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ChromiumPC Modular Computer – The World’s First Desktop PC Running Google’s Chrome OS

If you’ve been waiting for this, it’s time for you to rejoice because the ChromiumPC modular computer is now here! This is the world’s first desktop computer that runs Google’s Chrome operating system. Based upon the patented Xi3 Computer Architecture, ChromiumPC is a cube-like, small form factor, low-power (20Watts) dual-core modular computer that supports other operating systems such as Window, Linux and Unix, and perform specialized functions. It is housed in an aluminum chassis that’s capable of holding three small but interconnected boards or modules, namely The Processor Module, The Primary I/O Module, and The Secondary I/O Module.

These three modules form the basis of what has been the classic motherboard. The Processor Module houses the microprocessor and RAM, the Primary I/O Module houses much of the external communications ports, and the Secondary I/O Module typically protects Ethernet, video and power connections. What makes the ChromiumPC different from other computers is the Xi3 Computer Architecture, which makes it possible to change the personality and/or functionality of an Xi3 Modular Computer, including the ChromiumPC.

Furthermore, the ChromiumPC will derive its power from a dual- or single-core 64-bit, x86-based processor, that’s housed in a chassis measuring 4.0- x 3.656- x 3.656-inches. This desktop PC will be available in multiple colors, including a chrome-plated chassis. Formal sales of the Xi3 Modular Computer will begin on July 4, 2011. So geeks who wish to own another world’s first have a month to save bucks for their ChromiumPC modular computer purchase.

Autoloader Screwdriver

Being a geek, you feel very dependent on things. Like if you want to solve things, you know you have the gadget for it. When you want to know things, you pull your iPhone or tablet computer and search it on the internet. If you want to get things fixed, you become the DIY guru via the web and grab for your screwdriver to get your carpenter mode on. And speaking of doing DIY projects,  what could be really frustrating is losing a good set of screwdriver. That could be a major speed bump to your project since using a bigger screwdriver wouldn’t really fit and using a small driver would fit but can’t get a grip so you can’t really drive the screw. Worse, you might end up chipping the head and eventually not being able to turn the screw at all.

An ingenious solution is the Autoloader. This screwdriver is designed to be very easy to use and hard to lose! You only need the big and small drivers with the six changeable tips for all of your screwdriver needs. The tips are changed easily with the patented pump action design. You just have to pull, twist to the bit you want, and push it out! Plus, the rotating collar allows users to do fine adjustment and for hand stabilization.

With the Autoloader, gone are the days where you have to carry your big bad screwdriver box set that opens like a multi-level Polypocket. All you need are the two Autoloader drivers and six driver tips.

Get the Autoloader here.

Create Your Own Gadget Using the BUGlabs Modular Gadget Factory

bdbd_buglabs_bug_bundleAs a tech geek, you could be waiting for the latest WiFi device, GPS module or even a motion sensing gadget from big electronic companies. But wouldn’t you like to create your own spy device, your own gadget that will monitor your Tweeter feeds, Facebook status updates or e-mails? All you need is some programming knowledge and BUGlabs Modular Gadget Factory kit, and then you’re all set to build the gadget that you like!

bdbd_buglabs_bug_bundle_inhandYou might have heard of modular homes that are composed of prefabricated parts or sections and then built on the site. This same concept is applied on this gadget kit; different prefabricated gadget components are available inside which can be connected to one another to create a new device. Like if you want to create a monitoring device, you could connect the BUGmotion component to the BUGbase and you already have a motion detection device with built-in accelerometer. Want to add GPS capability and remote tracking? Then connect the BUGlocate and you’re set to track, and with the WiFi built-in the BUGbase, you can even view it on the internet! There are a lot of gadgets that you can create using this kit. All you need is some knowledge on Java programming and you can create your own applications. The open-source Linux creation gadget platform doesn’t impede your creativity of having a prototype of the next big consumer gadget hit!

Create your own gadgets by getting the BUGlabs Modular Gadget Factory.

High-Tech Rock Tumbler

Did you know that in rocks around you are crystal like gemstones that are waiting to be exposed? This is due to earth’s natural process of sedimentation, erosion, compression that create gemstones. So what you need is something to buff away the ugly and dull looking outer layer of stones to show its inner glistening beauty and that is what the Rock Tumbler is for.

00105498-475339_275You first need to collect a couple of rough rocks and minerals which you want to turn into gemstones. Then you put it in the Rock Tumbler and add the grinding powder that duplicates earth’s natural erosion process to remove the course outer surface of rocks and minerals. After the grinding process, what you have are a couple of coarse stones so it needs to undergo polishing. The polishing process is aided by the polishing powder which also goes into the Rock Tumbler. Then there you have it, you now have gemstones that can be used for your DIY accessories. The grinding and polishing powder are used as buffing agents along with the tumbling process that the gadget facilitates. The High-Tech Rock Tumbler comes with the grinding powder, polishing powder, half pound of rocks, and a set of accessories (2 key chains, 2 necklaces, rings, and earrings) that you can place your gemstones on. You can also use your polished rocks and minerals as gift decorations or for scrapbooks.

Get a High-Tech Rock Tumbler and feel the excitement of how little rocks and minerals turn into gleaming gemstones that you can use!

Digital Measuring Tape

If you know the definition between precise and accurate then this thing is for you. By accurate, we mean that the value obtained is near to the real value. Like if you measure a ruler with a real value of 12inches, the closer you get to 12 inches the more accurate you are. On the other hand,  a measurement is precise if the measurement values taken are close to one another. So if you want to be accurate when it comes to measurement up to the last mm, have a close look on this one.

digital_measuring_tape_inchesThis measuring device can be quite big as compared to you regular measuring tape. It has a large LCD display to let you look on your measurement in which houses the actual tape that can be retracted once you are done measuring. The whole tape can measure up to a very lengthy 16 feet and can read in metric or in feet and inches. The calibration of this amazing measuring gadget is up to 1/16th of a centimeter – definitely way way small for a real measuring tape and your eyes can see but is very much possible with the LCD display with big numbers. Convenience is also one thing covered since pulling the tape out will automatically turn off the device and letting it reel back would make it turn off – no switch or buttons to press.

I know that every cm counts in some of our DIY projects so this Digital Measuring Tape could definitely come in handy.