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Leica V-Lux 3 – The Digital Camera with DSLR Power!

Leica is not exactly every photographer’s cup of coffee but for the undiscriminating – this brand offers some very interesting all-in-one camera capable of taking creative stills and high quality videos. Their latest offering is the new LEICA V-LUX 3 – a compact digital camera loaded with features and expansion options. Just like a DSLR, this digital camera can use a wide range of lens including the Leica DC Vario-Elmarit 4.5 – a 108 mm f/2.8 – 5.2 ASPH. 24x super-telephoto zoom lens. This lens is capable of covering a wide range of focal lengths comparable to 25–600 mm in 35 mm format. On the other hand, V-Lux 3’s powerful new 12.1 megapixels (MP) CMOS image sensor is capable of capturing images in high resolution and quality in both high and low speeds. By combining powerful zoom with a 12.1 MP sensor, Leica managed to produce a truly versatile camera that’s ideal for shooting or recording landscapes, architecture, sport, travel, still portraits or wildlife.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg – the Leica V-Lux 3 also has one of the fastest burst modes in its class, it can continuously shoot at 12 frames per second (fps) at full resolution or 60 fps at 3.5 MP. A wide range of video functions is also made available for this model. It can record full HD videos in AVCHD format at 60 fps. Recordings can also be done in MP4 format for easier sharing with mobile phones or the web. A stereo microphone with electronic and noise filter is also included for quality audio.

The user interface of the camera and shot previews are displayed on a 3-inch 460,000-pixel LCD screen. The screen can be twisted into different angles to help the photographer shoot at difficult positions. Another great feature is the integrated lightweight handgrip and carefully lain controls that offer ease of operation.

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Capture Precious Memories 18 Times Closer with PENTAX Optio RZ18 Compact Digital Camera

If you still need a greater zoom range when taking photos, then you should be grateful because the PENTAX Optio RZ18 is now here to let you capture images 18 times closer. This zoom range is equivalent to 25-450mm with extra wide angle lens that can capture clear images whether near or far. To maintain quality images on large prints or demanding image cropping, the RZ18 has a high resolution 16 megapixel sensor. There is also an advanced 9-point autofocus with a 4cm super macro mode plus an automatic shooting mode like Auto Picture and scene modes for that excellent camera work. Aside from the digital camera’s multiple PENTAX Shake Reduction (SR) image stabilization options, the face detection includes a special pet recognition feature. The camera can record images in JPG (EXIF 2.3), DCF 2.0, DPOF, PIM III formats, videos in AVI (Motion JPG), and Sound in WAV (PCM) and Monaural. Additionally, it can record widescreen HD video in 720p at 30 frames per second.

To let you capture more images and videos, the RZ18 is compatible with additional flash-based storage devices like SD, SDHC, and modern SDXC memory cards. The camera runs on Rechargeable Li-Ion battery D-LI92 and uses USB cable for transferring captured images and videos. Package includes USB and AV cables, Li-Ion Battery and battery charger kit, strap, and software CD. The RZ18 is available in 3 different stylish colors like black, white, and orange.

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iPhone SLR Mount – Turns your iPhone 4 into a DSLR

Your Apple iPhone 4 can act not just as a high-end mobile phone but also many other things such as an alarm clock, an MP3 player, a gaming device, a calculator, a recorder, a storage device, and a digital camera. Because of all these functions, this cool gadget becomes one of the most sought after gadgets in the market today. However, there is one thing that this gadget is not designed to be – and that is as a DSLR. Sad, isn’t it? Because if only this thing can act as a DSLR, who would need getting the said high-end camera anyway? But hey, haven’t you heard that it is possible now to turn your iPhone 4 into a DSLR using real SLR lenses? Yes, it’s true – and that’s made possible by this iPhone SLR Mount!

The only reason why you have that DSLR is because of the poweful depth of field and manual focus that it provides, right? Whether it’s a Canon EOS or a Nikon SLR, simply mount its lenses to this iPhone SLR Mount and in no time, you’ll be enjoying the same quality pictures that your DSLR provides using only your iPhone 4. So who says you need to bring that bulky gadget with you every time just to get really quality pictures? Because whoever it is doesn’t know that all you need are its lenses, this SLR mount, and your iPhone 4.

Really it is so amazing to have this gadget accessory around. But hey, there are more choices that you can check if you really want to make the most out of your iPhone 4’s camera feature! Feel free to check out these iPhone 4 lense now!

Expand your Dimensions in Digital Photography with the Leica M9 and M9-P

Are you familiar with Leica M cameras? With the introduction of the LEICA M9, the legend of these cameras is now taken into the digital era. You can take great pride in owning this because it is, at present, the world’s smallest full-format digital system camera that serves as a modern tool for every individual looking for the highest standards in image quality. This camera boasts a perfect combination of high-resolution image sensor, superior performance of M lenses, and modern processing of the captured digital information to deliver the best imaging results in every photographic situation.

The camera’s 18-megapixel CCD image sensor is capable of capturing full 35-mm film format. All M lenses used on the M9 or M9-P offer remarkable angle of view resulting in images that are particularly rich in details. Yes, images produced are natural, real, and without compromise. You won’t have any problem when it comes to handling, because the Leica M9 and the new M9-P now ensures simple menu navigation. It comes with an intuitive four-way switch and dial combination plus 2.5″ monitor. To set the sensitivity, all it takes is constant pressure on the ISO button turning the dial simultaneously to choose the required setting. Other functions like white balance, image-data compression, resolution, exposure correction, exposure bracketing, and programmable user profiles are quickly and easily accessible by pressing the “Set” button.

Despite their large sensors both cameras were able to maintain the compact body size of their predecessors. Its one-piece full-metal housing is built from a high-tensile magnesium alloy. To protect the camera’s inner mechanisms, they are provided with a top deck and bottom plate that’s machined from blocks of solid brass. A Leica-M isn’t only an investment; it can also be a companion for a lifetime.

Visit Amazon now to purchase the Leica M9 18MP Digital Range Finder Camera (Steel Gray, Body Only).

Sigma SD1 – High-end Enthusiast Photographers Will Find it Perfect

Now here’s something professional and high-end enthusiast photographers will surely love – the Sigma SD1. This 46-megapixel DSLR comes with a splash-proof, easy-to-handle body that’s pretty much like that of a classic 35mm camera. Professional photographers will sure use the camera’s exclusive Foveon 23.5×15.7mm APS-C X3 direct image sensor that’s capable of capturing exceptionally rich and detailed images with film-like quality. You can also benefit from the company’s array of interchangeable lenses that are compatible with the SD1. The Sigma SD1 also boasts its dual “Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine (TRUE) II” image processing engines. These engines enhance processing speed, supply high resolution power and generate high-definition images.

The Sigma SD1 takes pride in allowing simultaneous RAW and JPEG recording because this is a first for Sigma cameras. Users can also choose from full-size, half-size or quarter-size RAW files. The camera’s Foveon sensor makes use of three silicon-embedded layers of photo detectors that are stacked vertically so they can take advantage of the silicon’s ability to absorb red, green, and blue light at different depths. This technology eliminates the use of a low-pass filter. Foveon sensor’s optical format has also been upgraded and has increased from 1.7x focal length to the 1.5x focal length multiplier. The camera also guarantees improved image processing and noise reduction algorithms, with an ISO sensitivity range from 100 to 6400.

This camera is user-friendly because of its intuitive user interface. It’s also impressively lightweight so you can bring it with you almost anywhere you want. What’s more? Photo Pro 5.0, the company’s image processing software, comes bundled with this camera. Since it is yet to be released, you can check out other Sigma cameras such as Sigma SD 15 at Amazon.