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Customize your Sound with the FiiO Alpen E17 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

Gone are the days of relying only on big amplifiers just to customize your sound. Now, headphone amplifiers are made more portable to cater to those people who are always on the go like you. Introducing the all-new FiiO Alpen E17 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier. Boasting inputs for mini USB, AUX, Optical and Coax, this nifty gadget accessory measures roughly the size of an iPod classic, while packing a DAC that is capable of running up to 96KHz over USB input or up to 24bits / 192kHz via optical. So why go for bigger amplifier if this portable one allows you to change gain level and balance and pan just the same? And what’s more exciting about this is that it packs both bass and treble EQ controls, so you can pretty much dial in your personal sound preferences, which you won’t be able to do with typical amps.

But aside from the features mentioned above, the Alpen E17 is also designed to work with FiiO’s L7 dock and E9 desktop amp, allowing you to create a great home office audio solution. And since it has the option for you to upgrade its firmware, you’ll surely get the most from this headphone amplifier.

Here’s the complete list of product features:

– Standard MINI USB Interface: connect with PC to make digital audio transfer possible and make battery charge possible
– 3.5mm two-channel Headphone Output: suitable for various headphones with 16??300?
– 3.5mm SPDIF input connector: connect with high-definition player and receive PCM signal
– 3.5mm Line In interface: connect with audio output LO&PO of audio players.
– 18 Pin multifunctional interface: to make audio and data transfer possible in conjunction with L7 and E9.
– work indicator: indicate power on/off and charging status
– high-brightness of OLED dot matrix screen: display kinds of working and setting information
– built-in high capacity chargeable Li-ion battery whose use time can reach 15H.
– meets listening need by adjusting gain, bass, treble, or balance

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Blend Your Music and iPad with the New Beringer XENYX iX Mixers

Into professional sound recording or mixing. Check. Owns an iPad. Check. Willing to spend on a new revolutionary iPad mixer. Check. You are now ready for the three latest Behringer XENYX iX Series compact mixers with iPad docking station. The XENYX iX3242USB, iX2442USB and iX1642USB are made to manage professional live performances as well as offer the most advanced tools for high quality studio-like recordings. The brand new XENYX iX Series, come with an integrated iPad docking section which will transmit signal back and forth from the iPad using a wide selection of routing solutions. The ground breaking features within the new XENYX iX Series USB mixers can help you record and mix on a pro level using the included, stereo USB sound port. Hook up these mixers straight to a Personal Computer or Mac through a USB cord to capture virtually any signal source attached to the device.

All of the iX mixers add cutting edge dual-engine KLARK-TEKNIK FX processor chip with 32 adjustable, studio-quality presets like reverb, chorus, flange, delay, pitch shifter and multiple-effects. Along with practically countless applications, the iX mixers make use of the iPad to manage the latest KLARK-TEKNIK FX Processor Software, boosting the mixing and recording performance by giving the operator serious control of equalizers, compressors and reverbs, and spectrum analyzers. XENYX mixers have a three-band channel equalizer based upon a similar circuitry applied to British units which allows operators to generate signals with amazing ambiance and comprehensive audio dynamics. Furthermore, “one-knob” compression is accessible on all of the mono channels. Just turn the knob to the ideal level of compression for musical instruments and vocals to produce amazing combinations.

The XENYX iX Series Small Format Mixers even include high-performance XENYX mic pre amplifiers, a feature that signifies an important development in sound technology. Similar to significantly more costly microphone preamps, the XENYX preamps deliver an astounding 130 decibel (dB) of powerful range, which includes a bandwidth which stretches from under 10 Hz to 200 kHz for clear and superior audio performance.

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Behringer iNuke Boom – Biggest and Baddest iPod Dock

“Nanos gigantium humeris insidentes” – that’s the best and geekiest way you can describe the iPod Touch when it is docked on the new Behringer iNuke Boom speakers. Yes, the sight of the iPod Touch docked at this new mega speaker system is literally comparable to a dwarf standing on the shoulders of giants. The iNuke Boom is currently the world’s loudest and potentially the largest commercial iPhone and iPod dock. Its looming yet elegant presence is further emphasized by its 700 pounds, 8 feet wide, and 4 feet tall exterior, and if the look and size doesn’t impress you, its 10,000 watts pure eardrum popping power will. Undermining the company’s mantra of “Double the Features at Half the Price”, the designers of this mega dock probably placed audio firepower imaginable to man, placed it in a biggest hull they can find, and tagged it a whooping $30,000.00. This monstrous iPod dock, by all means, is for no faint of heart.

The iNuke Boom will make its grand debut at the upcoming CES 2012 expo and it is sure to serve as the company’s battlecruiser as it leads 50 more new consumer electronic sub-brands from Eurosound – a Behringer subsidiary brand. Given its size and booming sound, you won’t have a hard time finding the Behringer iNuke Boom iPod and iPhone dock at CES Central Hall, Booth 15348.

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Westone 4R Quad-Driver Earphone for Superb Listening Experience

For some music lovers, it doesn’t matter whether they’re using an MP3 player or a cellular phone to play their favorite tunes. What matters is they have top-quality headphones or earphones that will provide them with superb listening experience. That’s what the Quad-Driver Westone 4R is. Mind you, it will definitely take your listening experience to whole new level. This earphone is made up of four symmetrically balanced armature drivers engineered into an advanced three-way crossover network to offer unbelievable clarity, realism, as well as imaging.

Ergonomics and comfort is ensured, thanks to Westone’s True-Fit technology. The True -Fit sound port offers maximum comfort plus in-ear coupling for lively transfer of sound. The Westone 4R Quad-Driver Earphone also features Westone EPIC Cable that comes in ultra supple braided design to resists tangles and to ensure comfort. The cord will also be kept in place even when you’re moving or doing something, thanks to its robust bifurcation w/slide adjustment. Another thing remarkable about it is its over-the-ear cable design that provides better in-ear comfort and isolation from mechanical cable noise.

The earphone’s Micro-Driver Balanced Armature Technology, on the other hand, offers accurate four-driver system so you can enjoy the most dynamic sound a universal fit earphone could give. Yes, the company takes pride in its Micro-Driver Balanced Armature Dual low frequency, single mid, and single high frequency driver system. Among the accessories that come with the product are wax removal tool, water resistant monitor vault, and premium comfort tips. Click here to go through a wide range of Westone products, including this 4R Quad-Driver Earphone.

Pioneer Releases Two Music Tap Systems, X-SMC3-S and X-SMC4-K Elite

Pioneer continues to establish revolutionary audio system as they release two new table top audio system models namely X-SMC3-S Music Tap and X-SMC4-K Elite Music Tap. The two almost share the same technical specifications except that the Elite model is integrated with Bluetooth connectivity. The X-SMC3-S and X-SMC4-K are designed for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac and even PC that run iTunes. They are also compatible with AirPlay-enabled apps including PANDORA Internet radio, iHeartRadio and other music streaming service apps. To generously enjoy music at home, the two models can be paired with other already installed Pioneer devices.
Take a look at Pioneer X-SMC4-K Elite Music Tap System’s Highlights:

• Uses existing Wi-Fi network and allows browsing and playback of favorite albums and playlists from Apple devices or iTunes on PC and any DLNA 1.5 compliant devices
• High-resolution Audio Playback with support for 192kHz/24-Bit FLAC and WAV files
• Music Tap’s full-color 2.5” screen for viewing album art and metadata
• 2-Channel Digital Amplifier, Bluetooth-enabled, and with integrated dock for Apple device
• Supports Pioneer Air Jam App that allows sharing music and creating playlist up to 4 iPhone, iPod, iPad devices through Bluetooth connectivity

There is also a remote and iPhone app to easily control the audio system in a room. To even supply more flexibility, the X-SMC4-K includes several additional connectivity options like Ethernet Port, iPhone/iPod 30-pin Dock, Front USB Port, Composite Video, Aux In, Headphone Output, FM Antenna In.

The X-SMC3 has a price tag of $399 while the X-SMC4-K Elite is offered at $479. In case you are looking for other Pioneer iPod docks, visit GeekieStore.