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Say Goodbye to Damaged USB Plug Head with the Double U USB Port

Whether we use PC or laptop, chances are, at times, we shove in the USB plug from the wrong side, thus we have to shove it again until it finally fits. Actually, there’s nothing much to worry about if this only happens once, twice, or just a few times. But if this happens frequently, there’s a possibility that the USB plug head will get damaged early. You sure don’t want this to happen, do you? So, say goodbye to damaged USB plug head by keeping yourself equipped with a Double U USB Port.

At first look, you might think that there’s no significant difference between the double USB and the traditional one. But if you will look closely, you will notice that in the double USB, as its name implies, there’s a USB symbol on each side, which basically means that both sides can be plugged in to transmit data. So, there’s no need for you to identify the USB first before plugging just so you plug in the right side. And since it consists of two contact layers that expand and contract freely, this assures you that there’s always a layer that will touch the contacts of the fixed interface, no matter which side is up.

So, want to have this gadget accessory? Convenience will sure be right at your fingertips if you opt to switch to this product. But if you want to check out other options first, feel free to browse USB port products at Amazon.

Disk+mouse – Spark Concept Design Award Entry for 2011

Geeks are usually fond of collecting unique yet useful accessories for their gadgets. That’s because they want to land on the one that will meet their needs and their personal preferences. If you are one of these people, then you better take a look at this new concept – the Disk+Mouse. This compact disk size laptop mouse doesn’t only boast a unique shape and design; it can also save your workstation some space.

Unlike the typical laptop mouse that has been made thinner and smaller for increased portability, this one’s made to look like a compact disk so you can store it in the CD-tray when not in use. This way, you don’t have to worry about carrying them separately especially when you’re traveling and you need to bring a heavy baggage. The moment you want to put it in use, it transforms into a three-dimensional mouse to give you the feeling of grip and high frequency use. That’s achieved because this device will be made from flexible yet durable materials. The main advantage of this mouse is it fulfills your need for portability and regular use.

For sure, this disk+mouse will make your friends and workmates envious. However, its conical design isn’t that ergonomic to suit the contours and curves of your hand. And most of netbook and laptop users don’t actually rely on their mouse to make full use of their gadget. The designer of this Disk Mouse concept is Seung Han Jung and until now, there’s no word yet as to when it will be produced.

Pierre Cardin PC-7006 – Your High Fashion Tablet PC

Apparently, when you’re filthy rich, like multi-million dollar clothing line and haute couture empire rich, getting a special edition tablet PC named after you is no biggie. Pierre Cardin is no rocket scientist but he gets to have his own line of designer tablet PC aptly branded as Pierre Cardin PC-7006 Tablet PC. This tablet, reflective of Cardin’s futuristic vision and keen attention to details, comes in a portable, stylish, and practical design; perfect for those whose cup of coffee is a smooth blend fashion and technology. The Cardin tablet is powered by the popular Android operating system and is pre-loaded with a great collection of apps and other digital treats. The OS and apps can be navigated through the tablet’s capacitive touch screen. The Pierre Cardin PC-7006 can seamlessly stream or play your favorite movies on the move or while attached to your favorite HDTV for a superior cinematic viewing. When it comes to web surfing, the Pierre Cardin tablet rides on Wi-Fi or optional 3G for that fast and easy-breezy online experience. Bookworms and picture junkies will also enjoy the integrated eBook reader that supports downloadable contents, and the front mounted 1.3 megapixel camera which also works as a handy camcorder. Doing different things at once is no challenge for this designer tablet; it runs on a multi-tasking 1GHz Samsung Cortex processor that seamlessly runs email and office productivity applications.

To wrap it up, here are the hardware specifications of the new Pierre Cardin PC-7006 Tablet PC:

OS: Google Android 2.2 (Froyo)
Display: 7-inch 800×480 multi-touch capacitive screen
CPU: 1.0 GHz Samsung S5PV210 Cortex-A8
Storage: 4GB internal and up to 16GB Micro SD card
PC Interface: mini USB, HDMI
Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11b/g
3G: External 3G Dongle
Camera: 1.3 Megapixels
Video: 720P HD Playback
Battery: Lithium 4400mAh
Weight: 520g
Dimensions: 19.5cm x 12.3cm x 1.4cm

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Harman Kardon MAS 102 – Compact, Complete and Downright Classy

Harman Kardon has always been synonymous with two things – great sounds and elegant design. Their latest creation, the new Harman Kardon MAS 102 complete sound system is nothing but a solid non-refutable testament to that claim. The MAS 102 is powered by two 65-watt amplifier with powerful 5-inch bass-reflex speakers and 1-inch dome tweeters ensuring top notch quality sound all the way from the deepest lows to the highest high. The speakers are also backed by Harman Kardon’s exclusive matching loudspeaker technologies that include an integrated two-way configuration of flat-panel bass drivers and MMD tweeters with integral waveguides, and a sonic refraction canceling technology that helps deliver cleaner, natural sounding, and greater off-axis performance audio. Thanks to the advanced hardware and audio technologies, the accurate stereo imaging and high frequency performance of full-sized speakers are perfectly replicated in MAS 102’s compact speakers. Not only do these speakers sound good, they look stunningly good as well in their industrial design with glossy, well polished black exterior and bright classy VFD display. The screen shows easy-to-read navigation menus, system status, and other information not limited to artist profile, track numbers and volume levels.
The Harman Kardon MAS 102 speaker system comes with various options for playing music: there’s the slot-loaded CD player, USB ports, optional The Bridge III docking station for iPod or iPhone, FM tuner with 30 presets, and for those who have a more refined and classical musical source in mind – a high quality phono input. Additional features include IR remote, wide variety of inputs (analog audio, coaxial, optical digital, and coaxial digital), integrated clock with sleep timer and alarm, gold plated connectors, and a headphone jack.

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3 Speaker Boombox – Lets You Express Yourself, Out Loud

Yes, the icon is back! If you’ve long been waiting for the return of the boombox, then the wait is finally over! TDK Life on Records brings you the original music culture icon back – but this time, it’s made even better with its combined dynamic sound performance, premium surfaces, and more exciting features. Now, you can fully express yourself, out loud with TDK’s 3 Speaker Boombox.

But prior to this launch, several attempts had been made to create a modern boombox that could be somewhat closer to the original incarnation. Only TDK was able to come up with something that looks close to it but performs even more. Boasting a streamlined design compared to the 80s-era original, this makes a statement that music is a way to express yourself and that it should be shared. Pumping out a surprising amount of sound from its 35-watt RMS speakers, everyone will definitely have a great time, partying and simply having fun with the loud music that this little boombox creates. Plus, with its high excursion dedicated 6-inch subwoofer, what else can you expect but deep, accurate bass.

So how to enjoy this? Simply use it with your iPhone and/or iPod and you’re good to go. And hey, it has a built-in AM/FM radio, so you’ll never run out of something to listen to! Just use the rotary dial and front facing screen to play and control the music from your iPhone or iPod, or from the built-in radio. And to provide you with that extra protection and premium feel, this boombox is specially made with padded aluminum handle.

Buy the TDK Life on Record 77000015360 3-Speaker Boombox Audio System today.