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Stanton SCS.4DJ Dares You to be More Creative

Fond of collecting gadgets that are simply the world’s first? Then you better add the Stanton SCS.4DJ to your list. This is the first truly integrated DJ system that offers advanced one-button automatic synchronization. What guides you in mixing is the embedded computer system that automatically synchronizes the tracks in just a push of a button. It is the advanced digital mix engine that lets the SCS.4DJ be switched to “Auto-DJ” mode, where it will automatically mix the music in your playlist based on the style of mixing you prefer.

With the Stanton SCS.4DJ, you can DJ directly from your digital media library found on your USB memory stick, hard drive, or smart phone. This gadget supports most unprotected file formats such as WAV, MP3 and AAC files. If you prefer to be a mobile DJ, SCS.4DJ lets you perform night after night by providing you with an intuitive yet simple surface, easy access USB ports, plus a rugged chassis. It also dares you to be more creative by offering powerful one-button sync engine. Built-in tempo and beat grid calculations require less time in keeping things synchronized so you have enough time to be creative. For professional sounding mixes, it is outfitted with features like FX and Auto Loops.

To record, simply press the Record button and SCS.4DJ will now record your performance to any mass storage device. You can share your recording to your friends or you can use it to make a CD for distribution. Interested in this fully integrated computer, software and controller? Check out its availability, along with its predecessor, Stanton scs3 at Amazon.

Begin Your DJ Career with FirstMix USB Turntable and Mixer

Aspiring DJs need not be intimated by fancy turntables and mixers. They can always start their party easy with the new FirstMix USB DJ controller. This device comes with complete and innovative features that would let any green horned DJ or music lover creatively create and mix their own music library with relative ease. The FirstMix sports some of the best features from Gemini’s professional DJ devices, and it also seamlessly connects with any PC or Mac thru a standard USB port. Connecting the FirstMix to a computer allows the DJ to use the included MixVibes Cross LE apps to choose any music sound file from an existing music library including iTunes. MixVibes complements the FirstMix by adding a new level of dynamic control and integrating iTunes browsing, automatic beats per minute detection, and manual or auto beat loop functionalities. The included software can also record mixes and share them on SoundCloud of Facebook.

Unlike other new generation digital mixers, the designers of FirstMix opted for the traditional and familiar two-deck and a mixer setup. The central mixer offers independent controls for each deck for individual customization of the gain, treble and, bass for every track. Furthermore, FirstMix comes with different sound effects than can be fine-tuned for that extra musical creativity. Once a sound file has been loaded, the touch sensitive jog wheels can be used to replicate scratching effect or change the track’s pitch. The integrated synchronization feature can combine and match the beats of two individual tracks for the one of kind, pro-level mix. FirstMix USB digital turntable and mixer supports popular music formats including M4A, AIFF, WAV, MP3, FLAC and OGG.

More choices of Gemini USB DJ can be found here!

Hercules DJ Console Mk4 – The Most Portable 2-deck DJ Controller with Built-in Audio

If you want to become one of the most sought-after mobile DJs in town, then you have to know three very important things: 1. how to set your music, in such a way that you will be able to entertain not just the people out on the dance floor but also the other people, 2. what your music style is, and 3. which devices are the best to use for your gigs. The first two may seem a lot easier for you, but for number three, a little research should be done. No worries because there are lots of cool audio gadgets these days designed mainly for wanna-be mobile DJs like you! And one of these is the Hercules DJ Console Mk4.

Considered as the most portable 2-deck DJ controller, the Hercules DJ Console Mk4 only weighs 1.15 kg and measures about 10.4 x 7.3 inches, simply perfect for DJs who move around frequently and get invited to perform at privileged clubs and other venues from different parts of the country or even the world. It features a built-in audio for PC and Mac, 2 stereo outputs, one for mixing and another for previewing tracks, and 2 stereo audio inputs, so you can connect it to any analog audio sources. It’s actually an all-in-one mixing station, so what else would you need?

As for the release date and price, well it will be available in June 2010, at a suggested retail price of £179.99 (around $268). But if you are in a hurry to get one now, you can opt for another Hercules product which is available now and at a lower price. Here, check out the Hercules DJ Console Mk2 at Amazon.

Experience Remix Madness with the New Pioneer DJM-2000 DJ Mixer

Professional and aspiring disk jockeys, including DJ wannabes vying for the names DJ Smooth Love or Mr. McCool, would probably go gaga with Pioneer’s newest behemoth – the DJM-2000 Professional DJ Digital Mixer. This monstrous mixer features an industry’s first 5.8-inch fully colored multi-touch LCD interface, an internal USB audio interface, and Pro DJ link technology that can turn the DJM-2000 into a central beating heart of up to four Pioneer CDJ-2000 or 900 turntables.

The DJM 2000 is built considerably larger than its precursor models to have room for an easy to recognize sectioned layout of knobs, buttons and display as well as to aesthetically go with the latest Pioneer CDJ series. On the central top section of the mixer lies its advance EFX controls. On the middle, there are the four channel mixers that can connect up to four digital or USB sources without the need for an external soundcard while on the left of audio mixer is the new Instant Instrument FX functions that provides additional sound effects by using the filter and parameter knob.

Located at the bottom center of the digital mixer is the 5.8 –inch LCD panel which DJ’s can use to remix and add audio effects or beats with a few simple touches. The multi touch LCD displays three performance modes: Frequency mix, Sidechain remix and MIDI mode. Additional features of the Pioneer DJM-2000 Professional DJ Mixer include a Switching 3-Band EQ/Isolator, Digital Inputs, Fader Start Play, Mic Talk Over, Peak Level Meter, Cross fader Assign function and a Fader Curve Adjust function.

You might want to be a DJ at your own party, try using Pioneer DJM and enjoy!

Pocket Sized MP3 Player Mixing Deck for Instant DJ Action

So you think office is all about work and nothing but work? Well those days were gone. There’s more to your office than merely an 8-9 hours workplace. These days, most employees think that they deserve even a very short break after working for long hours just to finish a special or a rush project. Many of them take such much-deserved break in a form of a small office party.

What a great way to keep your tired officemates in good mood than playing the best party songs. The songs perfect for your small office party are up-beat. So if you’re the one in charge of the music, better get your MP3 and your Pocket Sized MP3 Player Mixing Deck ready. This MP3 player mixing deck functions like a standard mixer and lets you preview your next track before you mix it. For a smooth transition, you should use two MP3 players plus a headphone jack.

With the included cables, this Pocket Sized MP3 Player Mixing Deck connects easily to the headphone jack of MP3 players with standard 1/8th inches jack. It has a slider so you can easily fade between players. And since this is pocket sized, you can always bring this mixing deck with you so you’ll have cool music every time you feel like partying in the office.

Those who want instant DJ action will find this Pocket Sized MP3 Player Mixing Deck perfect. It truly is everything you need to switch back and forth between two MP3 players. Visit this website now and get this Pocket Sized MP3 Player Mixing Deck for only $24.99.