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ChromiumPC Modular Computer – The World’s First Desktop PC Running Google’s Chrome OS

If you’ve been waiting for this, it’s time for you to rejoice because the ChromiumPC modular computer is now here! This is the world’s first desktop computer that runs Google’s Chrome operating system. Based upon the patented Xi3 Computer Architecture, ChromiumPC is a cube-like, small form factor, low-power (20Watts) dual-core modular computer that supports other operating systems such as Window, Linux and Unix, and perform specialized functions. It is housed in an aluminum chassis that’s capable of holding three small but interconnected boards or modules, namely The Processor Module, The Primary I/O Module, and The Secondary I/O Module.

These three modules form the basis of what has been the classic motherboard. The Processor Module houses the microprocessor and RAM, the Primary I/O Module houses much of the external communications ports, and the Secondary I/O Module typically protects Ethernet, video and power connections. What makes the ChromiumPC different from other computers is the Xi3 Computer Architecture, which makes it possible to change the personality and/or functionality of an Xi3 Modular Computer, including the ChromiumPC.

Furthermore, the ChromiumPC will derive its power from a dual- or single-core 64-bit, x86-based processor, that’s housed in a chassis measuring 4.0- x 3.656- x 3.656-inches. This desktop PC will be available in multiple colors, including a chrome-plated chassis. Formal sales of the Xi3 Modular Computer will begin on July 4, 2011. So geeks who wish to own another world’s first have a month to save bucks for their ChromiumPC modular computer purchase.