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W8 Walkman™ Phone – Sony Ericsson’s Android Touchscreen Smartphone

Sony Ericsson has long launched its music handset lineup and now they are up for more – introducing the W8 Walkman™ Phone! But unlike the previous music phone models, this one is made even better because apart from being a walkman phone, it’s also an Android touchscreen smartphone. Although it’s designed mainly with the music lovers in mind, its Android touchscreen and other customizable features will lure even the not-so-music-lover crowd. So whether you want to lose yourself in the tunes you love or simply enjoy the full-packed yet very easy customizable features of this Android phone, the W8 will certainly not let you down.

So, what’s new with this walkman phone? For one, it has customizable corners. True, you can have it your way! Want YouTube at the top? Or perhaps, the Walkman™ player at the bottom left? The choice is definitely yours. Make your homescreen’s corners more personalized. If you think it would be easier for you to access your favorite music with the player at the bottom left, then do so. This customizable feature is just all about one-hand navigation made easy.

What else is new? Oh, the Android touchscreen! Talking about ease-of-use and real convenience, the 3″ touchscreen is a total WOW! With this feature, connecting through 3G or Wi-Fi, typing messages on the virtual QWERTY keyboard, and finding your way with GPS and Google Maps are as easy as counting 1-2-3.

And last but definitely not the least, this phone offers more apps than your previous Sony Ericsson phones. Personalize your W8 by simply choosing from more than 150,000 fun and useful applications on Android Market™. Most of these apps can be downloaded for free, so no worries!

This newest addition to Sony Ericsson’s music handset lineup is really something that you should look forward to. But if you’re not yet ready for an Android touchscreen, then suit yourself with these Sony Walkman phones and other products at Amazon.

Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 Smartphone – Everything You Want in One Place

If you are looking for a place to mix business with leisure, look no further than the new Dell Venue Pro smartphone. This phone allows you to stay connected, work, and keep in touch with your friends and family at once. It can let you switch smoothly between your office and life apps that range from email to games, social networking, multimedia, digital contents and everything in between. Everything is displayed in a brilliant multi-touch 4.1-inch wVGA AMOLED capacitive screen. The large screen makes navigation and viewing SMS, emails, websites, calendars, pictures, movies and other smartphone contents easier and less stressing to the eyes. You wouldn’t have guessed that multimedia and visual arts would look so good in something that could easily fit your palm.
To protect the stunning display and keep it crystal clear always is a very durable and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. And you’ll appreciate the emphasis on clarity, Dell Venue Pro, thru its Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system, presents everything that’s important to you in a single page – whether it’s an email, reminder, game score, weather, time or your subscribed contents. You have the power to personalize the Windows Live Tiles on your home screen so that everything that you need is easily found without as much as breaking a sweat or batting an eye. To take care of business even when on the go, this smartphone comes with a pre-installed Microsoft Office Mobile that lets you work as if you’re inside your own office.

Dell Venue Pro is not just about work and play; it’s about looking good too. It comes in an elliptical and slim form factor that can easily rest in your pocket. Sliding it open reveals a full portrait QWERTY keyboard that promises fast and simple messaging experience.

You can find more Windows phone 7 smartphone here.

Geekie Gadget’s Top 5 Outdoor Gadgets

It’s time to enjoy the outdoors again! And for many adventurous individuals, this means more fun! The outdoors are already inviting you to go out and enjoy the thrill of nature! And if you’re a true geek, you are probably on the lookout now for gadgets that you can bring on your adventures. Well, look no more! Today, we feature the top outdoor gadgets, your perfect companions whatever your idea of adventure is.

nPower Personal Energy Generator

Geeks can’t live without their gadgets, and outdoor adventures typically offer a challenge in that power isn’t always available in the most adventure-laden places. But, we have the answer for you now – the nPower PEG, a hybrid charger. This kinetic energy charger gets its energy from your movement. Just place it inside your bag and let it do the energy collection as you move – the energy collected can be used to charge your gadgets. All you have to do is to plug your  electronic gadgets into it and enjoy the power! This device can power a wide range of gadgets, and can be used whether you’re in an adventure or doing your daily activities! Your generated kinetic energy not enough? Don’t worry – you can also plug it into a USB port for instant charging!

eTrex Venture HC

If you often get lost on your way to your destination in the city, then it’s easier to get lost when you’re out there exploring mountains or caves or doing any other adventure. Good thing there’s a GPS system that’s designed specifically for these adventures. The Garmin eTrex Venture HC GPS Receiver is a WAAS-enabled GPS receiver with detailed maps that include even lakes and rivers. The device has crisp color screen and is sunlight-readable, meaning you can use it even if you’re in bright sunlight. It’s your perfect guide in all your adventures!

Digital Camera Mask

If underwater exploration is your idea of adventure, we also have one cool gadget for you! This is a diving mask and 5MP digital camera built into one, so you can capture images underwater without having to carry with you an extra digital camera. The device features a built-in tempered-glass viewfinder with nifty crosshairs to help you zero in on your target. It is waterproof up to 5 meters, and it also has a video capability. It’s very easy to operate. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries, and can be easily plugged into your computer to download all images captured. It’s the most convenient gadget for use in documenting all your underwater adventures.

Ravine Camera/Camcorder Cellphone

Whether you’re climbing the highest mountain, navigating the toughest trails, or exploring underwater, you need a tough companion. And, the Casio G’zOne Ravine C751 Phone (Verizon Wireless) is designed to be one. It has the newest technologies today to bring you one great experience, all while remaining tough in whatever condition. The Ravine is powered by Mobile 2.0. It has messaging, video, camera, and Bluetooth features, together with an advanced navigation system. You can carry it anywhere and expect it to work well just the same.

Anti Gravity Boots

Love some physical activities but don’t have the chance to go outdoors? You can try the Air Kicks Anti Gravity Boots (Large)! Just strap it on over your shoes (it’s adjustable in length) and you can start bouncing and bounding. Every step feels cushiony, almost like in defiance of gravity. Despite this, you can expect these boots to be safe – both on your muscles and joints, and on the floor of your home. In fact, it’s ideal even for children and it’s a great means to do some exercise. It’s the perfect device for both indoors and outdoors.

So, getting ready for your adventure? Don’t forget the mentioned gadgets above for a cool and exciting exploit!


The ROAMpay Credit Card Swiper: For The Growth Of Your Business

As the business industry advances to what we call as the electronic era, businessmen must learn how to make a few changes in their lives to keep up with the time and deal with the constantly increasing demands of customers. One such demand is convenience, from the customers’ shopping experience to their paying experience – yes, even this last part. And when it comes to that, credit cards are a must. Unfortunately, not all businessmen are given the resources to accept credit card payments because they lack the facility. It is this problem that QuickPay Merchant Services aims to solve as it partners with ROAM Data to produce the ROAMpay credit card swiper.

The ROAMpay is a device that features applications compatible with phones like Android, Blackberry, Droid, and many others (more than 400+ phones). When used, this will allow businessmen to accept and process credit card payments through their phones. Businessmen also get real-time authorization and are allowed to log their transactions, with receipts that they can email to their customers. Plus, they can also check transaction reports whether on their phone or via the internet. And of course, there’s no worry with ROAMpay because every transaction made is safe – the swiper is even certified by the Payment Card Industry. It accepts major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

With the ROAMpay credit card swiper now available, businessmen need not lose sales anymore just because they cannot accommodate credit card payments. With just their phones on hand, every credit card transaction will be accommodated smoothly.

Hellophone – Smartphone for Your Little Geek

Everybody wants their own mobile phone nowadays, even little tots. The problem is that your $300 iPhone is not exactly a cheap chew toy – much less a kiddie boomerang. There’s a way to get those little cretins what they want and keep them away from your cellphone without involving loud sobs, tantrums and a hefty mobile phone repair cost burning your pockets. Introducing the Hellophone – a toy cellular phone designed with your little gadget geek in mind. It can withstand playtime abuse, it’s colorful, and has full-size friendly keypad that is easy for little fingers to push. This kiddy flip phone can record voices, playback messages, and play songs and sounds. Parents, siblings or other loved ones, like grandma and grandpa, can even record their voices so baby can hear them over and over again with just a simple push of a button. Children nowadays are the next gadget geeks of tomorrow so you might as well let them fumble on a less expensive one when they are still 18 months old.

Here are the product specifications of the Hellophone:

• For ages 18 months and above
• Record-a-voice flip-style phone toy
• Family members can record greetings
• Other buttons play music or sound effects
• Big, friendly buttons are easy to press for little fingers
• Comes in a variety of colors
• The item packaging can also be the gift box
• Dimensions: 6″ x 1.25″
• Requires 3 AAA batteries (included)

You can buy this product here.