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Sell Mobiles for Cash Online

Mobile phones are getting more and more advanced these days. As a result, the rate by which people swap phones – discarding their old phone and getting a new one – has increased. Although this is an indication of the fast rate by which technology advances, this also results in the increasing number of discarded phones. It is this situation that has brought life to cash for mobiles.

Cash for mobile phones is a program that buys and accepts used or damaged mobile phones for recycling. This program is beneficial in two ways: it gives you additional cash for your damaged phone, all while saving the environment. If you have a broken phone, simply bring it to a mobile phone recycling center and get back a certain amount. While you get extra cash, you reduce the wastes that would otherwise pollute the environment. You also save the earth from toxic components such as lead and mercury – these are found in mobile phones and they can contaminate the soil and water. And lastly, if you sell mobiles for cash, you also save a great amount of energy that can then be used to power other devices. You get paid to have the chance to do all these for the environment – now can you ask for more?

Participating in the said program is easy. If you have a damaged phone, all you have to do is to find institutions that recycle mobile phones. There are also different online sites that provide information about the program. You can refer on these sites to find the right groups.

Convenience at Its Best with Netspend’s Prepaid Debit Card

Are you still using credit card to pay for your purchases? Or do you still carry cash with you when you go shopping? If yes, then perhaps you haven’t heard about this more convenient way of making purchases yet – using the Netspend’s prepaid debit card. It’s a plastic card that looks like a credit card, but works just the opposite since it’s prepaid. It eliminates the risk of losing cash, the need to pay for credit card bills at the end of the month, and the worries of paying late fees and going into more debt.
netspendSo, how does this prepaid card works? Simply load money or have your paycheck and government benefits directly deposited to it. Once done, you will now be able to make purchases online and in stores and pay your bills without the long wait. Unlike in credit card and bank-issued debit card, here you don’t have to worry about late fees and overdraft fees. Plus, you get to avoid overspending since you can only pay according to the amount you have loaded to your debit account.

Indeed, convenience at its best when you use the Netspend’s prepaid debit card. So, switch from credit to debit now!

44 Magnum Key Chain Stash

44automagkeychainstashThe 44 Magnum Key Chain Stash may be small in size, but it has many uses. First, it can be used to keep rolled up cash. Admit it, there are times that you wish you keep a bill handy when suddenly you ran out of cash or you forgot to bring your wallet. This novel key chain stash makes the perfect solution to that. Simply roll up a $20 bill, keep it in the container, and choose clip or key ring to carry that handy cash with you.

Second, this 44 Auto Mag replica can also be used for keeping breath mints or medications handy on your belt loop, purse, or keys. No need to go to the clinic, buy from the store, or rummage through your bag just to get these stuff. So much convenience, right? And no worries since this stash box has a threaded copper bullet end with a rubber seal to keep those mints and medications clean and dry.

44mag7thAnd third, this makes a great gift for any occasion, especially for 7th wedding anniversary. Copper symbolizes seven years of marriage, so give this key chain stash as a gift, personalized with a message and the anniversary date. But aside from being a personalized wedding anniversary gift, it also makes a great retirement gift, sportsmen gift, and graduation gift. It’s basically machined from solid brass and copper bars, so you are guaranteed that it’s a quality product made in USA.

Why don’t you take advantage of all these exciting uses of the 44 Magnum Key Chain Stash? Order online now!

Cash Stash Keychain

cashImagine the scenario of waking up in some place that you cannot remember due to some wild out happening last night. As you grab for your back pocket, all you can feel is some lint and air which makes you think how the heck can you get home without some money? More realistically speaking, we definitely might have experienced once in our life getting short on cash realizing that we have left our wallet back in our home or office as we are about to pay at the check out counter. That could have been avoided is we were equipped with the Cash Stash Keychain.

Simple yet effective, this keychain allows us to have a secret location for money when we need it the most. Just fold your money along with the included clip and slip it in the capsule and peace of mind is yours. Getting the money is also easy by just unscrewing the capsule and then get your money. Assuming that you don’t forget or lose this thing, you will never get caught short again! Environmental elements such as pressure, heat and water (how harsh can the place you put your keys be?) are also covered by this keychain as it is made up of aircraft grade aluminum and is precisely made giving it a tight seal.

Always have emergency money with you with this nifty keychain for just $8 over at

Mini Cash-Can to the Rescue

Have you ever experienced dining in a restaurant and when you’re about to pay your bill, only then you realized minicashcanthat your wallet was missing? And when you tried to check your pocket or inside your bag for extra bill, there was none. For sure, sweat started to roll down your forehead as you think of a way on how to get out of that rather embarrassing situation. Or perhaps, you wished you had that super power to become invisible during that moment. Such an unforgettable experience, right? Now, don’t let that happen again. You see, you don’t need fancy gadgets to help you get out of that kind of situation. All you need is this Mini-Cash Can to help you carry or hide emergency money all the time.

The Mini-Cash Can is a compact, lighweight, and secure novelty gadget that allows you to hide cash yet keep it always close at hand. Simply fold your $20 or $100 bill in thirds, roll it around the center bar, and then slide the bar into the outer piece, through the hole in the top. Now, to secure it, you need to place the keyring through the hole in the bar. As long as the key ring is there, the tube cannot be opened or accidentally come apart. And it’s waterproof too. So, no need to worry about soaking your bill in case you forgot it in your jean’s pocket when doing the laundry.

What else can you say about the Mini-Cash Can? It’s simply amazing, right? Who would ever think that you’re keeping money in that little tube you got there? And now, with the Mini II version, you can even keep two bills from two different denominations at the same time. Really great tools to the rescue when you need cash impromptu!