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Create Your Own High-Speed Wireless Home Network with Linksys E4200

An ultra-fast internet connection needs an equally fast router especially if you want to go wireless – otherwise it will just be a waste of the extra dollars spent for a premium internet service. Don’t let your own wireless network get bogged down by going for second rate routers. If you want to get the most of your high speed ADSL, T-3, or any other wireless connections: settle for nothing less than the new Linksys E4200 maximum performance wireless-N router. The E4200 delivers a lightning fast way to connect your computers, Internet-TV, Wi-Fi enabled game consoles, and other Wi-Fi gadgets at 300-450 Mbps transfers rates to create the ultimate wireless home network nirvana. By using the latest 802.11n wireless technology and a full 3×3 multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antenna array with enhanced signal strength, this device creates a powerful wireless network unmatched in range and coverage. The advanced antenna technology provides a sustained high speed connection across your entire home even at maximum distances and even when the connected devices are moving. Furthermore, the Linksys E4200 wireless router provides an interference-free and maximum throughput by taking advantage of 2.4 and 5 GHz dual-band 802.11n standards. These network technologies translate to exceptional network stability and faster network related tasks like video streaming, internet downloading, file transfers, and online gaming.

To keep your home network safe from unwanted digital intruders and Internet threats, the Linksys E4200 also comes with advanced WPA/WPA2 encryption and SPI firewall. Other noteworthy features include four Gigabit Ethernet ports, a USB port for adding and sharing peripherals such as external drives and printers, and an integrated UPnP AV Media Server to allow smooth video and other multimedia files to support UPnP device.

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Share and Get in Touch with the World with Cisco umi

Before the telegraph, telephone, internet and cellular phone, the world was a very big place to live in. Now it’s even made smaller with the new Cisco umi console as it connects your HD television to the world and defies Physics as it brings you everywhere you are needed, from parties to family affairs and every other important life’s moments you just can’t miss.

Cisco umi features Full HD 1080p video calling and 720p recording at 30 frames per second with different resolution depending on the internet and local network connection. It uses a multi glass lens camera with optical zoom, auto focus, auto exposure, auto white balance and mechanical aim – pan, tilt, and zoom. For audio, it has an integrated microphone array and speakers. Using Cisco umi is a no-brainer, just connect and securely fit it on top of your HDTV and it will seamlessly work with your current wireless or wired broadband service and home network to get the unlimited umi calls.

How do you enjoy the new Cisco umi? For starters, show off your entire family and friends in clear and realistic video and audio. Then customize your user experience and privacy by recording video messages, assigning ringtones, updating profile pictures, screening and blocking video calls. You can also capture videos and share them with the world thru Facebook, YouTube or email. The best thing about umi is that you can be with more people and more places via Cisco telepresence that allows users to communicate virtually to any computer with a webcam and access to Google video chat.

Cisco Cius Android Tablet Boasts Its HD Video Capabilities

Cisco Cius takes pride in being the first-on-its-kind mobile collaboration business tablet that enables virtual desktop integration with anywhere, anytime access to a wide range of Cisco collaboration and communications applications. This device is ultra-portable, weighing only 1.15lbs (0.52kg). But despite its weight, it is capable of enhancing the productivity benefits of Cisco collaboration applications to a highly secure mobile platform. More than its full telepresence interoperability, the Cius tablet comes with HD video streaming and real-time video, messaging, email, multi-party conferencing, browsing, as well as the ability to make, edit, and share content and files that are stored in the cloud locally or centrally.

The Cisco Cius provides an open platform for collaboration and communication and its applications and form factors are aimed to connect people from different places and to enable the workers to access and share content from any source within the network. Cius is also beneficial to IT experts since it provides them with new options in equipping mobile workers with computing gadgets. By means of virtual desktop integration, the said tablet provides its users with flexible computing alternatives with cloud-based services.

This portable business computing tablet is offered with an optional HD audio station that features a telephone handset speaker phone, USB ports, and HD DisplayPort. The Cisco Cius also comes with a front-mounted 720p HD camera, seven-inch high resolution widescreen, and single-button TelePresence interoperability. There’s also a 5-megapixel rear facing camera that’s capable of transmitting streaming VGA quality video and capturing still images. For audio conferencing, the Cisco Cius are outfitted with dual noise –cancelling microphones.

Cisco Home Energy Management Solution – Save Power, Save Money

The cost of electricity is one of those things exempted from the law of gravity – it keeps coming up without coming down. With the economy, don’t even bother wishing for the utilities company to keep your power bill low for you. You can either choose to adhere to the numerous energy saving tips and follow those to the letters to keep your electricity bill down or you can get somebody to do it for you. And that somebody might just be the new Cisco Home Energy Management Solution (HEM) with Home Energy Controller (HEC). The HEM provides up to date power and bill information to make your home energy consumption efficient. Using the HEM, you can get instant information and control over your home energy consumption. The core of the HEM is the Cisco Home Energy Controller, it’s a countertop touchscreen monitor equipped with various networking capabilities and exclusive applications for energy management. The screen provides monitoring information as well as control over energy loads of supported thermostats, heating, ventilating, air conditioning (HVAC) systems, pool pump, televisions and home entertainment centers, computers, intelligent sockets and power strips, and smart appliances such as refrigerators and water heaters. The best part is all of these are done wirelessly through secure connections, so there’s no need for additional wiring and installation cost.

In summary HEC provides simple and easy-to-use energy management applications to monitor and budget energy use through a smart touchscreen with an easy-to-use interface and secure end-to-end data communications across different wired and wireless networking protocols.

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Flip Slide HD – Shoot It, Slide It, Show It, and Share It

The traditional camcorder is bulky and heavy. And so, users end up leaving their camcorders at home during ordinary days, and settle on using them only on special celebrations or trips. However, with the different camcorder innovations being introduced these days, carrying one everyday does not have to be a burden. In fact, it can easily be tucked inside the bag or pocket. And so, if a not-to-be-missed scene comes up, all you need to do is shoot it, slide it, show it, and share it using this latest cool gadget called Flip Slide HD.

The Flip Slide HD is the world’s first shoot and show camcorder. It can capture up to 4 hours of HD video, all you need to do is turn the power on and press the big red button to start shooting. Its portable design allows you to bring it anywhere you go, without worrying about the added weight. Spend a night out with friends, travel across the world, and simply walk along the neighbor, with your new toy capturing all the action.

Once done shooting the video, just use HD’s slide-up feature to instantly view the video on its 3-inch widescreen. Simply slide it forward, press the thumbnail of the video you want to view, and that’s it. Now, why don’t you show the video and share the fun to your family and friends? The Flip Slide HD allows you to do these with so much ease and convenience.

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