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Vizio 65-inch Class Theater 3D HDTV – Turns Home Entertainment to Home Theater

If you reckon it’s time to upgrade your once “top of the line” 40-inch home entertainment center – consider the new Vizio 65-inch Class Theater 3D HDTV. Why? For starters, it’s probably bigger and definitely thinner than your old model and more energy efficient too. Second, it comes with Vizio’s own Razor LED edge backlights with Smart Dimming. And third, it brings the most advanced 3D cinema viewing experience right at the comfort of your own home! Who needs a movie theater when you have one of the most advanced High Definition 3D HDTVs sitting right at your living room? Theater 3D boasts a crystal-clear and non-flicker screen that’s capable of displaying 50 percent brighter images with less eye strain and ghosting as compared to other 3D HDTVs. It comes with four polarized passive 3D glasses right out of the box so that you can instantly share amazing and immersive 3D experience the moment you bring home this 65-inch beauty.

Vizio Theater 3D HDTV comes with 120 Hz refresh rate, 1080p Full High Definition resolution, a whooping 1 million to 1 dynamic contrast ratio, powerful 2D and 3D rendering, virtual HD surround sound powered by SRS TruSurround HD and SRS TruVolume, and no excuse for you not to enjoy the latest movies and your favorite sports in action. And if those don’t get your attention – how about the included Vizio Internet Applications and integrated dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi that would allow you to view streamed digital contents with just a push of a Bluetooth universal remote.

You can also view Vizio Full Array TruLED here.

LG INFINIA LX9500 – Home Entertainment Redefined

Enjoy premium 3D entertainment with the new LG INFINIA LX9500 47-inch LED LCD TV. This Full High Definition (1080p) 3DTV boasts to deliver colors, contrasts, and sounds in such unbelievable quality that it turns the whole entertainment experience into something that boarders between the lucid and the surreal. Whether the LX9500 is turned on and off, it will always be a head turner with its super slim profile and ultra-thin bezel, turning it into an exotic addition to any room or hall. Beyond the slim stunning look are the brilliant and crystal clear visuals powered by Full LED Slim technology with local dimming for unrivaled clarity and TruMotion 480Hz technology for eliminating motion blurs during fast action scenes. To bring your movie experience into the next dimension, this HDTV also comes ready with 3D technology to allow the user see the screen virtually come to life.

The 47-inch LG INFINIA LX9500 is not just about claims – they have the THX audio and picture certification to back it all up. Simply put, this LED HDTV is sure to deliver cinema quality sounds, vibrant colors, deep blacks, and detailed images that are compliant with the THX standards.

The LG LX9500 also allows the user to subscribe Netcast Entertainment Access which delivers premium Internet services like HD movies, TV shows, news, and weather directly into the TV.

Technical Specifications Summary of the LG INFINIA LX9500:

Native Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Contrast Ratio (DCR): 10,000,000:1
Response Time: 1 ms
Motion Picture Response Time: 480 Hz
HDMI Ports: 4

Get the LG 47LX9500 47-inch 1080p 480Hz 3D Ready LED-Backlit HDTV here.

HP Goes 3D with the 2311gt Monitor and Second-Gen Wireless TV Connect

A lot of companies have already embraced the 3D world, and HP is not left behind with its TouchSmart 620, the first 3D desktop. But they don’t want to stop there. As a matter of fact, they are pushing this 3D thing as they have recently announced the newest addition to their product line which is the 2311gt monitor, together with a second-gen wireless TV connect box that now streams 3D content. Of course, HP fans look forward to more options, so it’s such a brilliant idea for HP to come up with the 2311gt monitor, and this time with added Wireless TV Connect box, for a more pleasurable viewing experience for their customers.


So, what features to look forward to in the new 2311gt monitor? Well, this 23-inch, 1080p panel mainly uses Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology, creating 3D visuals by means of aligning every other row of pixels with the right or left eye. If you weren’t too happy about the Touchsmart 620’s 3D capabilities, then wait until you’ve experienced this passive technology from the 2311gt as it veers away from the brief eyes-on, providing you with a 3D rendering that you’ve never experienced before. Now, combine that with Wireless TV Connect box that now streams 1080p movies in 3D, and home entertainment will sure be at its finest.

So, want to grab this deal? Well, gamers, you can look forward to it this December. Now, if you want the HP Touchsmart, you can purchase it here.

Capture Life in Beautiful 3D with DVR 790HD

Some events in our lives are worth remembering forever just like when we traveled out of the country first time, got married, gave birth, and reached other milestones in our lives. But it isn’t enough that we just keep them in our memories – it would be better if we have a captured video of each of these events, so when we want to reminisce them, we can simply play the said videos. And this is where gadgets like camcorders come in. They are proven to be very useful when capturing life events. But if you want results in 3D, then you better choose the DVR 790HD.

There is really nothing much to say about this gadget, except that it allows users to capture life in beautiful 3D. Featuring a 5.1 Megapixel resolution and 4x digital zoom, this camcorder will make sure that you never miss a moment. It’s very handy, so you can have it exactly when you need it. It also has a 2.7″ preview screen for easy viewing, and HDMI capability for playback on your big screen television. So, what else would you need? It’s simply the perfect gadget for people who are fond of traveling yet want to capture every moment in 3D.

So, are you interested to grab this DVR 790HD? Well, it isn’t really a bad idea to give yourself one this holiday season. For more options, you can visit the Geekie Store for Vivitar DVR.

Capture and Share Pictures in 3D with DXG-018P 3D Camera and 3D Viewer

So, what type of camera do you currently use? Is it a DSLR? Or a point and shoot? As of today, more and more people find it more convenient to use an SLR because of the advanced features that it offers, not to mention the higher quality photos that it provides. But there are also a few people who prefer to stick to the point and shoot type because it’s a lot more portable and can even be used underwater. So, where do you belong in these two groups? If neither, then you must be a fan of 3D cameras? Am I correct? If you are, then read on because we’ll feature here a camera that will allow you to capture and share pictures in 3D. It’s called the DXG-018P 3D Camera and 3D Viewer.

Shoot it! Print it! And view it! These are the three easy steps that you need to do if you want to enjoy taking and sharing pictures in 3D. The DXG-018P is a dual-lens camera that allows you to take full-color side-by-side still photos. With a 1.44″ LCD screen to frame your subject, you can have so much fun shooting all the photos you want less the adjustments and hassles of holding a bulky cam. After shooting, you can print all those pictures from any printer at that using only a standard 4×6 photo paper. Once done, simply insert the printed picture inside the 3D viewer and that’s it! You can start enjoying all those pictures in 3D. But why not share those photos for added fun? All you need to do is send the 3D viewer with the picture inside to your friends and family, and they will sure be amazed and have so much fun viewing them in 3D too.

So, how’s this for a camera? Want to see more? Check out this DXG 3D product at Amazon.