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Google Glass vs. Apple iWatch: The Battle for Wearable Technology is On

The newest technologies of Google and Apple have created a buzz way earlier than the actual release of the said technologies. And now that the news is out, everyone’s looking forward to what is predicted as the new products set to bring a whole new level of revolution in the way we interact with and use technology. Let’s take a look at these newest gadgets, the Google Glass and Apple iWatch, and the features that are about to change the technological industry.

iwatch What They Are

When you look at these two products at their basic level, they’re a simple eyeglass and a watch that’s incorporated with various technologies. You can look at them as supercomputers in a wearable package.

How They Are Designed

Google Glass is a voice-activated display mounted into an eyeglass. The entire technology can be found in the top right portion of the device. It is built with a rocker button on its right frame, which offers a second option for controlling it (next to voice command). It also comes in different colors: charcoal, tangerine, cotton, sky, and shale.

Meanwhile, not much can be said right now as to the final design of the Apple iWatch, except that it’s a future-looking piece of gadget that looks much like a modern watch and can perform a whole range of functions.


How They Work and What They Offer

Google Glass is powered by Android OS and, through your voice, can perform a wide range of actions: take photos, record live events (and share them), send messages, and even work as GPS. It can provide your needed information (all you have to do is ask), as well as translate foreign language.

The Apple iWatch is iOS-operated and can sync to your Smartphone through Bluetooth. It can work with Siri, will allow you to control the music on your phone, and can even have health tracking features. Like the Glass, it has GPS, too.

Some of those features, however, are just expectations at the moment (especially those for the iWatch). More or less, those are what you’ll find in these devices, and we can expect more improvements in the months or years to come.

So Which Is The Cooler Wearable Tech?

When it comes to fashion and style, the Apple iWatch takes the cake. To start with, the iWatch will be easier to incorporate in one’s wardrobe than the Glass. The Glass will remind you of its presence the whole time you wear it, whereas the iWatch can be worn and forgotten, until you need to use it. When it comes to technology, though, Google Glass is way more advance. So do you want the latest technology, or do you want a technology that you can wear comfortably? Whichever of the two you choose, you have various choices at Geekie Store.

Mobile Phones at War: iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

The newest phones released by Apple and Android are all the raves these days, and consumers have already started taking sides. So which is really better, the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3?

In this product comparison guide, we give you an overview of the feature of these two mobile phones and show you which phone gets plus points in certain aspects of mobile technology.

The Brain

Samsung Galaxy S3The iPhone 5 runs Apple’s iOS 6 while the Samsung Galaxy S3 has Android 4.1. When you compare the two, the main distinction between them is the number of features. The S3 is noticeably

feature-packed, and it has most of the iPhone’s features. For instance, while the iPhone 5 has Siri, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has the S Voice. Some of the features of the S3 that you won’t find in the iPhone 5 are its face unlock and video multitasking features. And, the S3’s NFC-enabled apps are also better than those in the iPhone.

However, while the S3’s features may delight tech lovers, these may be the exact reasons tech newbies would hate this phone.  Its advanced technology and wide range of features can be a little complex for those who are not very technology-inclined. For these individuals, the simplistic system and ease of use of the iPhone will surely have more appeal.

The Body

iPhone 5The most distinctive difference between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 when it comes to their physical construction is the material they’re made of—the iPhone 5 is made from aluminum while the S3 is made from plastic. The iPhone 5 is thinner with its 7.6 mm width (compared to the S3’s 8.6 mm width) and lighter (112g vs. the S3’s 133g). The S3 gets a wider screen, which might be preferred by people who want a bigger screen space but might not be favored by those who find it difficult reaching from one side of the phone to the other. Other differences in the construction of the two phones are:

  1. The iPhone 5 has a more solid design with its hard lines while the Samsung Galaxy S3 is curvier.
  2. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has more color options. The iPhone 5 is offered only in black and white; the S3 is offered in the said colors, as well as in brown, grey, blue, and red.
  3. The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a removable battery cover.

Other Features

Aside from the differences in the brain and body of the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, they differ in other aspects. Each has advantages and disadvantages in specific areas of construction. Below are the advantages offered by each:

iPhone 5. Its camera features less shutter lag (it takes only a short moment for the camera to focus when taking pictures) and AF tracking (it reduces instances of getting shots that are out of focus).  This iPhone model also boasts of more internal storage space (up to 64GB) and more microphones (3) to ensure better audio quality.

Samsung Galaxy S3. Its camera features a serial shot mode (which allows users to take multiple photos in a row) and faster shutter speed (which enables users to photograph moving objects with no blurring). The S3 gets plus points when it comes to power. It does not only feature more battery power but also easier charging because of its removable battery and its USB compatibility.

The Verdict

The iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 stand out in distinct aspects. We give the iPhone 5 plus points for its user friendliness and ease of use. Both its software and body are designed for convenient browsing that is ideal for simple everyday tasks. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S3 gets plus points for its advanced features. This is perfect for those who are looking for a mobile phone that can really multitask. And with its power support, this phone is one hard worker—perfect for professionals.

Casio G’zOne COMMANDO – Smart but Tough

Happy New Year to all gadget geeks! How was your New Year’s Eve Countdown? We do hope here at Geekie that we’ll all have a wonderful and techie 2012 ahead of us. So, what do we have for you today? Well, since it’s the start of the year, we’ll give you something smart but tough gadget. Yes, this product is built smart, so you can still do business even on the go, but tough so it can handle even physically demanding situations such as when you’re out for a long trip or doing extreme sports. So, let’s all take a look at the Casio G’zOne COMMANDO.

Casio knows that when you are outdoors or out on an extreme adventure or tough situations, you need an equally tough smartphone that will provide you with all smart solutions but won’t easily get damaged at the same time. And so, they added the G’zOne COMMANDO in their product line, a product that is not just a gadget but is actually “brain powered”, so it can intelligently support your life. Design-wise, it features large front speakers, bumper sandwich structure, tough look screw, tough glass, and a 5 megapixel camera. And when it comes to being tough, there’s no doubt you can rely on this as it is made to resist immersion, rain, drop, dust, vibration, salt fog, solar radiation, and high and low temperature. Now, what makes this more exciting is that it can easily be changed to a customizable compass, so when you’re out on a camping or hiking trip, this is sure the smart choice.

Want to get hold of this product? Check out the G’zOne Commando and other related Casio G’zOne products here.

Be Free as a Water with the new Acer Liquid Express

Sun Tzu and his Art of War said that to secure victory, military tactics should be like water because it shapes its course to the nature of the ground which it flows. If that’s the case then the new Acer Liquid Express spells torrential and overwhelming victory. This new Android smartphone from Acer promises to be whatever you need it to be so that it can perfectly adapt to your lifestyle. It is powered by an 8oo MHz processor and it runs on the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread mobile operating system. It also features a modern interface set against a brilliant 3.5-inch HVGA large screen. The Liquid Express comes in a stylish compact design and is available in three different colors of Dark Burgundy, Titanium Grey, and Pearl White.

What makes the Acer Liquid Express such an attractive choice for a smartphone are its embedded Near Field Communication technology (NFC) and its web browsing, social networking, and multimedia entertainment capabilities. With the NFC technology, the Liquid Express can be placed near supported NFC-enabled devices to easily and securely share documents, connect to a social network, serve as ID and medical card, or act as car or room keys. NFC also enhances the eCommerce experience by improving the transaction speeds and enabling mobile cash-less payments. For mobile entertainment, Liquid Express comes with Acer Media that consolidates, manages, and play multimedia files. It even comes with an online radio and support for Acer wireless sharing and streaming. Last but not the least, this latest smartphone from Acer comes pre-installed with SocialJogger – a social networking app that unifies Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Plurk accounts under one place. It can filter feeds from select contacts only and it comes with great visual effects like 3D switching, auto-play, and one-touch scrollbar.

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Panasonic ToughPad A1 – Your Tough Mobile Business Partner

Brain and brawn never came quite perfectly together until the new Panasonic Toughpad. This line of business class tablet combines security, connectivity, and military-grade construction into one. Their latest addition to their long line of rugged tablets and portable devices is the Toughpad A1. It is a 10-inch water and dust resistant (MIL-STD-810G and IP65 certified) tablet that can operate in full potential in almost any environment – perfect for field applications.

The Panasonic ToughPad A1 runs on an Android Honeycomb platform and is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core Marvell processor. It comes with 1 GB SDRAM, 16GB built-in flash storage expandable up to 32GB using a microSD slot. The 1,024×768 resolution 10 in. XGA screen has an aspect ratio of 4:3 and allows stylus and multi-touch input. Additionaly, the screen is rated at 500 nit for brightness and is treated with anti-reflective and glare coating for clearer views even when under bright sunlight. This tablet boasts up to 10 hours of battery life and 3 hours of charging time (90 percent full capacity) when on.

Other Features:

• Embedded FIPS 140-2 compliant hardware security
• Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth
• GPS receiver
• Ambient light, accelerometer and digital compass sensors
• 2 MP front facing and 5 MP (auto focus and LED illuminated) rear facing camera
• Integrated mic and speakers
• Micro USB 2.0 and Micro HDMI ports

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