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Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180 with Optional Multimedia Remote with Keyboard

Planning to get a new desktop computer before the year ends? Well, why don’t you consider getting Lenovo’s versatile home entertainment PCs? Lenovo Q Series PCs are specifically tailored to your needs – so, say goodbye to bulky PCs, and say hello to the world’s smallest, fully functional desktop. This Q series from Lenovo is basically designed for the home, turning your TV into an entertainment hub without occupying too much space in any room. So, whether you want to watch movies, stream videos, download music, or simply do basic computing, it’s possible with any of the Q Series models.

The Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180, for one, will blow your mind away as it measures only 22mm wide and has a VESA mount that provides flexible fitting anywhere in the home. Just take a look at the image and imagine the space you’ll save if you get this instead of the bulky PC that you originally plan to buy. Also, the elegant, contemporary design that this one exudes is something that you’ll definitely look forward to because it looks far more distinctive that the usual PC you know.

How about performance? Of course, this is never compromised because its key specifications include the following:

• Up to Intel® Atom™ D2500 dual-core Processor
• Up to Genuine Windows® 7 Professional
• Up to AMD Radeon™ HD 6450A 512MB graphics with DirectX® 111
• Up to 4GB DDR3 memory, up to 750GB HDD storage or up to
128GB SSD storage
• Integrated high-speed 802.11n Wi-Fi
• Add-on DVD reader/writer or Blu-ray Disc™ drive1
• USB 2.0, USB

Now, you decide if the Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180 with Optional Multimedia Remote with Keyboard is the one for you. But you can always look at other Lenovo Q Series models such as the Lenovo IdeaCentre Q150 here.

Dell Inspiron One 2320 All-in-one PC – Beauty, Performance, and Inspiration

Aesthetics and technology blend in well together in the new Dell Inspiron One 2320. This all-in-one PC features a space-saving slender design adorned with thin glossy bezel that highlights the gorgeous 23-inch High Definition screen. It’s slim enough to perfectly fit any room and its modern design is appealing enough to match any interior décor. For cleaner and tangle-free look, its standard wired or optional wireless keyboard can be neatly tucked under the desktop and it uses only a single power cord. If purchased with the optional VESA mount, minimalist users can even save more space by hanging the Inspiron One on the wall. The LCD screen of the Dell Inspiron One 2320 is a jar of eye candies itself; aside from the external designer aspect, the monitor features 1080p resolution and WLED backlight for brilliant and top caliber display quality. Add the discrete graphics and Blu-Ray player, and the whole family would surely enjoy the experience of watching the on-screen action come to life in full stunning HD.

Owning a Dell Inspiron One 2320 can be a very interactive experience. This all-in-one desktop allows the user to connect with family and friends thru HD webcam with enhanced audio, transfer and share multimedia files using the integrated card reader, and listen to their favorite music on the included high-fidelity JBL speakers. For customers who want something more, they can choose the interactive touchscreen model that allows them to navigate and play touch applications and games like Stiky Notes, Dodge, YouPaint, and Bug Garden. The touch screen navigation would also allow them to access and sync their favorite music, video, and photo gallery with a single touch for easier editing and sharing.

Performance wise, even with its minimalist design, the Inspiron One 2320 doesn’t come short compared to full desktop systems. It is powered by a 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5-2400S or 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7-2600S processor, supports up to 8 GB of DDR3 memory, and runs on a Genuine Windows 7 system.

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Lenovo ThinkCentre M71z – Business-Ready All-in-One Desktop

Schools, businesses, and government offices are now starting to embrace all-in-one desktops mainly because they are a real space saver, portable, and stylish. So if you want to be in, and you’re looking for a unit that’s worth your bucks, consider Lenovo’s latest business-ready all-in-one desktop – ThinkCentre M71z. Outfitted with the latest Intel Core processor, advanced video calling features, interactive touchscreen, and lot of performance features, you are guaranteed with a unit that will provide your business with its much-needed level of desktop performance.

Since it is part of the company’s Enhanced Experience 2.0 program1, the ThinkCentre M71z boots in as fast as 15 seconds on select models offered with an optional SSD. You can choose among the powerful second generation Intel Core processors, along with a fast DDR3 memory, up to 1 TB hard drive storage or a 160 GB SSD. To make work and even multi-tasking so much easier for you, the ThinkCentre M71z is provided with a 20-inch display. There’s also an optional touchscreen in case your job or your businesses requires one. Other amazing features of this AIO desktop are DVD burner, six USB ports, optional WiFi, and DisplayPort, which allows you to view digital video in another monitor.

Video conferencing is also enhanced with features like the optional 2.0 megapixel camera and digital array microphone which ensures clear audio. Thanks to ThinkVantage Communications Utility, it is now way easy for you to change the settings of the camera and microphone. Much like other ThinkCentre desktops, M71z come with power supply units that exceed Energy Star 5.2 efficiency requirements. Also, they are EPEAT Gold rated and TCO Certified Edge, which means it has strong environmental and usability features. The ThinkCentre M71z all-in-one desktop will be out for sale in October, for the meantime you can check out other Lenovo all-in-one desktop models.

Lenovo IdeaCentre – Desktop and HD Television in One

Lenovo keeps coming up with new ideas – metaphorically and literally. Its inspiration to provide intuitive entertainment along with the finest specifications puts forward the latest Lenovo desktop, the IdeaCentre B320. This desktop does not only function as a personal computer but also serves as a complete high definition television set. This is made possible by the optional OneKey button that allows to record programs with the aid of other support. Switching the IdeaCentre from TV to desktop is also made easy by picture-in-picture mode. The button even functions and turns the B320 into a whole HD television set without the need to boot the PC first. It is run by 2nd generation Intel Core processor and can store up to 4GB memory and up to 2TB HDD.

Below are other technical details and features of the IdeaCentre B320:

• 21.5-inch display
• up to AMD Radeon HD6450 1GB graphics with DirectX 11 for more rich graphics
• high-sense webcam for clearer images in more vibrant color
• optional Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) sound-based technology that allows the multitouch touchscreen surface to be more reliable and accurate for you to play on
• optional IdeaTouch software that consists of a selection touch-optimized multimedia applications
• adjustable stand or integrated VESA mount to hang it on the wall
• 5.0 speakers that support SRS Premium Sound
• optional USB 3.0 port.

To further enhance your entertainment system, you can add different accessories for the IdeaCentre like Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard, Lenovo Mini Speaker, and Lenovo Headphones. To see more Lenovo IdeaCentre products, click here.

Toshiba DX1215 – All-in-One Desktop with Great Audio

Looking for an entertainment hub that offers not just superior audio but also the kind of performance and technologies you need for HD entertainment and multitasking? Then Toshiba DX1215 is for you. This is the company’s first all-in-one PC released in the U.S. market. It is basically a high-performance touchscreen entertainment hub that comes with sleek design, 2nd generation Intel Core processor, and superior sound system. With its pre-paired Bluetooth wireless keyboard featuring 10-keypad and media buttons, as well as its wireless mouse both in glossy black, users can easily set it up and get it running right out of the box.

This stylish entertainment hub comes with a vivid 21.5-inch diagonal touchscreen display supporting full 1080p HD content. It also boasts a premium black glossy finish, which makes it fit well into any room. It can also serve as a home media hub with big storage for your photos and videos. The DX1215 comes with HDMI In port so users can connect it to a gaming console. Another thing to brag about is its premium audio system with Onkyo stereo speakers that are professionally tuned by experts. They feature Waves MaxxAudio processors that deliver unparalleled performance and louder sound.

The DX1215 can also be recognized as a center for content management and productivity because it has all the tools you need to manage your digital content plus the performance required for making movies and music. It also has the software that will keep you organized all through the day. The All-in-One is equipped with a 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor2 plus a 1TB 7200 RPM hard drive3. Visit Amazon and find out about availability and pricing of this All-in-One Desktop.