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WM09 Watch Phone – Thrifty Indeed

A punch line and a catchy name are not necessary to define what this gadget is and what it can do. Looking at it, you will find the meaning deep inside it. Appreciate it and know its worth that makes it both top of the line and very amazing indeed.

This gadget revolutionizes our use of modern phones as well as watches. With complete specifications and features, this gadget overrates the competitions leaving it far behind.  Not only does it have everything we need in a phone and watch, but it absolutely lives to its goal performing very well to please its owner. Just like a true friend, you will surely be happy with this new experience at hand.

Economical as it might seem, this gadget is best also for communicating even for something small like a watch. Alternately it also provides artistic time alert like a modern watch should. Twist it and turn it, it still works and performs the greatest way it should.

The WM09 Watch Phone features:

  • Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, WAP, GPRS,SMS, MMS
  • Modern phone
  • Modern watch
  • Games
  • E- book reader
  • Digital voice recording feature
  • Camera and video camera
  • Image viewer
  • Flash drive capability
  • MP3 and MP4 compatibility
  • GSM Quad band
  • Touch screen
  • World clock
  • Plug and play song feature

Not yet satisfied? Buy one now and experience for yourself the magnificence of the WM09 Watch Phone. Follow your fingers for it might lead you to this gadget while on the hunt for new technology in the global market. Check out the latest on the WM09 Watch Phone at .



Wake Up on Time with Pac-Man Alarm Clock

Once you see this Pac-Man Alarm Clock, the first thing that’ll come to your mind is that famous arcade game that you used to play. Controlling Pac-Man through a maze, eating pac-dots along the way, was so much fun, right? And it was even more fun when you were able to eat all the dots before the time was up, taking you to the next stage and so on. Now, you can relive those Pac-Man days with this uniquely designed Pac-Man Alarm Clock.

This eye-catching alarm clock is the perfect gadget gift that you can actually give yourself, if you’re one true lover of Pac-Man. Set aside that iPhone for calls and mobile Internet browsing, and let the Pac-Man alarm clock provide you with that crazy sound you need to wake up on time. In fact, the sound it emits is far different from the typical alarm clock, because it actually sounds like that wakka-wakka-ing of Pac-man in that arcade game. So the moment you hear it, you’ll be up in a jiffy.

But aside from the snooze function, this alarm clock also features backlight buttons which are represented by cherries. So these add even more unique looks to your already distinctive alarm clock. For sure, your friends and loved ones will take a second look at it once they noticed that you have a rather weird-looking alarm clock there.

So spice up your bedroom with something funny and unique. Or better yet, give one as gift to your little kids. Order a Pac-Man alarm clock here.

Yamaha TSX-140 – Simple Yet Modern Audio Entertainment System

Geeks who also love music will sure find the Yamaha TSX -140 a very good buy. Why? It’s because this gadget isn’t only pleasing to the eye and the ears, it also offers a complete array of audio facilities in a one, compact, and stylish unit. Yes, it is a complete, integrated audio entertainment system that’s simple yet very classy and highly advanced. Its total sound performance, comprehensive connectivity, touch of genius, and down to earth design do make this gadget a must-have.

For superb sound quality and volume, the TSX -140 is outfitted with twin eight cm speakers, bass reflex port, and Yamaha’s 15W + 15W digital amplifier. Its Music Enhancer software adds depth and excitement to compressed programme material. And do you know that with just a mere touch of a button, the three front panel controls can instantly become a parametric equalizer? You can use this in adjusting the audio based on your location and preferences. The unit’s integral CD player supports MP3 and WMA formats and its USB connector accommodates even non-iPod MP3 players. What will make you love this player even more is its fully digital iPod/iPhone dock which makes the audio remains in the digital domain from input via TSX’s DSP stage up to digital amplifier.

How does Yamaha TSX -140 offer a touch of genius? Well its ease of use and functionality is truly unmatched. Aside from the top panel’s illuminated buttons, there are also three rotary controls on the front panel to provide you with intuitive access to volume, source, alarm, radio preset, and EQ functions. This gadget is offered in Brick, Gray, and Black colors so you can always get one that will fit your home environment from all angles. Get the Yamaha TSX-140 Desktop Audio System with iPod Dock (Gray) from Amazon now!

Optical Illusion LED Watch

Do you find optical illusion puzzles fun to decipher? Do you love cool, unique, and weird gadgets that present a certain challenge to the user? Are you in for a new experience with your timepiece? If all three questions elicited an eager yes from you, then check out this new concept design – the Optical Illusion LED watch by the Tokyoflash Design Studio!

This LED watch design is a challenge to your eyesight and to everybody else’s. At first glance, all you will see on its screen is a series of green and black lines appearing to form an undecipherable maze. Lying within the maze, however, is a combination of numbers that will tell you what time of the day it is. If you can train your eyes to read among all those lines, then you are an optical illusion genius! If you can’t however, which just makes you an average mortal being like most of us are, then you can press the button on the watch and the numbers will emerge out of the green and black lines to tell you the time in plain sight.

The Optical Illusion LED watch is not only a gadget for geeks and OI (optical illusion) experts; it is also perfect for those who consider themselves trendsetters. It has a sophisticated-looking black strap, and the green and black lines on the display make for an out-of-this-world and a sort of scientific look that’s screaming modern and one-of-a-kind. Wow your friends with it or give it to a geek friend who will surely enjoy its unique concept!

Twist Equation Alarm Clock: A Fun Way to Wake Up

Have a hard time waking up in the morning? For most of us who love to sleep long after we must, an alarm clock is a necessary addition to our bedside table. But, admit it: many of us just press off the alarm when it starts to ring, telling ourselves, “Five minutes more!” Not a very effective strategy, don’t you think? Well, someone must have thought so, too. Because now, there’s already an effective solution to the said dilemma: the Twist Equation alarm clock.

This alarm clock can’t be fooled. Once it goes off, no amount of pressing of button will silence its ring. If you want it to get silent, you’ll have to solve the equation first. Confusing? Well, it’s like this… When the alarm goes off, you won’t see the usual time on its screen. Instead, a plus or minus sign is displayed on the area that usually displays the hour, and a random number is displayed on the area that usually displays the minute. At both sides of the “hour” area, there are two numerical wheels that you have to rotate in order to solve the equation. Once you make sense of the equation, that’s the only time the alarm will silence off. And by that time, your brain is surely already wide awake.

Other than displaying time, the Twist Equation alarm clock can also show the alarm and the date. It has a 12- and 24-hour format and is powered by three AAA batteries. A fun way to wake up, right? If you want this alarm clock, click here.