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Aiptek 3D HD Camcorder

Do you think your photos or movies appear a little flat? Then you better get yourself an Aiptek 3D HD Camcorder. This device doesn’t only have impressive features but eye-popping design as well. This compact camera is outfitted with two lenses and two sensors, making it capable of capturing remarkable high definition (1280×720) 3D video and stills. What’s good, there’s no need for you to use special glasses just to view your work because this 3D HD camcorder is fitted with Aiptek’s on-board 2.4” display with built-in 3D filter.

If you’re drooling over a 3D TV, this camcorder lets you watch your favorite movies straight away, with no glasses required. All you need is to connect it through its HDMI socket. And if what you want is to view your footage in a 2D computer or TV, all you have to do is to pop on the red/cyan specs and convert the footage via Aiptek’s super-intuitive embedded software. Who wouldn’t want to share their stills and movies with their family and friends? Aiptek 3D HD Camcorder allows you to do just that. Just plug it into your computer through a flip out USB connector.

Moreover, this camcorder is powered by a rechargeable battery that offers up to 1.5 hours recording time. Your movies are stored to a memory card. There’s also a built-in stereo microphone and speaker. If you’re one of those people who think that seeing is believing, don’t waste your time! Click here and get an Aiptek 3D HD Camcorder now!

Aiptek Portable 3D Display – View your Pictures In a Different Way!

Do you want a brand new way of viewing your videos and photos? The Aiptek new Portable 3D Display gives you just that. It comes with an eight inches Parallax LCD screen that takes your viewing experience into a whole new level. With this gadget, you can view all the videos and pictures that you have taken through your 3D camcorder. You can also use the software that’s included in the device to convert your shots into three-dimensional output that you can send and share with your family and friends.

This Portable 3D Display makes use of Parallax Barrier technology which enables you to view 3D depth without the need for polarized glasses. It is also equipped with a full 8-inch viewable area that makes this 3D Display ideal for just about any application. Whether you want to boast your 3D masterpiece, or you’re just reviewing your captured videos, Aiptek’s Portable 3D Display is the perfect device to use. Switching to 3D and 2D modes is also very easy so you won’t encounter any problem no matter what kind of file you want to see.

With the Aiptek Portable 3D Display, you can view not only 2D and 3D movies but also 2D and 3D slideshows. Best is, you bring your 3D Display anywhere you want, thanks to the gadget’s rechargeable Li-Polymer battery. You can also place your display on top of your table and watch videos and movies for several hours without the need to plug it in an outlet. Get a Aiptek Portable 3D Photo and Video Display (Black) now and give your video and pictures a whole new dimension.

Aiptek Pocket Cinema Z20 – Mobile Projector and Camcorder in One

Nowadays, most people look for multi-functional gadgets, like a mobile phone that also features a camera and an MP3 player or a digital camera that also serves as a camcorder. They choose to get these gadgets for variety of reasons: 1. convenient since they don’t have to look for two or more separate gadgets 2. practical because everything is packed in one and 3. economical since they get to save money from getting another gadget. Looking at these 3 reasons, there’s no doubt why gadget manufacturers continue to introduce products that offer two or more functions like Aiptek. Recently, they added this new gadget on their product line – the Aiptek Pocket Cinema Z20.

Combining a mobile projector and camcorder in one, the Pocket Cinema Z20 is perfect for those people who are always on the go. As a mobile projector, it can be used either as a traditional projector or a multimedia projector. Traditionally, you can connect any device, like your gaming console, notebook/PC, iPod/iPhone, DV cam, and DVD player, to the AV-in and enjoy a real projector. While as a multimedia projector, you can use its integrated media player to store your videos, images, and music directly on the 2GB built-in memory or 32GB micro-SD card – no other devices required.

How about as a camcorder? Well, this one features a high definition 720P for remarkable video recording with a rate of 30 img/s. It also includes a 5M pixels sensor so you can capture still images and store them on the built-in 2GB memory, with expandable slot up to 32GB memory.

The Aiptek Pocket Cinema Z20 is really a practical, economical, and convenient device to include in your long list of gadgets. But since this item will be out by mid of April 2010, better look at these other Aiptek PocketCinema products at for more options.

When something big could come from something small

Great things indeed come from small packages. So here in geekiegadgets, we are so hyped each time we are introduced with a new technological breakthrough that would  change our world and make it a bit better.

First in our roster is the world’s smallest projector.

At first it could be mistaken as a cellphone but if you would look closely and scrutinize it even more, you will realize that it is indeed a projector, with a size of a mobile phone.

Launched in Sydney, Australia bu Mint Trading Pty Limited, subsidiary of listed portable technology company Mint Wireless Limited is the world’s smallest commercially available pocket projector manufactured by Aiptek.

Measuring only 125 x 55 x 23mm (1cm longer than an iPhone) it projects a range of multimedia up to 50″ in size from 1.8m away, this breakthrough is said to be in the markets come September.

“There is nothing like the pocket projector on the market today – it is a true hybrid product that can be used for both business and leisure,” Alex Teoh of Mint Trading said. “Given the success of devices such as the iPhone, we expect the projector will fit well into this market.”

He added that they expect sales of the pocket projector to be high, particularly as we approach the Christmas period.

The suggested retail price was estimated at $649.

Mint Trading Pty Ltd is the exclusive distributor of Aiptek’s range of pocket projectors, DV cameras, graphics tablets and digital photo frames.