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Garmin nuLink! 1965: Convenient Travel and More!

When it comes to your daily travel, there’s nothing more reliable today than the nuLink! 1965! From comprehensive directions to updated information, from fuel efficiency to hands-free calling, everything is possible with this new GPS from Garmin. It has a wide array of features that make it the best road buddy today.

The nuLink! 1965 is very simple to use. It helps you find addresses and services with just a light touch on the screen, after which you will be provided clear, voice-prompted instructions to help you find your direction. The device is preloaded with City Navigator NT street maps not only for the US but also for Canada and Mexico. You’re even provided data on speed limits for the different areas. The GPS will also help you get to your destination fast by learning daytime traffic trends in order to help you find better routes. Other than these, the following are some more of its features:

  • The Lane Assist helps you be in the correct lane when approaching an exit
  • The EcoRoute helps you find fuel-efficient routes and tracks your fuel consumption
  • The emergency locator will help you find the closest facilities like hospitals and police stations
  • Free one-year nuLink! subscription to keep you up to date about such information as fuel prices, weather, local events, and many others

All these data, you can view through the device’s 5” touch screen display, all in vibrant colors. With this Garmin nüvi 1695 5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator with nüLink! Services within your reach, you can be certain to have a much-helpful buddy on the road.

nuvi 2300 – Let’s You Go Beyond Navigation

Are you a hardcore explorer? Then nuvi 2300 is the ideal navigation device for you. This widescreen gadget speaks street names and contains maps not only for the lower 48 states, but also for Puerto Rico and Hawaii. It also includes around six million points of interests like entertainment hubs, hotels, gas stations, stores, restaurants, ATMs, and many more. It takes pride in being outfitted with myTrends predictive routing, and ecoRoute which aid in calculating more routes that are fuel-efficient. With its optional cityXplorer maps for mass transit information, the gadget’s pedestrian capabilities are greatly enhanced. Also, the said device comes with an intuitive interface that welcomes you with two questions including “View Map” and “Where To?”

The nuvi 2300 features myTrends which becomes familiar with your usual destinations and in the long run forecasts your destinations and its estimated travel time. This device is then outfitted with ecoRoute, an environment-friendly feature which gauges a more fuel-efficient route, monitors fuel consumption, and a whole lot more. What makes nuvi2300 your perfect travel buddy is its improved pedestrian navigation capabilities. This includes your ability to download optional cityXplorer content which helps users in navigating city public transit.

More than navigation, Garmin nuvi 2300 also lets you save gas and money with the ecoRoute feature. It also takes in a lot of travel tools like world travel clock with time zones, JPEG picture viewer, calculator, measurement converter, currency converter. The gadget’s photo navigation feature lets you download pictures stored in Garmin Connect Photos and navigate through them.

Have an enjoyable travel experience! Get a Garmin nüvi 2300LM 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator with Lifetime Maps Updates at Amazon now.