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Stainless Steel Digital Calipers w/ LCD Screen: Accurate Measurements All the Time!

Measuring is one activity better left with the professionals, wouldn’t you think so? Aside from the boringness associated with such a technical task, accuracy in measurement is also often elusive—especially when using bland and plain measuring devices. It’s this problem that the new stainless steel digital caliper w/ LCD screen aims to address.

This new digital caliper is like all other measuring calipers in any way, except for one thing—it aims to be accurate down to .001”. That accuracy is achieved with the extra-large LCD screen that comes with the caliper. The device features a stainless steel shaft and a depth-measurement probe and precision ground jaws. It guarantees the exact measurement even of very small objects. You can place it anywhere along the slide with the help of its machine-grooved thumb-rolled mechanism. Positioning the lock when adjusting is also easy, plus the display converts easily from metric and non-metric units. The display has an on and off switch, and it has an auto shutoff feature. It can display units in millimeters, inches, and fractions. It also has three buttons—one for the unit display (mm, in, or fraction), another for the on/off feature, and the third one for zero. The device is powered by LR44 batteries, which are already included, and it also features a low battery warning indication.

If you want a fun and easy way to measure, whether you’re measuring 12 inches or 12 millimeters, the stainless steel digital caliper w/ LCD screen is the best tool to use. With this device, you don’t need to be a professional to get exact measurements. Plus, it makes measuring a little bit more fun.

Altek Leo: For a Higher-Level Camera Phone Experience

The first 14-megapixel smartphone is now here for all phone geeks out there. Yup, that’s a big 14 megapixel, friends! Next month, Altek is launching the Altek Leo at the CommunicAsia (CMMA) in Singapore.

The Leo packs all the wonders of a cam phone, and more! Other than that mind-boggling 14 figure, this new Altek innovation boasts of other features as well. One is HD video recording (720p HD), another is 3x optical zoom, and yet another is a combination of Xenon and LED flash. And, after you’ve taken all those shots, you can share and upload them instantly with the phone’s Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity with HSDPA support. The Leo can be operated via a touch screen panel. And although there’s no mention about the OS in which it is running, it’s most probably Android if we’re to based on the keys below the touch screen.

Right now, the top camera phones in the market in terms of megapixel are those with 12 megapixels. Altek has one such phone, together with Samsung and Sony. But when the Leo is officially launched next month, it will occupy the top, and the first, and will likely be a challenge to other manufacturers of cam phones.

According to Altek CEO Alex Hsia, “Leo plugs users into a wireless world of excitement and fun. Its high end digital camera and video functions means Leo users need never again let a special moment pass by unrecorded.” Watch out for the CommunicAsia next month to get further details about the Astek Leo.

Panasonic DMC-ZR1R Olympic Winter Games Camera

So it is Olympics time again and the little countdown logo present in the corner of your TV has struck to zero. Your favorite TV series are still to be aired in March and you’re stuck with watching athletes compete. Now if you ask if what camera would be good to bring at the Winter Olympics, the Panasonic DMC-ZR1R is definitely on the list.

This compact camera uses a Venus Engine V to process the pictures to create beautiful images and multi-tasks to provide continuous shooting. The LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR lens has 8x optical zoom and is a 25mm wide angle lens. This allows users to get a good shot even from afar (especially during events like these) and be able to capture a wider scope. The continuous autofocus and subject detection features of the camera is very handy for fast moving objects since it automatically focuses on the subject even if you’re not pressing the shutter halfway. So when the right time comes, you just have to press the shutter and you now get a clear still frame of a fast paced action. Face detection with face recognition automatically adjusts the exposure of the camera so that the face is always visible as well as scenery outdoors where the snow and the sun can tend to be too bright. At night, users have the problem of getting a crisp but dark shot or a bright but shaky shot. With the Power O.I.S. (optical image stabilizer), up to 1/2 second hand shake correction can be done so images come out bright and clear even without a tripod.

The Panasonic DMC-ZR1R is an official Olympic Winter Games product with a special edition model bearing the event’s logo in front.

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Xona MK3 DVD+ Digital Kiosk – Your 4 Foot Video Rental Store

It took some time before vending machines and video rental crossed paths in history’s timeline. Who would have thought that a crude machine designed to vend holy water in Egyptian temples and the first ever video rental store at 600-square foot storefront in L.A. would eventually meet? Hero, a Greek mathematician and George Atkinson probably didn’t have the slightest idea that their respective inventions would one day merge and become one of the most hi-tech and profitable business ventures. One leading example of a perfect merging of a vending machine and video rental is the new Xona MK3 DVD+ Digital Kiosk. The Xona Media is one of the worlds most sophisticated and cost effective entertainment kiosk platform. The MK3 DVD+ Digital is so far the only kiosk capable of selling and renting movies and games thru DVD, Blu-ray and digital download. It can be organized to meet your business needs with options ranging from 300-700 DVD capacity to countertop and free standing configurations.

Xona designed this digital kiosk with your success and profits in mind. Everything is streamlined to get your business going, investors will benefit from the low cost system starting at $5,000.00, award winning interactive interface, XONA Media web-based reservation system to the Color Vinyl wraps of their choice and so much more. For the customers, they will benefit from the simple to use interface, support for wide range of media cards and fast USB 3 downloads. The Xona MK3 comes in three core packages, the Countertop Classic, Freestanding Lightbox and the Freestanding Digital Sign with 32” HD screen.

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Photoshop Photo Frame: The First Ever Analog Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are the ideal way to free your growing photo collections from your computer. Digital photo frames are the perfect way of showing all your digital photos taken with your digital camera. They are packed with functionality – from viewing your photos in a slideshow with accompanying music, to watching your latest home video clips.

Digital photo frames make good gifts as well. Just cram them full of pictures of the kids and voila, you have a fine present for the in-laws that look pricey and personal. But why is it that many of us haven’t picked one up for ourselves? Probably because we can’t justify spending a couple hundred dollars on a screen that does a task our computers and cell phones are perfectly capable of performing.c889_image_photo_frameThat logic doesn’t hold for the image.jpg photo frame though. Touted as the first ever analog digital photo frame, the image.jpg photo frame appeals to gadget fans by having a Mac software window silk-screened onto it, and it appeals to traditionalists since it’s a regular old photo frame. It is made of high quality wood and it holds a 4.75-inch by 3.75-inch photo.

At just $25 from, the image.jpg photo frame is a perfect holiday gift. It comes with a sheet of paper in the frame to represent the transparent background in Photoshop, and a pressboard kickstand-style stand.