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Turn your iPad into a Digital Coloring Book with Crayola ColorStudio HD

Children at one point of their life create and live on their own colorful world, let them share that world with you thru the new Crayola ColorStudio HD coloring and painting apps for iPad. This evolution of the coloring book helps unlock the inner artist in your child by means of exciting discoveries and play on iPad using pictures, color, sound, music, and even animation. The Crayola ColorStudio comes with an iMarker digital stylus that serves as a marker, crayon, coloring pencil, and paintbrush in one. The iMarker seamlessly interacts with iPad’s multi-touch screen by automatically distinguishing the difference between finger taps, swipes, and other touch inputs from the stylus. Not only this increases the accuracy of the digital stylus but also enables the child to control both the canvass and color without having to toggle between input modes.
ColorStudio HD has always some new picture, animation, sound, and music to discover and play with. In fact new pictures are always available during updates and iPad sync. Furthermore, parents can proudly share the artistic creation of their children by printing the artwork, emailing them, or posting them on popular social networking sites like Facebook.

All in all, the new Crayolo ColorStudio HD delivers the best of coloring book experiences and bundles them with the best of Crayola’s crayons, paints, pencils, markers and other art products in one convenient child-friendly digital product. This iPad gadget is the new ink-free and mess-free way for children to color, draw, and express themselves in this new digital era.

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iCam Game Console System – Expose your Kid to a Rich, Interactive Learning Environment

Education is indeed a very significant part of our lives. No one will question that. But for it to be effective, it must be full of fun and very challenging. Why do you think your geeklings love computer games? It’s simple. These games are fun and thrilling. That’s also the reason why Wii becomes overly popular. Wii is great for cause and effect, hand-eye coordination, and a little physics. But our kids need more than that so it pays to get something that is more beneficial. It is because of this that experts developed the iCam Game Console System.

With the iCam, your kid’s natural curiosity will be exposed to a rich, interactive environment. It’s actually composed of play and explorations where new skills and thought patterns are developed. The games included are designed to provide your son or daughter with their much-needed age- or developmental-appropriate content and lets them use their skills to the fullest. The said educational gaming software interacts with your home PC. It truly is a great way to develop your child’s motor skills, emotional intelligence, creative thinking, vocabulary and a whole lot more.

Product Specifications
• For Ages 4 Years and Up
• Educational gaming system for preschool geeks
• Specially designed magic wands interact with the game on your PC
• Multi-level activities allow children to progress at their own pace
• 10 educational and fun activities included, plus 100 additional games available for download

iCam box includes:
• Two magic wands (for one or two players)
• Magic driving wheel
• PC webcam
• “Move & Groove”
• CD parent guide
• No batteries required

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VINCI Tab – Android Table for Your Little Tots

Moms, make sure that your baby(ies) are ready for the future with the new VINCI tab. VINCI is a fully functional 7-inch touch screen tablet powered by a Google Android operating system and comes preloaded with a series of child-friendly animated games, story books and music videos. Included are Baby Haha’s Explorations, “The Ugly Duckling” animated story book with mini-games, and the first volume of Baby Haha’s Music Videos. Additional digital contents can be bought by visiting and downloading the online store. Designed by a mom herself, VINCI is a safe, interactive and fun, touch screen learning platform that will bring out the genius in future geeks by developing the cognitive, educational, emotional and social areas of a young toddler’s mind.

VINCI Tab mobile touch screen computer is engineered with your child’s safety as a primary concern. It has a protective soft-cornered handle made with non-toxic medical-grade Thermoplastic Elastomer Alloy. The housing is made of Housing Material Safety Standard compliant CYCOLAC, a type ABS. The screen cover on the other hand is made with tempered glass. VINCI was also intentionally designed with no WI-FI and 3G to minimize emissions and maximize safety.

As for the hardware specs, it’s powered by a 1 GHz Cortex AB processor and sports an 800×600 resolution multi-touch display, 512MB RAM, 3MP back mounted camera, and a 6400 mAH, 3.7V rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that’s good for up to 8 hours. The device measures 7.25(H) x 10(W) x 0.625(D) in. and weighs merely about 1.28 lb.

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Fable – A Tablet Specially Made for Your Children

The children’s book days may be over as Isabella Products unveiled Fable – a new completely interactive tablet geared towards children. Fable allows children to read, draw, play and even connect to a mobile broadband network thru its tots-friendly 7-inch high resolution LCD touch screen. It will feature Isabella’s exclusive carousel navigation GUI and will come pre-installed with well known children’s stories and picture books like Curious George, Martha Speaks, George and Martha and other story book collections from global education leader Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Fable can securely connect to Isabella’s content management system to allow children to connect to educational and entertaining digital content almost anywhere including at home, at school or on the road. Its integrated e-Reader software provides instant viewing of Fable library that’s composed of both pre-loaded and purchased reading materials. Children and parents can even add to their collection additional eBooks by buying them from VizitMe online bookstore accessible directly from Fable.

Additional features of Fable include an artistic toolset with digital markers, paintbrushes, magic pens and different shapes that can be used to draw and color on a blank page, coloring pages and photos. For some fun and games, interactive games based on numbers, reading, food, colors, shapes and other themes based on HMH and other publishers are available. There’s also a photo sharing apps that uploads pictures and images taken from the built-in camera to Fables own gallery and coloring book. Finally, for safety, Fable’s access to digital content and security settings can be monitored and restricted by parents thru pin codes and password protected VizitMe account.

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Wash Your Clothes the Eco-Friendly Way with Ecoballs®

For some, washing clothes is no fun. But for many, it is. And so for those who find doing the laundry more fun than any other chores, here are cute little gadgets that can help you make your washing even better and be friendly to the environment at the same time – the Ecoballs®.
For just 3p per wash, the Ecoballs® are the natural alternatives to detergents, allowing you to wash your clothes not only at an affordable price but also at an eco-friendly way. That’s right! They are very much environment-friendly because they make great replacements for washing powders that are known to pollute the water supply.

But aside from being eco-friendly, there are other benefits in using these Ecoballs®. One is that they allow you to enjoy great savings since they can be reused for over 1,000 washes and will only cost you an average of 3p per wash. Two, they make your shopping load a lot lighter than before as these eliminate the need for you to buy packs or kilos of detergents. Three, these eco-detergents are 100% hypoallergenic, residue-free, and anti-bacterial, making them ideal for washing baby’s and children’s clothes and those with sensitive skin. And last but not the least, they work effectively as they are made with scientifically-formulated filling that produces ionized oxygen to penetrate powerfully into fibers, getting rid of dirt without damaging the fabric and fading its colors.

So, why settle on detergents if you can wash your clothes the eco-friendly way with Ecoballs®? Learn more about them here and start helping the environment and take advantages of all these benefits by purchasing one now!