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Bubba Keg Keeps Your Beer Cold

Beer lovers rejoice! Bubba Keg will keep your beers cold and the enjoyment flowing.

You must definitely say that nothing beats a cold beer. You love it when it’s icy cold since it tastes better and feels somewhat smoother to the mouth. While you can always bring a cooler with lots of ice, it is not the best idea for travelers. You can always try doing the supercooling beer machine like the one on Mythbusters but getting a bunch of liquid nitrogen might not be on your shopping list.

The Bubba Keg is a large capacity beer container that can hold as much as 70z or equal to 4 pints of beer. What makes this a good item for beer lovers is the freedom of portability that it brings. You can bring your beer anywhere and keep it cold for up to 12 hours. The BubbaFAT patented technology is a special insulation that allows the little keg to keep such temperature.

When you run out of beer, you can always get some ice cold bottles at a convenience store and refill your Bubba Keg. You won’t have any problems opening a bottle because it has its own bottle opener so no more improvising or potential trips to the dentist. Aside from beer or other cold beverages, you can also put hot drinks like coffee or coco and the BubbaFAT will keep it hot for 3 hours.

You can already pre-order the Bubba Keg and it will be shipped by March 29. For sure, you don’t want to miss out on this.

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Have Your Own Beer Tap with Beer Machine Brew Master

beer machineHave you thought of running your own pub? Of course it has come at least once into your mind to have your own pub where people can have a place to talk about things, have fun and have a great time. Not the usual bars having pumpin’ loud music that gets your heart thumpin’ throughout the night.

Have one component set-up within the cozy comforts of your home with the beer tap! Build your own bar with the social fuel flowing that you made yourself! That’s right! No big name corporation beer that you get from the store with all the chemicals and preservative included. Mix and ferment your own lager or ale within just seven to ten days and you’ve got 17 pints of beer covered! Then you could just keep on going to have stock whenever an event is held at your house. Storing them wouldn’t be an issue since each package comes with 6 completely reusable bottles that you can fill with the brew master and bring wherever you go.

Creating the beer mix is fairly simple. You just have to choose if you want to create a lager or ale with the mix pack that you have to buy separately and then you’re ready to ferment things! Watch as your mixture turn from basic ingredients to the ultimate drink that man has invented.

So go on get this for yourself or for a friend. Get your own Beer Machine and you might even never have to go to the store buying a beer again.

Giant Beer Glass for Serious Drinker Daddies

Gifts are a part of Father’s Day. But sometimes, it is hard to find the perfect gift ideas that say “I love you, Dad. I appreciate all the sacrifices you’ve made for me.” Well actually, finding a gift is quite simple. Just think of all the activities your father enjoys. If your father loves outdoor activities like fishing, why not give him some new fishing gear? Or a set of golf clubs perhaps, for your Dad to enjoy a little bit of life’s greatest pleasure. If these gifts don’t cut it, then get him drunk. Give him this Giant Beer Glass.


This Giant Beer Glass can hold 2.5 pints or 5 small glasses of beer. Now, your Dad would never have to worry about topping his glass ever again. Great for sports fans! This huge beer glass is a great companion while watching the football game and not tear your eyes off the screen. The next time your Dad buys a six pack, he can have the first bottle while he pours the other five into this huge glass. It’s also great for keg parties! In short, this is the perfect conversation and party piece! So grab one for dear old dad right here.

Talking Beer Mug: A mug that talks back to you

Talking of new gadgets, you never know when you realize that they can make a big change in you and your lifestyle. This next gadget will rake your mind while you are enjoying your favorite drink.

For all beer fans, GeekieGadgets proudly present a Talking Beer Mug and drinking beer was never this fun. So again, after long weekdays, you decide to have a quality time- just grab your favorite DVD and indulge your quality moments. Start pouring couple of rounds and before you even finish your first one, the mug starts to talk back to you with different phrases like: “Your beer is running dangerously low” or when you fill it up, you will hear “Cheers” and my favorite “Refill immediately – danger of sobering up” with warning siren when the mug is empty. This sounds good.

So, When you got a fine cigar in one hand and chilled beer in another, this $28 mug can be your best companion who never outspoken, but always heard.

Robobeer: Mr. Asahi bot

Picture this: Late night at work, you’re over tasked, stressed out and on top of that, you just had a squabble with your wife. You decide to go to your favorite pub to get an ice cold beer to help you unwind.

On your way there, you imagine holding the bottle in your hand feeling the burden just drift away as the liquid trickles down your throat. You enter the door of the bar and poof! All your happy thoughts slide down the drain as you stare into an endless line of people who are waiting for their drinks to be served. You tiptoe to see what’s taking so long and you see the bartender chatting up with a long legged brunette.

If you want a speedy and uninterrupted service, look no further, Mr. Asahi bot is here to serve you. This new technology was built by eight men and was finished in around 200 hours. It also went through six months of bartending lessons to make sure it can satisfy its customers.

He can open up beer bottles and pour your beer, in half pints and pints, in less than two minutes while engaging you in a hearty conversation, in a quirky British accent to boot.

You don’t have to worry about him ignoring you for a pretty gal and he’ll even offer you a warm smile even if you don’t to give him a tip. It also seems that he is patient enough to not punch annoying, drunk individuals. Mind you, his arms have the strength of a gladiator so you better not test his limits.

Enjoy your beer ladies and gents. Cheers!