhone and connect other USB compliant devices such as your MP3 player, digital camera, and more. No need to plug and unplug just to connect all of them to your MacBook Pro. With this Apple docking station, everything is made more simple and organized.

But aside from being a docking station, the mDock can also be used as a back up for your MacBook Pro system every time you dock. Not only that, it also serves as a charging station for your iOS devices since it features a high-power charge port.

This Apple docking station and backup solution really makes a good addition to your growing collection of Apple accessories. Or if you want, you can look at other Apple products. Here, feel free to check out this Mac External Hard Drive.

BeoSound 8 – A Perfect Combination of Sound and Style

Some geeks do not only love gadgets, they also love music. If you’re one of these geeks and you’re looking for a way to fill your apartment or room with sound and style, then Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 is for you. This is a stylish speaker that will provide you with the remarkable sound quality that makes Bang & Olufsen the most popular and sought-after name in home audio.

The BeoSound 8 has a unique conical shape so you can easily place it anywhere you want. Such shape also enhances audio quality by avoiding parallel surfaces which aren’t that good in eliminating standing waves. Aside from its exceptional style, this speaker is also known for its outstanding power and price tag. It can be used with iPads, iPhones, and iPods, and is basically a dock station for the said devices. It is made up of plastic, aluminum, and fabric and it measures 26-inch x 9.4-inch x 6.5-inch. In standby mode, the Beosound 8 consumes only 0.4 watts; when pumping tunes, it uses 10 watts of power.

This Bang & Olufsen speaker can easily be moved from one place to another – all you need is a power outlet and your music player. You don’t have to worry about your iPad or iPhone because the speaker has an adjustable holder. Music playing on a docked or a USB-linked gadget can be controlled through a round remote control. If you’re interested in purchasing the Beosound 8, check out the list of Bang & Olufsen BeoSound at Amazon now.

Warpia Easy Dock – Transform Your Laptop into a Desktop without the Wires

It’s always a treat to experience the best of two worlds–case in point is the ability to dock your laptop and convert it into a full pledge desktop PC. Turning your laptop into a desktop at your convenience maybe a treat but constantly snaking and rearing those mouse, keyboard and speaker cables can be a repetitively annoying task and to add–an eye sore. Enter the Warpia Easy Dock Wireless Docking Station, a hot new gadget that allows you to benefit from the simplicity and portability of a laptop as well as the comfort of a desktop computer–wirelessly! That means having to connect your notebook PC to your desktop computer system, consisting of a monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse, without having to use any of those messy cables. The Warpia Easy Dock is composed of a PC Adapter and a pre paired DisplayDock (comprised of a Device Adapter and a Docking Base) which enable a fast, stress-free setup and “ready to use right out of the box” functionality.

Standard features include:

• Wireless connectivity from PC to monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers
• Supports resolutions up to 1400×1050 or 1440×900 (wide)
• HD video up to 720P
• 32-bit True Color depth for high quality images
• Quick setup with paired pre associated Adapters
• 48 kHz, 16-bit stereo audio
• Fully standard solution (Wireless USB from the USB-IF)
• Worldwide regulation compliance
• Support for Windows 7/ Vista SP2/ X SP3, Mac OS X Leopard (10.5)/ Snow Leopard (10.6)

Buy a Warpia Wireless USB Easy Dock Laptop Docking Station for Mac and PC here.

Henge Docks: Flexibility, Utility, and Style at Their Finest

Sure, your laptop offers a lot of flexibility, especially if you’re someone who constantly travels and someone who needs to bring some paper works with you while you’re away. But, you can’t deny the fact that it still can’t beat your old desktop at home when it comes to certain features—like the monitor and the keyboard. And if you need to constantly print and scan documents from your laptop, plugging and unplugging all the connections can be quite of a hassle, not to say a mess with all the entangled cables involved. So how do you deal? Check out the newest docking station created by Henge Docks!

This Henge Docks innovation combines the flexibility of a laptop, the optimum utility of a desktop, and the sleekness of a stylish techie gadget that will surely arouse the interest of visitors in your home or office. This dock is designed for the Apple line-up of computers, the newest following the PowerBook Duo series of the ‘90s. This Henge Docks station comes in different models, each for a specific model of MacBook.

Each dock features customs USBs, audio cables, and Ethernet, among others. Setting up the Henge Docks is also easy with no modifications needed in your MacBook’s original settings. The system is so flexible that it allows you to choose only the connections that you need when setting up your laptop. It can even be used to integrate your MacBook to your home theater system for the ultimate audio and video experience.

You can look out for the release of the Henge Docks very soon. And if you have other Apple models like an Ipad, you can also find an Ipad dock at Amazon.