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Android EVO 2 Console –Premium Android Games Free

Here’s another world’s first for geeks and gadget lovers out there – EVO 2 Console. This is the first Android-based gaming console that will astonish users by offering real time gaming playlist and social friend connections. Yes, it will be your social connection, your media storage device, and your game app console. It will be sold for $249 and what you’ll get are EVO TV remote, EVO game controller, and HDMI cable. This gaming console features a Samsung 1.2 GHZ processor, DDR2-512MB, and support modified Android 2.2 operating system.

The good thing about the EVO 2 is that it is an open console and gamers can have any part of the system modified should they wish to. Of course, the company knows that gamers always want something new so it makes sure new updates and upgrades will be released periodically the launching of the said system. Users like you are also given the chance to earn points so they can purchase the finest Android games free with EVO tokens. This system will be shipped along with game cloud storage plus Envizions new Qquip SMS blogging reward service.

Connection to the world of entertainment, photos, music and games will be easier, thanks to EVO 2 system’s built-in Wi-Fi. EVO 2 will derive its power from the most recent Android 2.2 and support HD content and EVO Market Store. The said console is also capable of supporting Qquip SMS Reward Service, and GameBox storage. What’s more? It is also designed to sync with your cell phone or Android tablet. Should you wish to purchase games and apps, you can do so from the new EVO 2 app store.

Wii Push Up Bar Takes Your Pushup Workout to the Next Level

Pushup is a popular form of exercise, both for men and women. It is an easy and effective way to gain strength for the pectoral muscles, shoulders, and arms. It can be performed almost anywhere, under any conditions, and by almost anyone. However, some people find it too difficult to do pushups, especially when they are doing them all wrong in the first place. So if you are new to do this form of exercise and you have Wii Fit balance board at home, then might as well get the Wii Push Up Bar to take your pushup workout to the next level.

The Wii Push Up Bar is an accessory made specifically for the Wii Fit balance board. It attaches securely to the top of the balance board (with foam under platform), so you can grip the parallel handles firmly and go deeper than you would when you do pushups. If you are not able to raise your body higher to perform pushups using the traditional way, then this Wi-Pub will certainly do the trick. Plus, you can convert it to three different push up modes, too. All you have to do is to pop out the removable handles, connect them to the board, and that’s it. By using three different modes, you can certainly perform more effective pushups for a truly successful workout.

So stop doing workouts the traditional way if you have a Wii Fit balance board that can help you do your pushout workout more effectively. Just pair it with the Wii Push Up Bar and you’re off to a more enjoyable pushup routine.

Riiflex 2lb. Dumbbells – Workout While You Play

Serious about losing weight and getting into shape this year? Then, why not equip yourself with this gaming console that can sure help you out with your fitness goals? I’m sure you’re familiar with this – the Nintendo Wii. Unlike other gaming consoles, this one practically allows anyone to enjoy doing workout while playing. But to make the experience even more exciting, you must pair it with some Nintendo Wii accessories. Here’s one that you can use in doing arm exercises – the Riiflex 2lb. Dumbbells.

Dumbbells are exercise equipment that help build muscle. However, if you can’t get to a gym to use them, then might as well pair your Nintendo Wii with the Riiflex 2lb. Dumbbells. Molded of tough polycarbonate, with cast-iron weights and soft-touch rubber overmold, these dumbbells are effective at adding 2lbs. of resistance to your Wii workout. They fit perfectly with your Wiimotes and are compatible with Wii Motion Plus and other aftermarket Wiimotes. You can also try them with Wii Fit Plus, EA Sports Active, Fitness Ultimatum, Golds Gym Cardio, Your Shape, My Fitness Coach, and more.

If you are really serious about your weight loss and fitness goal this year, then playing is not an excuse why you could not do it. Even while at play, you can always have a great workout less the strain. So, get that extra help that you need by pairing your controllers with these Riiflex 2lb. Dumbbells. They are very much available at for only $29.99. Get them now!

Game Dr. Will Limit Kids’ Gaming Time

As an adult, you seem to see how the world just changed and you are in the same shoes as your parents way back when you were young. You know, you now become the bad guy that limits the play time of your kids for them to study and have a good life later on. Well, that kinda suck in a kid’s point of view and makes you the evil killjoy parent that knows no fun. Well, instead of you, you can have the Game Dr. somehow to be the bad guy.c31f_game_doctor

The Game Dr. is basically an electronic timer that clamps on to an appliance. For example, you want to limit your son’s lengthy 10-hour Halo killing spree to just 5. Then you just have to clamp the Game Dr. onto the console’s plug and then set it to 5 hours and then connect it to a wall outlet. After five hours of fragging, it will automatically cut off the power supply of the console making it dead as the bodies you have killed in the alien camp map. This thing too is child-proof since once it is clamped, it would never get off until you unlock it. The big numbers on the screen of Game Dr. will also serve as a warning time for your kids to save their game before it turns off. The setting of game time will allow training of your kids to budget their time wisely of when to play with their consoles. You will also be spared as the Game Dr. will take blame for being such a killjoy.

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