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Apple’s “iCloud” dubbed as iTunes in the Cloud

On June 6, 2011 –  During the Worldwide Developer’s Conference for 2011, it is confirmed that Apple’s front man Steve Jobs announced the launch of the MAC OS X 10.7 (codename: LION) and iOS 5  but the thing that caught most of the company’s fans and subscribers is the new cloud service they fondly called iCloud. This may be the worst kept secret because of its previews and publicity but MAC users are already half in love with the new service. Why? It simply works everything from the clouds!

The Rumor turned News

It was not a secret that Apple have been developing a software that centers on music storage since 2008. Rumored to be expensive then but the company never got around to the said service while releasing various devices. Although this time, Steve Jobs, confirmed that rumor to be true. Apple was reported having signed agreement contracts with four of the major record labels in the United States to achieve legal retailing rights on songs and videos. Comparing this service to its competitions, let’s take Google and Amazon for example; the latter two companies have launched their online music store months before for free. Android-based users can download their songs without the bother of  syncing it in an app. One can probably thought that the iCloud app will be costly and won’t make the company profit unlike Google and Amazon. However, there is always a possibility that there are special features that would make this cloud service stand out from its rivals.

Sync Wonders and More

The iCloud service will have a great effect upon Apple’s current downloading and syncing process.Who would’ve thought that the device company would sync all the applications without using your personal computer and iTunes?Getting amazed? iCloud is a form of online storage not only for your multimedia needs like music, pictures and videos; but it also syncs the calendars and iTunes library to your other Apple devices PC-free. Meaning if you purchased a song or an app using one of your Apple devices say the iPad, it will be automatically stored and synced in your other devices as well without a fee and in minutes only. iCloud will basically store your content and push it to all your devices over WiFi. Apple made another innovation in terms of file backup. Another advantage for Apple users is that the service is available even to older devices like iPad, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. Most developers have commented that iCloud can’t get any better than this. BUT IT CAN. Remember the saying, “Good things come in three”? This line applies very well for the three applications which will be a huge support for the iCloud. The three applications are formerly MobileMe app’s core group namely the Mail, iCal and Contacts but were rebuilt from ground up to be iCloud apps. There are other iCloud apps that will be discussed in the WWDC’s week-long conference.

Releasing the iTunes in the Clouds

Apple executives said that iCloud will be concurrently shipped with the iOS 5 but will run in iOS 4.3 as a beta. It will be available for customers in the fall.

See what it can do.