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Keep Your Food Warm with Mo:Ben

The Japanese developed efficient systems that they would use on a daily basis. Even into their food, they use a simple yet functional bento box. A bento box is a Japanese lunch box where it contains all the food in a little container with dividers and sometimes with decorations to make the meal more sumptuous. This simplicity and functionality inspired the creator to design Mo:Ben.

Mo:Ben is a lunch box especially designed to keep the food inside warm. Just connect the power adapter to the Mo:Ben and set the temperature that you want to achieve inside the box. Once heated, you can remove the power adapter and the special insulating film and foam padding will keep that temperature over time. This allows you to have your meal at desired temperature when it is time to eat. The main container has two dividers to prevent mixing of food and also encourage variety of food. A compartment on top of the main food container slots the spoon and fork. There is a retractable handle on top of the Mo:Ben for easy carrying. For convenience, the food containers are all dishwasher safe.

The boxes are ergonomically designed with a futuristic feel to it. Several colors mix well with the egg like white color on the body such as red, blue, orange, green, and purple. Prototypes passed different standards for food safety, plastic material safety, and ease of everyday use.

It would be nice to see one day a Mo:Ben used for keeping my food warm.

Keep Greedy Fingers and Prying Eyes Away with Shock Safe

Does your brother or sister constantly bug you with him/her stealing your pocket money? Do you often find yourself wondering who could have tampered with your valuables while you’re out or away? And are you getting frustrated finding that safe place to keep those valuables? Well,  if you answer yes to all these, then it’s high time you get a Shock Safe to keep greedy fingers and prying eyes away from your precious possessions.
Shock Safe is the perfect way to keep your valuables, including your money, jewelries, and small documents, firmly out of anyone’s reach. Simply program it with your chosen 4-digit code, close it, and your valuables are secured. Now, wait until someone attempts to get into the safe with the wrong code and you’ll see why it’s called Shock Safe in the first place. It comes complete with flashing LED’s and sound effects, so when anyone enters the wrong code, he or she will be greeted with a buzz and an electric shock. If you’re just nearby, you’ll be alerted at once that someone is trying to access it.

The Shock Safe measures approximately 18cm x 14cm x 14cm and includes a money box drawer, a valuables compartment, and a money box slot. Simply put 3 x AA batteries in it and you’re off to giving your friends, family, co-workers, or colleagues the shock of their lives when they try to open it.

Now, if you don’t need one for yourself, you can always give it to someone who needs to secure his or her valuables. It will sure make a great novelty gift to your friend or any of your loved ones. Get one here.

Tuttuki Bako

Tuttuki Bako

Tuttuki Bako

Tuttuki bako also known as the ‘poking box’ is one of the strangest electronic games. This device is made by the Japanese toymaker Bandai. This toy/device lets users tease virtual characters on the  toy screen by inserting theirs fingers into a hole on the side. When inserted the finger into the toy, it shows the digital replica of the users  finger.

The tuttuki bako has got a low resolution screen and one button. The only way to play with this toy is to insert the finger. With the users wriggling translated into a digital fingertip movement, the users will be able to play with a panda bear, tinny figure, explore a lake and even touch a girls face. The saddest thing of this device is that the user wont get any kind of feeling and have to rely on your imagination.  The tuttuki Bako works on a battery and also can be used as a clock.

Photo Light Box

So you’ve been looking for a nice photo in your photo album? Hmm let me think. You find your pics blurry and foul, now here at geekiegadgets, we would provide a solution for you. Tired of waiting for auction results at ebay because of bad pictures taken of your gadgets? Now the light box would help you. Sales go down at ebay auctions because of poor lighting. It is very significant to a good sale. Lighting is the essence of a picture. When you get a good lighting together with a good camera, then you get a good picture.

This photo box has an included tripod. This little extra would stabilize the blurry jitters your pics can sometimes get. Now, you’ve got better lighting, and extra stability, you’ll surely get absolute and pure pictures of your beloved gadgets. What’s more? It’s very portable. Everything you see fits in a portable zip bag. Included are teo super bright halogen lights to further enhance your photo shoots.




  • Collapsible photo lightbox, 16 inches cubed
  • Two high-output table-top 35 watt photo lights
  • 6 inch to 7 inch extension mini-tripod
  • Zippered nylon carrier, 9 inches by 4 inches by 8 inches
  • Does not include a camera 😉

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Makes the difference between sold and unsold on eBay

MCube = Fun x 3!

It’s such a  bother to plug and unplug cellphone chargers and I always beat myself up because I fall asleep most of the time while I’m charging my phone. Not only is it bad for my phone’s battery, but I’m wasting energy as well while I sleep.

I found this cute box online and I’m hoping this is the solution to my problem.  Think of it as an advanced bluetooth like device which can not only charge your phone, but can also act as a bluetooth speaker and monitor in exchange of your phone’s one hour or two slumber.

The MCube is the latest idea of VINYL Studio that can charge your phone even without those annoying wires that keeps on knotting itself up. You can play your music as you sing along to the tunes without having to buy extra speakers as it has built-in ones that lets you enjoy your day without extra cost.

Need to look up contacts but don’t want to bother picking up your phone? The MCube automatically transfers information from your phone to its memory which displays all the data just for you.

Who knew something this small(and cute) could be so powerfully awesome?