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Violight Cell Phone Sanitizer: Germ Buster!

Cellular phones have come to be among the electronic devices that many people cannot live without. If you have a phone (and chances are, you have one or even more!), it’s surely one of the things that you use everyday. Ever wondered just how many microorganisms make their way into your handheld device? You wouldn’t want to imagine that! Whether you’re a health-conscious individual or not, the Violight cell phone sanitizer can help you.

The Violight sanitizer can kill up to 99% of the germs on your phone, and that can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes. The sanitizing process is done with the use of germicidal UV light similar to those used in hospitals, which can kill a wide array of viruses and bacteria like salmonella, e. coli, and even the H1N1 virus. All you have to do is to place your phone inside the device. The sanitizer has dual lifetime UV bulbs, the bulbs that emit the germ-killing element. Once you’re done, the bulb will shut off automatically. The sanitizer uses 3 AA batteries. And the good thing is, it can accommodate not only your phone! Though it’s primarily designed for phone sanitizing, it can also clean small MP3 players, earbud headphones, and Bluetooth headsets. Perfect!

The Violight cell phone sanitizer is very portable. It makes for a great gift to people who are health conscious, or to those whose phone is always borrowed by other people. It’s offered at $49.95 and will be available sometime in October.

Mint: Your Smart Cleaning Buddy

No time for cleaning your home with your busy schedule? Mint can help you! Mint Cleaner is a certain kind of a robotic cleaner powered by a rechargeable battery. Once you activate it, it can clean your flooring on its own in less than an hour—all while you do your other tasks!

So how does Mint function? Mint works with certain cleaning cloths like Swifter and Pledge cloths, as well as reusable microfiber cloths designed specially for the said cleaning machine. Just place the cloth on the robot’s cleaning pad, press the start button, and Mint begins to clean! It can clean all types of floor with hard surface like vinyl, wood, and tile. It can also perform both dry and wet cleaning, handling dirt as simple as dust and as stubborn as floor stains. And if you think that’s all there is to Mint, you’ll be surprised at how smart this cleaner is! It’s powered by NorthStar Navigation system, enabling it to map the area that it’s cleaning. So, it’s able to cover all the areas on your floor and it doesn’t clean only one specific area over and over again.

Mint has a simple and compact design, measuring 3 inches tall and 10 inches wide. Therefore, it’s ideal for cleaning even tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas. Mint’s battery can last up to 3 hours when dry cleaning, and 2 hours when wet cleaning. It’s available this summer only in the US, with the possibility of international offering next year.

Mint is your perfect cleaning buddy at home or in your office! While waiting for its availability, you can try another automatic floor cleaner at Amazon!

Magic Missile and Fireball Soaps

When you take a shower, are you particular with the soap you use? You see, just like in choosing cool gadgets, people have different preferences when it comes to the soap they use. Some prefer those with moisturizing content while others go for germicidal. There are also a few that chooses those with whitening ingredients, to achieve not just smoother skin but also whiter complexion. But aside from the ingredients, people’s soap choices also vary according to design. Yes, it’s true! Some people find it more fun to take a shower when their soaps do not look like the usual just like these Magic Missile and Fireball Soaps.

The Magic Missile and Fireball Soaps are two geeky soaps that are half sphere in shape so you can let them sit better on your bathroom shelf. They also come in two different colors, one is red while the other is blue. The Blue Magic Missile is perfect for those who love the scent of cherry, vanilla, and lime while the Red Fireball is designed for those who love the delicious tangerine scent. Both soaps weigh approximately 4 oz. and have an embedded d20. So after you’ve consumed both, you’ll get a really nice pair of d20s without the fuss.

Now, if you’re not into soaps, you can always give these items as gifts. They only cost about $9.99 so no worries about your budget. Get the Magic Missile and Fireball Soaps now!

40 Second Electric Toothbrush said to be most efficient for brushing teeth

You may be one of many who still use the common, ordinary toothbrush, or you may be one of the few who prefer the more advanced electronic toothbrush. However, will you be one of the first to try the 40 second electric toothbrush? It is described as the world’s most efficient toothbrush, as it is able to clean one’s set of teeth in a record 40 seconds. This means it has cut down our regular brushing time by 66%. The secret lies in the four speedy rotating toothbrush heads. As they work together, they clean six surfaces of our teeth at the same time.

Other than its incredible speed, it also performs the Bass technique, which is a brushing method recommended by the American Dental Association. The Bass method, also called Sulcular Vibration Brushing, states that to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases, one should take special care of the area at the gum-tooth margin. This can be done by placing the toothbrush partly on the tooth and partly on the gums when brushing your teeth, with the bristles pointing toward the gums. The bristles of the 40 second electric toothbrush are aligned at a 45-degree angle and move toward and away from the gums 810 times per minute.

Although it introduces a whole new concept, other consumers aren’t so keen to jump in and try it out. They prefer the regular way of using a toothbrush, a method that has been tried and tested for years.

Along with the toothbrush, also included are two rechargeable AA batteries. After charging the batteries for 12 hours, they will provide up to 6o uses for the toothbrush. Check out similar products when you visit this website.


CD Clinic: Because You’re no DJ


You’re no DJ so stop playing CDs that keep jumping! No one enjoys music that keeps skipping.


Well, then try replacing your music CDs for one.  Oh wait, then that means you’ll have to shell out a lot of moolah to replace all your scratched music CDs, not to mention your VCDs. Now you wonder… there must be another way.

No fear, CD Clinic is here! No need to buy yourself a new set of music and DVD collections. CD Clinic is the only tool you need save yourself from the horrible experience of music that keeps jumping and videos that keep skipping. Plus it saves you a lot of money too!

CD clinic wipes away the fingerprints  and scratches from your CDs leaving them clean and ready to use anytime, anywhere. It comes with a restoration liquid that is specially formulated to repair your CDs. Just spray the restoration liquid on the disc surface and put it in the CD Clinic. The polishing pads will work their magic to clean your CDs, so they can be read clearly and prevent them from skipping tracks.  After placing the CDs in the CD clinic, just turn the handle and voila! Your CD will be as good as new.

So spare yourself from a profession that wasn’t meant to be yours, retire from being a DJ and get yourself a CD clinic here!