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Mood Duck Radio – Relive the Child in You

For sure, you’ve already seen a rubber ducky – that cute little thingy that your kids play with during bath time. Can you see the smiles in their faces when they bath with their rubber ducky? They sure have fun, right? And perhaps, you’re thinking, “How come I didn’t get to enjoy one when I was a kid?” But hey, it’s not yet too late, you know! You can also have fun like your kids when taking a bath. How? By sharing it with this bobbing, glowing, plastic ducky called Mood Duck Radio.

The Mood Duck is called as such because it is designed to provide a relaxing colour-changing mood light. It’s actually perfect for night bath time, so you can relax and just enjoy that long soak. If you had a hard day at work, this stress-relieving comedy waterfowl is just what you need. Simply pop 3xAAA batteries in it, activate the on/off button, and it’s good to go.

But apart from providing relaxing colour-changing light, this cute gadget gift also functions as an AM/FM radio. To switch it on, all you have to do is to twist the little quacker’s head. Now, if you want to adjust the volume, again you can do so by twisting the head. But if you want to tune in to a radio station, it’s the rotating tail that you have to fiddle with. Such a cutey! All that’s left for you to do now is to enjoy the music and just soak in the water for as long as you want to.

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Puppy Tweets – Tweeter for Your Pet

Your pet won’t win any congeniality award if all it does is gnarl, snarl, drool, bark, or go to berserk mode every time it see’s a postman. How do you turn the ugliest mongrel into the house pet and best friend of the year? By tweeting of course. Your pet mutt may run out of dog food but it will never run out of followers with the new Puppy Tweets. Simply set-up an account for your cute little tyke (for the dog to do themselves is asking too much and just plain weird), capture their cutest cutesy moment and use it as avatar, plug the USB unit of Puppy Tweets into a PC and your pet is good to go. Clip the Puppy Tweets unit to your pooch’s collar, and every time the dog moves, barks, or snooze, the tag will transmit a Wi-Fi signal to your PC which will then post a tweet on behalf of your dog. There are more than 500 built-in witty and fun phrases that are made available for your dog. A straightforward bark may be tweeted as “I bark because I miss you. There, I said it. Now hurry home.” or a quick frolic through the yard may be posted as “I finally caught the tail I’ve been chasing and… OOUUUCHH.” A reminder though, don’t feel bad when you’re puppy gets more follower than you, it’s not their fault they are so darn cute and can tweet to boot.

Start your pet on tweeting here.

Add Animation to Your House with Japanese Electronic Blinking Eyeballs

Are you running out of unique good ideas these coming holidays? Here’s something that will redefine “eye popping”. Something round and cute, anyone? The new Japanese Electronic Blinking Eyeballs is a funny gadget that will earn you a few stares during gift giving. And don’t worry; this decorative toy has been thought not to stare back. Like its name suggests – it blinks in a cute and not haunting kind of way. The blinking electronic eyeballs randomly blinks simultaneously in a very realistic manner, it uses infrared signals to synchronize blinking.

To add more fun, it comes with a decoration sheet that you can use to customize the blinking eyeballs. The sheet includes tears, eyelashes, angry brows, and a funny nose. It also comes with suction and hooks so that you can attach and mount them almost anywhere. The blinking eyeball’s application is virtually endless and is limited only by the user’s imagination. Next time you have a party, you can put those watchful eyes in a wall, door, window, or fridge and expect mixed reactions from your guests ranging from “Dude, I think your TV is watching me” to “Whoa! Did those pair of eyes just blinked?”.

The blinking eyeballs would make a truly different gift for ages 15 and above. Each of the Japanese Electronic Blinking Eyeballs measures around 3-inch in diameter and about 2-inch deep. This item requires 6 AAA batteries, which sadly are not included, to operate.

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Meet Hetty and Henry the Hoover


The oh-so-cute desktop cleaners that you’ll ever see! That’s Henry over there smiling back with the red cheeky face and of course, the pink one is no other than his wife Hetty. These cute little gadgets will be your newest partners in busting that desktop dust.

Equipped with their own crevice tool and vacuum nozzle, Hetty and Henry the Hoover are easy to use desktop crumb busters and cleaning cupboard gadgets. Simply pop in 3 x AA batteries, press on, and you’re off to a hassle-free vacuuming in seconds. To empty the crumbs, just unscrew their hats and tip the contents into your garbage bin. That easy! So, whether at home or in the office, why not let these little cuties do the dust busting for you?

And since they only measure 9.5 x 9.5 x 9cm, you can practically bring them anywhere you go. Not only that, these also make exciting gift items for your friends and loved ones. That’s right! Your sister will just love the pink Hetty the Hoover while your best chum will be simply amazed with what Henry the Hoover can do. Or how about your co-worker who is best known for being a messy eater? He sure does need one to get rid of those crumbs stuck on his keyboard. And if you happen to have a child around 3 years old and above, you can also give it as a way of training him/her to become more responsible in cleaning his/her mess.

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Flying Alarm Clock

Human kind has a vast mind. Every year a lot of things are made to help us in our daily lives. Take the case of this weird gadget I just find out over the Internet. From a throng of manufactured alarm clocks today, there is one product that actually makes you get up and wake you in an instant? Sounds fishy? Take this. After browsing the Internet for hours, I was able to find one of the most weirdest but highly-effective alarm clocks in the history of man kind. The alarm clock is called Flying Alarm Clock.

Yes, you just read it right. This alarm clock has a propeller attached to the top. So as the clock hits the time you set, the alarm clock shrills the most annoying sound that you can hear, plus the propeller goes and fly away from your bed. What’s more amazing about this gadget is that in order to stop the annoying sound, you have to get the propeller back from its proper place. Thus, you don’t have the choice but to wake yourself up and find where the propeller is. After trying desperately to turn off the flying alarm clock, you’ll soon find out how wide awake you are! This is a perfect gift for all those people who has work during the mornings and has the difficulty to wake up. So what are you waiting for? Why not try this amazing product and you’ll see how it does its magic. A unique but ultimately effective alarm clock available for every one!